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  1. Pretty sure my TAF membership is expired.
  2. The file SIMPLEREL.ACT is a program to create a high byte relocater that was used in the BASIC XE extensions file. Worth a look to get an idea.
  3. If not assembling to a binary file, don’t forget .OPT OBJ or else you get no object code.
  4. When it says XE Ready, you’re in extended mode, with 64K for the program.
  5. The Atari hardware reference manual ? Mine's in a box somewhere, but it might show SIO timings.
  6. BIGST was supplied with the ToolKit and the PAD diskettes. What it does is add a second global hash table for the symbol table. I believe by default it splits at the letter lower case m ('m) so variables whose hash value is less than 'm go in one table and those which are higher go in the second table. You can set the split point in case you only use uppercase characters. That's an odd construct, not normally used. I would say the square brackets mark an empty code block, just to give the procedure a body, which the parser will insist it has.
  7. Doesn't look like a DLI timing issue though, the left edges are all in line. If it was, wouldn't the left edge stutter (shift back and forth horizontally) ? Looks more like some weird player/playfield overlap issue.
  8. No, this was long before SDX or even 3.2D. Only happens in double density mode, and only when doing the seeking back and forth and updating of directory entries. Something wrong with the timing or something, it could work for a long time but eventually it will write a bad sector and the disk is toast. It made Hardback and FlashBack useless for backing up to floppy disk and was the impetus behind me writing my own backup program.
  9. Did anyone ever figure out/fix the bug with USD roms wherein it would kill the disk after a dozen or so read/writes that were random ? Usually when updating directories while running say Hardback, after copying three or four subdirectories it would trash the disk while seeking around in the subdirectories.
  10. mm, I doubt it, I didn't get any disks with either of my ATR-8000's.
  11. I guess I'm too old, why is Charlie Chaplin the expert here ? Ex-commercial game developer or something ? I don't know who he is, hence my curiosity.
  12. So we have the sticky post about Windows tools for developing software for the ATARI, mostly graphics editing stuff. What is available for doing the same sorts of things on the Atari ? To my knowledge all we have is Envision for character sets, a few paint programs like Illustrator and that’s about it. Is that really it, or are there other tools that I’ve just never heard of, like something to build maps from chests like Tiled ? Like a native P/M editor, or any other of the tools you’d need to develop a game on an Atari.
  13. They can, if you’re careful as to the constructs you use.
  14. yeah, I was outbid in the last twenty seconds, thought I had it.
  15. I wasn't aware there even was a 1MB Newell board, I thought he just had the 256K board. Interesting.
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