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  1. Ozmoo looks to be a better candidate for a port than Frotz.
  2. Well after you type the code in, Shift+Ctl-M to get back to the monitor, C to compile and then R to run it.
  3. Code with low byte or high byte still doesn't work.
  4. Doesn't seem to work. All the windows are blank. something gets focus in each window, but it's like every control is invisible.
  5. Now I'm seeing random crashes when I save the workspace (Ctl-S) or doing things like "change to WORD or change to BYTE). It only seems to crash in double height mode though, and only in higher segments, like say the third or fourth. I know it's a bit vague but it's only just started. I'll see a little window open that says "Disassembling please wait... Pass: 4 Segment: 6". It will occasionally crash in not double height, but that window does not appear on the rare occasion that it does. Edit: the saving workspace crash seems to only happen if I select it from the dropdown box. CTL-S seems to work. Segment 6 is the key I guess. I'm actually working in segment 3, although there are six segments. segment 6 is the $02E0 run, so the address/offset I'm editing does not appear in segment 6, so presumably that's why it crashes.
  6. I have one, but I could never figure out how it worked. Is there some doc for thing anywhere ? I have some CX85 handler from Reeve the printer driver guy or something, but I never got around to disassembling it to see how the CX85 works.
  7. Basic XL doesn’t have a compiler, it just has a standalone run-time interpreter which executes the tokenized code.
  8. Thread hijack. Hey, a fellow S/370er. I was in DASD support in the early eighties. Did you guys have those pos CDC 3350's ? I remember coming in one weekend to initialize replacements, they did 26 HDA's in a weekend. Man those things were junk. Did you guys have a 3851 MSS ? Fun times hand-threading those stupid cartrdiegs in the DRD, or the joys of 3330-11 staging failures, eh ? I still have a couple of the carts, I use em as pencil holders, heh. Or the water-cooled 3033 with a 3051 AP. We used to get in sh!t all the time for putting it on city water cuz the chiller system was broken down more often than not, and the idea of 26/gallons a minute going down the drain made the facilities guy crazy, haha. Lots of good memories from those days. Not so much with z/Arch and those stupid encryption cards for SSL.
  9. Bob Puff supplied me 8" Quantum hard drives for my MIO. They weighed about 20lbs each, were say 12" wide, about 20" long and perhaps 8" high. The first two were 20MB, and the last one was a 80MB. For the second mio, I can remember scoring a 47MB drive for $650 on sale, thinking what a steal it was at that price. My roommate bought one for his 520ST. Later, I put some Seagate drive on the Black Box for use with the mux, I think it was around 200MB, which I still have today.
  10. Well I have the BBS_50B mostly done, I just need to do a pass through to check it’s clean and assembly produces a match to the existing binary. After that it’s just a matter of doing all the command files, each of which takes a couple hours or so. At that point I should have a clean, unlocked 50B to work with.
  11. Instant Graphics appears to be an ST feature, so there’s presumably never been an 8 bit client. I’m inclined to toss everything but Atascii and ASCII until something was working. Then I would maybe look into these other protocols. I really don’t think there will be too many ST users calling 8 bit BBS systems. We need either the doc on these protocols or I can give somebody some code to look at to see if they can puzzle it out.
  12. Yeah, I dunno. So CGS is apparently some scheme Tom Hunt came up with. Google doesn't seem to find anything about I.G. Color. I would say forget about them, since it doesn't seem like anybody can use them today. So that would leave Atascii, Ascii, Ansi and VT52 as possible translations modes.
  13. Haha, yeah, thats me. If IGS isnt the C64, then who is it? I was just guessing, I dont recognize the acronym.
  14. Puzzling over some of the translation stuff. What's IGS, C64 mode ?
  15. Ok, so 5.0b is as good as any place to start. Well I've mostly disassembled the bbs kernel, and it's really stupid. Essentially there are two bbs systems, one written to support Action! and the other supports assembler. There's duplicates of all sort of routines. For example there are two checks to see if a carrier is still present. Version 1 checks for a carrier, and returns either 1 or zero for the status. Routine 2 checks for a carrier and if there isn't one, then logs the user off. Now you would think routine 2 would call routine 1, and if the result is zero, boot the user off. No, it completely re-implements the carrier status check part, it just leaves out the zero or 1 return code. This sort of thing is all over, in fact the two sets of routines are often right beside each other. Madness. I thought before 1/3 of the space was wasted. I'm almost to the point where I think half the code space is wasted, there's just so much rubbish and duplication.
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