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  2. I liked playing this one. but I found the sounds excruciating.
  3. ICYDK. Pigs in the Castle and Checked Inn were both released via his website. http://thenesdreammaster.wixsite.com/thenesdreammaster
  4. I still haven't recieved mine too. Being in Canada, not surprised it isn't here yet.
  5. Also, adding new games, multiple distributions, Limited-Special-and Alternate editions, and out of print stuff. there is a lot of variables when making anything. I haven't heard of that, but I'd love to help if it's true. atari2600homebrew and videogamehomebrew both do that, however, the threshold is merely 5 copies produced. maybe a separate list for those under 50 as I think some that are under that are decent games and need more interest to have more produced. It is. I've tried pretty much every other option. this is a job for a group of people I suggest we begin with all atari consoles and expand from there. we could do both cartridge releases and rom releases with the right layout. I suggest hacks being allowed but in a separate category...at videogamehomebrew and atari2600homebrew, I broke categories into Homebrew, Hack, Reproduction, and Demo & Non-Games. the lists of rom releases would be a rather large extensive list. yup, i nearly drowned in this a few times. which is why I think it's better as a wiki, collectively we can gather info at a faster rate without drowning.
  6. I'll be looking into the account issue tonight.
  7. I've tried several different ways to document homebrew lists and its a frustrating process. sorting homebrew, hacks, repros and demos can sometimes be a grey area. Info on the net is often lost or contradictory to other sources. A wiki is IMO, the best bet for community support. If Al wanted to add a wiki on AA, then I'd be down to add as much info as possible.
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    I'm not seeing any wait list, but i dont wanna miss out because I didn't chime in. I want one of these when they are ready.
  9. I ordered Sept 6 and got mine yesterday. (Sept 12th) I wasn't expecting it that fast!
  10. I think they had a pre-order at one time and after that Richard began making smaller batches based on demand.
  11. If you want a Flashboy+, all you have to do is send richard an email at [email protected] and ask for one. They are still being made.
  12. I don't think there is a Bioshock 2600 besides mock up images. Mega Man 2600 is only a demo. Publishers AtariAge AtAriAge should be your first stop when looking for homebrew games to buy. The largest and best selection out there and the quality is top notch. http://www.atariage.com/store/ Packrat Video Games Packrat has a decent selection of hacks and homebrews to buy, some are titles you can already find in the AtariAge store. http://www.packratvg.com/ Hozer Video Games Hozer has a pretty negative reputation with the 2600 community, because of the legitimacy of how the business is ran. from unauthorized homebrews and not paying royalties to the horrid labels he makes, I can't recommend ordering or supporting this business model. also avoid his eBay listings as some are also sold elsewhere. Not adding the link, you can use google if want to hurt the hobby. Good Deal Games GDG has lots of homebrews for many systems, some 2600 ones are exclusives, though they are made by Hozer. several other homebrews from AtariAge are there and sometimes there's some limited editions there. http://www.gooddealgames.com/inventory/Atari%202600.html Lost Classics This listing could also fall under the individual games listed below as "Road Warriors" is the only game available to buy. it is a store though so games may be added at a later date. https://www.lostclassicvgs.com/collections/atari-2600 Individual Games Defend Your Castle DYC comes with a PCB and a label, you supply the cart casing. nice idea to get rid of a spare super common game. http://www.mr-atari.com/defyocas/ Checked Inn & Pigs in the Castle Checked Inn and Pigs in the Castle are sold as a bundle http://thenesdreammaster.wixsite.com/thenesdreammaster
  13. maybe, maybe not....i hope not anyways. I still think it's a better option than dealing with hozer directly.
  14. I've only made one or two orders from hozer (years ago), most of my hozer made carts are from Good Deal Games or from members here in the marketplace. hozer carts are not even on my want list but I'd rather take them out of circulation than have more made.
  15. I haven't popped either of those in yet. You likely know the answer to that more than me. but I would seriously doubt hozer pays anyone for their work. I would hope the stuff from Good Deal Games pays out royalties but I'm not privy to that info either.
  16. Added to my collection since my last post (#239) The 2nd Dimension 2005 MiniGame MultiCart Alamogordo Landfill Alfred Challenge (Hozer) Allia Quest (Hozer) Assembloids 2600 Backfire (AtariAge) Bee-Ball Bigfoot Family Search Catacombs of Chaos Dark Mage (Packrat) Dark Mage (AtariAge) Defend Your Castle E.T. Book Cart: Special Edition Four-Play Go-Fish Goblin Chaser Incoming! Jammed (Packrat) Jammed (AtariAge) K.O. Cruiser L.E.M. The Lord of the Rings Marble Craze Melbourne Tatty Mental Kombat (AtariAge) Merlin's Walls (Hozer) Monster Ball Panky the Panda Pesco (Hozer) Polybius Poseidon Power Off (Hozer) Pressure Gauge Road Duel Rocket Pod The Shaman Skeleton+ SoundX Space Instigators Super Trash Truck Traffic Cop Deluxe Turbo (Homebrew) Video Time Machine Sunset Drive Clyde's Revenge The Realm of NO!
  17. The original Fat Albert was hacked by David Marli in 2003. In 2015 Scott Dayton hacked it again to make a few more changes http://atariage.com/forums/topic/241724-fat-albert-atari-2600-shipped/page-1?hl=+fat%20+albert http://atariage.com/forums/topic/241026-anybody-know-the-guy-that-made-the-fat-albert-hack/page-1 The GDG Traffic Cop has extra levels and a bonus game called Car Soccer. http://www.gooddealgames.com/inventory/Atari%202600.html "The Deluxe Edition of Traffic Cop, available only at GDG's Homebrew Heaven, includes 2 additional single-player levels and 3 additional multi-player levels and the EXCLUSIVE BONUS GAME: CAR SOCCER!" Tubro (homebrew) - not sure of the year that hozer began making it. It's programmed by Steve Englehardt (Atarius Maximus here on AA) so he might know the answer to that. V had a developer website but it's no longer working. they were planning around 50 CIB to be released but IFAIK, there's no ROM that was ever released nor was there ever screenshots or video of gameplay.
  18. *Vault Assault Tournament Edition had 2 released, CGE and PhillyClassic, both came with a manual *Seawolf - The "Blue Cart Variant" isn't anything special and could be any cart that was in the AA store around 2005-2007 or so? it was an option in the store. *Lost Cat - I don't believe this was released. there's no cart in post #25, but #35 has mock up images. *Titan Axe was removed from the AA store. *Cabbage Patch Kids - There were 3 or 4 different versions of this cart for awhile, all the same rom i believe. *Cat Trax (Limited Edition) goes to images of the AA release. *Fat Albert was also redone in 2015, different rom *Traffic Cop. There's also Traffic Cop Deluxe that's sold by Good Deal Games *Turbo. Hozer version is actually a homebrew, not an image from a proto. *V - The Original Video Game didn't get released. *Venture II was also sold by Packrat Video Games and Hozer Video Games. The Treaure box one was sold at CGE 2001 and limited to 20 copies.
  19. 2003 is a greetings cart. not a game, the rest are all games. 2004 is a holiday version of Qb 2005 is Reindeer Rescue 2006 is Toyshop Trouble 2007 is Stella's Stocking 2014 is Stay Frosty 2
  20. No longer in a store. The game was produced and sold without the programmer's permission and in limited quantity. There was 20 regular carts made and 16 more made for the cowlitz gamers for kids event in 2014. I believe he was asked to stop selling them before they were sold out.
  21. I haven't received mine either. Last update was April 27th, so hopefully it'll be shipping soon.
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