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  1. A+++ zmweasel - bought some virtual boy and dreamcast games and a couple books.
  2. so am I the only one that hasn't got my copy yet?
  3. how about you take the Breath of Fire off the list and send it to me along with other games you owe me from Digital Press?
  4. Mr. Steve McFadden why don't you just give up already? i can't even count the amount of gamer sites you've been exposed on. now check your PM's and send my games you ripped me off of on DP!!!
  5. still nothing....hopefully after the holidays it'll be here no tronman for xmas :'(
  6. still nothing here....at this rate i'll be able to play it in the year 2020!
  7. I asked him in June what was going on he replied with this on June 24th "I do have replacent carts made and just have to make the new boxes for them. I have had them for quite a while and have just been putting it off. I have no excuse not to have completed them yet. I will make the boxes this weekend and get it sent out to you on Monday." I Still haven't recieved anything though and that was a month and a half ago.
  8. Customs really really suck too, I really wish more people would send a package as a gift instead of parcel as customs seems to avoid them more. and they charge way too much for opening my package and putting a sticker on it. Canada Post also sucks, In the last 3 months i've had 3 packages left in my hallway, 4 times i've got final notice slips without any previous notice and 1 package returned because they didn't send me any notice. trust me THEY SUCK, I've probably made 50 complaint slips in the last 3 years. same here
  9. nothing here either God Damned Canada Post....
  10. that's ridiculous and totally unneccesary..though I wouldn't put it past some of the morons that work for Canada Post. Some obviously cannot count OR spell and the rest just don't seem to care. I'm definately going to write in complaints to canada post and their shoddy service. Is it possible to get our tracking numbers so we could try and track it down ourselves? I hate waiting this long and I'm in a bitchy enough mood to call and bitch someones ear off
  11. Update: Still nothing here
  12. me either Hopefully I'll get it before X-mas as it was intended as a X-mas gift...*sigh*
  13. what about tracking it using the canada post site for the ones sent to canada? dunno if it helps but it's a possiblity. http://www.canadapost.ca/
  14. Anyone else that has not recieved their copy of TRONMAN!? I will probably be out of touch for this week but I will follow up on it when I get a chance. 952937[/snapback] I still haven't gotten mine yet either
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