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  1. I really liked the Walking Dead games. I didn't at first (Chapter 1 of Season 1 I found kinda meh), but it grew on me as I played and chapter 1 became pretty important. By the time I finished the game, I just wanted more. I think they did a good job of capturing the way the Walking Dead show works. The choices you make affect everything. there's tension in the action scenes and there's tension in the dramatic scenes, there's characters you hate an some you love. I found it actually had emotion and drama, which is something that seems lacking in a lot of games. It's not a new concept for a game by any means, but I've really gotten bored of the torrent of games in the last 10 years or so that all look and play identical to each other and have similar nameless/soulless characters with guns and tanks and just blow stuff up over and over again.
  2. This is why I only buy used games from Capcom, Ubisoft, Activision, EA, and a few others. I'd rather they didn't get more sales. I liked the first few AC games, it was new, had a decent story with some crazy twists etc, but somewhere after the 3rd game, it became a sh!t show. I didn't mind adding elements of the ship battles and strategy so much but felt it went far beyond what the original games were. I think I haven't bought the last 4 games...even used because I care so little about the franchise.
  3. My copy arrived today! I noticed you misspelled "Bonus" on the DVD mine says "Bouns" Is there any difference with the ROM of this and the PRGE edition?
  4. Charles worked with Greg Zumwalt on The Shaman, Goblin Chaser, and Monster Ball, but he didn't program them. Failboat, Rocket Pod, Road Duel, are all programmer firsts using Batari Basic. Edit: 2048 was programmed in Assembly...my bad.
  5. These are all titles you can get from Good Deal Games. most of those games didn't get much attention here. I know there is threads here about Failboat and Rocket Pod but neither sparked a lot of interest. and I don't think the others were even mentioned.
  6. I noticed the label on my copy was upside down too, both the end label and the main label. nevertheless, I like it! I still scanned it normally though http://www.atari2600homebrew.com/space-raid-2600.html
  7. I assume it's PAL since it has multiple languages?, screenshots looks like Frankenstein's Monster.
  8. The Wii-U has been out twice as long as the PS4 and Xbone.
  9. I don't think anything can save Nintendo this gen. It's already been 2 years since the Wii-U came out and still there's barely 5 games worth playing on it. The price is too high which is mostly due to the tablet that most games don't even use and more and more games are not using. Even 1st party games that use it don't really add anything meaningful to the experience. remaking the same games over and over again is annoying. but a reboot of an older IP that hasn't been used since for a long time? That could attract attention. I would stop letting shovel-ware trash games from being released. focus on having quality games in a department store rather than hundreds of junk...quality over quantity. The Wii was like that and it's a huge reason I stopped looking for Wii games...having to sift through piles of garbage mini-game/party type games that all play the exact same way and brain games that bore me to death don't make want to buy anything. The next Nintendo console should actually be a next gen console, The Wii and Wii-U are both underpowered previous gen machines compared to their competition. They aren't going to attract core gamers with last gen hardware.
  10. Yup, this is a new option for the unlimited version of Mean Santa...I meant that the DVD style case came with the 100 Limited Edition copies. I believe Tim Duarte is also selling UGC's with Meltdown as well.
  11. I'd be interested. I'd rather have a cart only or cart and manual but I'd also buy one with a case if that's how they are sold....in other word, either option is good for me.
  12. CGE Adventures, Game Panic LCD, and Evil Magician Returns use the same DVD style case as Mean Santa. MMSBC and MMSBC II use the UGC GoSub II uses the VHS style black case. Looks like Alien Greed 3 uses the same but I can't confirm that. and Road Warriors use some other type of vhs case by the looks of it. (I don't own AG3 or RW)
  13. some of these aren't UGC, but similar cases... CGE Adventures Evil Magician Returns Alien Greed 3 GoSub II MMSBC MMSBC II Road Warriors: Survival Edition Game Panic LCD
  14. I got mine in the mail yesterday. hopefully I'll get a chance to play it soon!
  15. Pretty much sums up my thoughts as well. most likely I'll own a Wii U and a PS4 at some point but I'm in no rush.
  16. you can check the AA store by sorting by popularity. Synthcart tops the list followed by Halo 2600 and Lady Bug. Probably Albert is the only one privy to the numbers.
  17. I had already given up on Capcom awhile ago. Why are people still regarding them as a good company? As far as I'm concerned, EA and Activision are the only companies in video games that are worse.
  18. BTW: You should use better screens for MMSBC, MMSBC II, and Turbo. probably a few other as well. These games use flicker and a screen cap from Stella will only nab a piece of it. Feel free to steal any pics from my website Atari2600Homebrew
  19. I updated the above list. added a few not yet on your website. CGE Adventures Desert Bus 2600 Phantom II / Pirate Road Warriors
  20. I saw one copy on eBay as well, also a couple pictures on the Facebook page. Since you've had contact with Joe, what do you think is the best way to contact him?
  21. Assuming the games within were all made using batari Basic, then yes, I would say it counts.
  22. last time I counted 415 carts, including variations. plus 160 homebrew/hack/repro carts. so 575 ish?
  23. I would be interested in ones produced on carts. It's something I want to add to Atari2600Homebrew, but haven't started anything besides the initial idea. Some to get the list started Released on Cartridge Alien Adventures (2014) - Purchase - Sold Out Alien Greed (2007) - Purchase - Sold Out - [Original Thread] - [Official Website with screenshots and ROM] Alien Greed II (2008) - Purchase - Sold Out - [Original Thread] - [Official Website with screenshots and ROM] Alien Greed 3 (2010) - Purchase - Sold Out - [Original Thread] - [Official Website with screenshots and ROM] Alien Greed 4 (2012) - Purchase - Sold Out - [Original Thread] - [Official Website with screenshots and ROM] Asses of Fire (2008) - Purchase - Sold Out - [Original Thread] Ature (2010) - Purchase - Sold Out - [Original Thread] Ature (2016) - Purchase - Sold Out - [Original Thread] Balloon Protest (2011) - Purchase - Good Deal Games Bigfoot Family Search (2016) - Purchase - Sold Out [Kickstarter Page] Brik (2015) - Purchase - AtariAge Store - [Original Thread] Candy Catcher (2011) - Purchase - Sold Out - [Original Thread] Catacombs of Chaos (2015) - Purchase - Sold Out - [Original Thread] Cave In (2010) Purchase - AtariAge Store - [Original Thread] CGE Adventures (2013) - Purchase - Good Deal Games - [Original Thread] Chase It (2010) - Purchase - Good Deal Games - [Original Thread] Checked Inn (2016) - Purchase - Official Website Conjoined (2016) - Purchase - Sold Out [Kickstarter Page] Dead of Knight (2014) - Purchase - Unknown - [Original Thread] Desert Bus 2600 (2013) - Purchase - Sold Out - [Original Thread] Dungeon (2009) - Purchase - AtariAge Store Endless Snow (2013) - Purchase - Endless Snow Webpage - [Original Thread] Epic Adventure (2011) - Purchase - AtariAge Store - [Original Thread] Escape It (2011) - Purchase - Good Deal Games - [Original Thread] Evil Magician Returns (2009) - Purchase - Sold Out - [Original Thread] Explosive Diarrhea (2014) - Purchase - Packrat Video Games - [Original Thread] FAILboat (2014) - Purchase - Good Deal Games - [Original Thread] Flappy (2015) - Purchase - AtariAge Store - [Original Thread] Galactopus (2015) - Purchase - AtariAge Store - Game Panic LCD (2014) - Purchase - Sold Out - [Original Thread] Gate Racer II (2013) - Purchase - Sold Out - [Original Thread] Gingerbread Man (2005) - Purchase - AtariAge Store - [Original Thread] GoSub (2007) - Purchase - Sold Out GoSub II (2009) - Purchase - Sold Out Hunger Shark (2015) - Purchase - Sold Out [Original Thread] Isaiah's Wii Chase (2008) - Purchase - Sold Out - [Original Thread] Jack and the Beanstalk (2008) - Purchase - Sold Out - [Original Thread] JumpVCS (2015) - Purchase - AtariAge Store - [Original Thread] Landfill (2014) - Purchase - Sold Out Laserman '88 (2010) - Purchase - Sold Out - [Original Thread] Last Ninja, The (2007) - Purchase - Atari2600.com Maciver (2011) - Purchase - Good Deal Games Melbourne Tatty (2007) - Purchase - AtariAge Store Miss It (2011) - Purchase - Good Deal Games - [Original Thread] MMSBC (2012) - Purchase - Sold Out - [Original Thread] MMSBC II (2013) - Purchase - Sold Out - [Original Thread] N.E.R.D.S. (2007) - Purchase - Atari2600.com Phantom II / Pirate (2006) - Purchase - AtariAge Store - [Original Thread] Pigs in the Castle (2016) - Purchase - Official Website - [Original Thread] Piñata (2015) - Purchase - Sold Out - [Original Thread] Polybius (2013) - Purchase - Sold Out - [Original Thread] Polybius (2016) - Purchase - Sold Out - [Original Thread] Prehistoric Times (2010) - Purchase - Good Deal Games PRGE X (2015) - Purchase - Sold Out Princess Rescue (2013) - Purchase - Out of Print - [Original Thread] Road Duel (2014) - Purchase - Good Deal Games Road Warriors (2011) - Purchase - Lost Classics Rocket Pod (2014) - Purchase - Good Deal Games Seaweed Assault (2011) - Purchase - AtariAge Store - [Original Thread] Shield Shifter (2009) - Purchase - Good Deal Games Solar Plexus (2005) - Purchase - Out of Print Stacker (2009) - Purchase - Sold Out - [Original Thread] Strangeland (2014) - Purchase - Sold Out - [Original Thread] Strip Off (2009) - Purchase - Good Deal Games Super Trash Truck - Purchase - Sold Out [Original Thread] Titan Axe - Purchase - AtariAge Store - [Original Thread] Turbo (2007) - Purchase - Hozer Video Games - [Original Thread] Upp! (2016) - Purchase - Sold Out [Original Thread] Upp! Plus (2016) - Purchase - Sold Out Zippy The Porcupine (2015) - Purchase - AtariAge Store [Original Thread] Soon to be Released on Cartridge DK Arcade 2600 - [Original Thread] The Gizzle Wap and the Strange Red Tree - [Original Thread] L.E.M. - [Original Thread]
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