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  1. I'm pretty sure this guy is selling a lot of unofficial copies of games. I've seen Halloween II and Halloween III, L.E.M, Dragon Chase, Ewok's Adventure and quite a few others.
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    Unamed Label

    Pinball - Zellers. definately a 2600 cart. http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-2600-vcs-pinball_7921.html
  3. Personally, I like having a cheaper option... without a box for me to put in storage.
  4. usually, I know how much I want to spend on a particular item. and I'll only bid on high shipping listings if it's something I REALLY want. If an item has an estimated value of $40-$50 and then shipping is already at $40, then my max bid will be around $10 for the item. I'd still add it to my watched list and MAYBE bid a few bucks more last minute, but listed items with crazy shipping are generally items I don't win because I refuse to get suckered from the shipping costs.
  5. most likely there was both english and french manuals. I can't be sure of TG16 titles, but PS1/PS2/Xbox etc all had a bilingual manual and sleeve shrinkwrapped over an US copy.
  6. have you tried this? go to chrome://settings/content. scroll down to Plug-Ins and select Click to Play instead of Run Automatically.
  7. mine does something similar. every so often I click View New Content and it shows me a list of new member that signed up that day. and the left column for By Content Type is checked at members? Usually just clicking View New Content again fixes it, but it keeps happening seemingly at random times. does this on my Desktop and Laptop which are both running Chrome.
  8. Maybe you saw the other videos that were posted here for Sydney Hunter and the Mayan's Revenge (NES) or Sydney Hunter and Caverns of Death (SNES)?
  9. similar things have been done. is hack o matic still used to hack games?
  10. It's been nearly a year since anything was posted here. Atari2600Homebrew is still going strong, I have been updating it nearly everyday. There have been a lot of changes along the way, but I'd like to ask everyone (programmers, producers, and homebrew collectors) for their help with information, details, screenshots, and scans. There is still a lot of information missing! some things that have changed since last year: Changed the Theme Layout of every page changed (smaller images and more compact information) Added Video Game Critic Reviews (Not Finished Yet) Many new titles have been added. Expanded the scanned game section to include the contents of the manual, back of box and also the cartridge end label and any extras included Prototypes and one-of-a-kind page will be added. currently building a list of these but I doubt this will ever be a primary focus. still, I am taking submissions for these starting now. Any cartridge images from the index pages that include an end label, have higher resolution scans. those that only show the main label are lower resolution 400x480 images and could even be mock up images (I want to replace as many mock ups as possible with proper scans. I have also considered adding ROM's to the site. but so far I haven't started asking anyone for permission, If you are a programmer and would like to have them available, please contact me.
  11. looks like you did it right. I would've cut the sheets up to use less sheets but it's perfectly fine this way. make sure you put a lid on the box because that will help the dryer sheets do their work on the games instead of wherever you are storing the box.
  12. do you mean the insides of the cartridge? Use a q-tip and alcohol to clean in there. with 48 games that came from the garbage, you might need a whole box. If you mean inside your house, it will take at the very least 48 hours for the dryer sheets/baking soda/kitty litter method to work. If yours are extra smelly like I assume they are, leave them there for a week or so. Some of the rarer titles you got. Fathom (R4) Cosmic Creeps (R4) Spacemaster X-7 (R6) Demolition Herby (R6 or R7, depending on which variant) Coconuts (R4)
  13. first thing you should do is clean the contacts, the shells, and the labels as best as you can. use a sanitizing rag for the shells first. How To Clean Cartridges That should get rid of most of the initial smell. if it is still smelly, I would put them in a box or bin with a lid and cut a bunch of dryer sheets into smaller squares and slip one in between each cartridge, seal the box and check again in a few days. repeat if necessary. there are also similar ideas using kitty litter and baking soda.
  14. Jet Force Gemini and Rocket: Robot on Wheels
  15. That list hasn't been updated in a long time. Lots of homebrew games are missing from it.
  16. my guess would be, production hasn't been finished yet as he hasn't started taking payments..
  17. I have 415 carts plus 159 homebrew/hack/repro carts. some duplicate games in there though,
  18. This gigantic vomit pile of text is the reason I never ordered anything from them. This isn't 1995 anymore.
  19. I don't mean to be an arse by saying this, but I wish you'd truncate the pre-order lists to only include up to the highest number instead on all 150, or just edit previous posts? I keep scrolling down the page forever. It's not such an issue when at my desktop PC but on my laptop it's kinda annoying to scroll that much. something like this would suffice wouldn't it?
  20. I call BS on that, even if he bought all these carts from auction sites, it doesn't take long to do a google search. if he didn't do any searching he wouldn't know that the originals have any value, so he knows they are fakes, he just doesn't want to admit it. a lot of newer hozer carts now come with a laminate over the label. I'm almost certain this cart was made by hozer.
  21. while true that i didn't think it was a connect four game at first, I did get it once I realized the vertical streaks were actually tubes, plus the screenshot kind of helps.with the Sir Ababol cover above, I still can't make out what I'm looking at. it's too pixelated. a google search showed me the game looks like a chibi castlevania-esque platformer, I would have never guessed it by the cover. looks more like a frozen lemming pooping ice shards.
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