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  1. This looks pretty great! Can anyone comment on the differences between this and the MicroFox CF flash interface (which I currently have)? A big one is obviously SD -vs- CF which are becoming harder to find. Just wondering what some of the functional differences/improvements are.
  2. Only took me two years to get around to this. Only seems to happen with some directories. I have a similar hierarchy under dsk, which has the same named folders and it comes up almost immediately. The one shown in the video holds all my .xex files. Seems to take about 45 seconds to show a-z and a couple other directory entries. If there's any thing else I can do to help debug just let me know. https://www.dropbox.com/s/v5205eilf53j3rm/IMG_8999.MOV
  3. Wondering the same thing, interested in picking up one if/when they are available again.
  4. I did get to the bottom of this. Replacing the mech fixed it. I'm surprised it could work intermittently like that, but maybe it was just the head.
  5. Thanks for the info, I had the JU-475-4CGJ written down in my inventory as a 360k drive, seems I was wrong there whenever I had written that down. I don't think I've ever run across an intermittently working head. The drive works, it's just slow to load or just gets an error every other "beep" and even then seems to load. I'll dig out another 360k mech, I believe I have a few more PC based ones... will 1050 mechs work? I have a bunch of those. My guess is no since they aren't "PC" mechs.
  6. The drive is back on my bench and I decided to try the other mech I had again just to be sure. I have a feeling that it is not compatible. It fails in a similar way, but the timing is different. I did change the DS jumper to what I believe was 0 (and pretty much every other setting and the same behavior). Model is Panasonic JU-475-4CGJ. For 360k mechs I also have a Teac FD-55BV and a Panasonic JU-455 I could try. Is there a way to tell if a mech is compatible? And related to this, are the symptoms I've described so far, very intermittent/slow read ability indicative of a head going/gone bad?
  7. I did find this on the atarimax forums regarding the beta firmware "This includes fixes for a few hardware and firmware bugs that may not impact many people. It also includes support for 64kB "Activision" cartridges less eeprom support."
  8. Hmm, so that is most likely working OK. I'll try and eyeball it for rotations, but I'm not sure what to check next on the control board. Are there some common failure points on the board other than the SIO jack solder joints?
  9. I’ve also tested with an 800XL and seeing the same behavior. Does the RPM output seem legit? I had tried a different mech and got the same behavior, it seems improbable 2 mechs could both have super slow RPMs. The control board seems to be the issue and I‘ve already redone the solder joints of the SIO ports and checked the regulators. What’s left on the board? Also, I cannot find the pot to tweak the motor speed to save my life, where is it? I don’t plan on touching it unless it needs adjustment, just curious to where it is.
  10. Was able to check out the RPMs today, given how slow the drive works when it does work, this *kinda* makes sense. But I would have figured that there was a range of RPMs that the drive would work (around 300rpm or so). It's also possible the program isn't correctly reading the RPMs. I've attached a screenshot. Some disks wouldn't register at all. One of the disks that loaded fine, but very slowly did give some readings of 36 and 37.
  11. Hmm, that makes a lot of sense. Is there a way to improve the clamping force? I do plan on verifying the RPMs soon. And I did look at the 5 and 12v with my o-scope. Very clean, I didn't see much ripple, etc if any.
  12. Various floppies through a few different DOS verions (Atari 2.5, MyDos, etc). It travels what seems like to every track, comes back to the beginning, I hear 1 beep, and then it repeats. With some DOS it will error out, some it just keeps trying. The part that is odd to me is that some disks load with seemingly no errors (there aren't many that do), and the others get lots of errors. I had swapped mechs and saw the same behavior, but I guess it is possible *both* of them are out of alignment? I still need to test RPMs as well... I'll do that tonight
  13. Thanks for that! I had some time today so I dug out a bunch of disks and it seems a few select disks have no issue at all, load with no errors. Most have lots of BOOT ERROR, etc. I will test these with other drives, as I doubt I have that many corrupt floppies. And it also doesn't explain why I can't format (have tried multiple disks).
  14. I'll definitely go over the heads again, I had done the usual scrub w/ 99% IPA. The behavior seems very specific in that it barely works, and that same behavior happens with both mechs. Also, tested out the regulators this morning, rock solid 5v and 12V, including under load. I did notice what looks like a transistor also attached to the big metal enclosure for heat dissipation, what is that for? Also, what did you mean by "it's the same guy"? thanks again everyone for the help, at this point I have to be narrowing in on the issue as a lot of things have been eliminated as potential issues.
  15. I’ll check the regulators next, it seems to not be the power supply. Same symptoms with my working 1050 one.
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