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  1. Do you still sell cases for a v1 NanoPEB? I'm interested in purchasing one. I have your FinalGrom 99 case and it is great.
  2. I turned it on yesterday and it didn't appear, so much like yours it seems to be intermittent. It was pretty visible on mine, very distracting. As far as ferrite rings, would you just put those around the composite cables, or inline somehow?
  3. I did a composite mod on my 2600 years ago and it was working great. I haven't fired it up in quite a while and now the video output has tons of blue noise. I verified it isn't the TV. It's also not necessarily an issue w/ the mod, but just wanted to mention that it is not a stock 2600. Any idea what could be going on? (pic attached)
  4. #5 was the tough one for me... after years and years I gave up and printed and bound the pdf I had. Would still like an original though.
  5. I’d be interested in this as well... had no idea it existed.
  6. Hmm, high speed SIO is "off" on my sio2sd, I must have been thinking of my other SIO devices where I had used faster than default speeds.
  7. Nothing shows up, no messages. I wonder if something is up w/ my sio2sd (or its settings). It took quite a while to get the D1: prompt. Also a DIR took a while as well (but it did finish).
  8. Thanks for the continued development for the Incognito! I attempted an update last night and UFLASH.XEX was hanging on me (let it sit for quite a while). I'm following the instructions in the manual and using an sio2sd for accessing FIRMWARE.ATR. I must be missing a step somewhere, see below... Here's what I've done: 1) Ensured no carts 2) FIRMWARE.ATR mounted on D1 of the sio2sd 3) Enable XL/XE mode, 1088K and SpartaDOS X in the Incognito BIOS. 4) Disabled ‘PBI BIOS’. 5) Ensure extended memory is set at ‘1088K RAMBO’. <--- this is the step I feel I am missing, but I can't find where to set this if it is different than the 1088K in step 3) 6) Saved the settings and rebooted to SpartaDos X 7) Eventually get the D1 prompt, DIR works, executing UFLASH.XEX seems to hang What am I doing wrong?
  9. Pork Roll Egg and Cheese by Ween
  10. Thanks for that, makes total sense. And yes, I was wondering if file permissions were coming into play, or just in general did it look at the files in any way (contents, metadata, etc) other than just displaying the contents of a directory.
  11. Yup, I am using that BIOS, I'll look for the ellipsis thanks. Interestingly enough I noticed some of these files (possibly all) have the archive bit set on them. May not be relevant.
  12. Was using my Incognito today (in Colleen mode 48k to play M.U.L.E.) and the Loader file picker seems to, in some cases, not show all files. I have a bunch of dsk files that just don't show up, but are definitely there on the CF card, I've seen it happen with .car files as well. Any gotchas I should be looking for? Permissions, corruption (does the picker even care), etc?
  13. Yeah, those are the resource forks. They aren't supported on FAT filesystems, so they create a separate ._ file for each one. 🤮
  14. I have a SuperCard Pro, but not a Mac. If you do an ls /dev/cu.usbserial-SCP-JIM, does it show up? If not, a place to ask is the SuperCard Pro forum, the guy who made it answers questions there and I'm sure he can help.
  15. That was the last piece of the puzzle, was able to flash if I held down the button the entire time it was inserted and flashed. I thought it only had to be pressed when inserting to put it in programming mode. thanks everyone!
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