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  1. Thanks for that, makes total sense. And yes, I was wondering if file permissions were coming into play, or just in general did it look at the files in any way (contents, metadata, etc) other than just displaying the contents of a directory.
  2. Yup, I am using that BIOS, I'll look for the ellipsis thanks. Interestingly enough I noticed some of these files (possibly all) have the archive bit set on them. May not be relevant.
  3. Was using my Incognito today (in Colleen mode 48k to play M.U.L.E.) and the Loader file picker seems to, in some cases, not show all files. I have a bunch of dsk files that just don't show up, but are definitely there on the CF card, I've seen it happen with .car files as well. Any gotchas I should be looking for? Permissions, corruption (does the picker even care), etc?
  4. Yeah, those are the resource forks. They aren't supported on FAT filesystems, so they create a separate ._ file for each one. 🤮
  5. I have a SuperCard Pro, but not a Mac. If you do an ls /dev/cu.usbserial-SCP-JIM, does it show up? If not, a place to ask is the SuperCard Pro forum, the guy who made it answers questions there and I'm sure he can help.
  6. That was the last piece of the puzzle, was able to flash if I held down the button the entire time it was inserted and flashed. I thought it only had to be pressed when inserting to put it in programming mode. thanks everyone!
  7. Thanks everyone for the help/ideas! I removed the device and it now seems to work as a joystick, but I can't update the firmware. I hold down the button on the Atari joystick when plugging in the USB and I see get failures trying to write the firmware. The HidBootFlash program finds a device, but it looks like it has a garbage name, and it fails to write one of the .hex 3.1 firmware files. I've attached screenshots
  8. English Windows 10, x64, standard Atari joystick attached. I've now tried 3 different computers running that same OS and I get the same behavior with both of my Retronics (which have a small 3.0 label on them). The only difference on this latest test is I had to "show hidden devices" in Device Manager for it to show up (it's the one w/ the Port Reset Failed - attached screenshot). I can't imagine all of my Windows 10 installs are corrupt. I have other USB devices for joysticks that are working. I followed the steps at that link, and shows up as a USB Input Device but "not connected to the computer" (see 2nd screenshot)
  9. I'm not sure what version of the HW I have. I purchased these a few years ago. They are running a slightly older rev of firmware (3.0), was trying to update to the latest. Both of my Win 10 x64 computers have issues, but it works fine on my Windows 7 32 bit computer... the only software component should be the basic Windows HID driver I would think. The error I get is "Unknown USB device (Port Reset Failed)". Happens on 2 diff Win10 boxes, 2 diff Retronic controllers, both in a hub and directly plugged in.
  10. Anyone using these successfully on Windows 10 x64? I can only get them to work on my Win 7 32 bit machine. Tried 2 diff Win 10 boxes, same behavior. They don’t register as USB devices at all.
  11. Was cleaning up the contacts/carbon strips due to some jitter and not good handling, and I have no idea how the spring goes back with the trigger. Anyone have a picture of how it should be oriented?
  12. Xmas 1981, Combat along with Asteroids. Also got a seriously banged up color tv which was awesome for the one week it worked. 😀
  13. Were the other platforms (other than Mac) ever released with these updates?
  14. Thanks for typing these in and to those helping to debug them. Could you possibly post the fixed disk images once you have made the corrections? I would love to try them. thanks
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