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  1. Wondering the same thing, I work in cybersecurity so this always puts me "on guard".... I'm assuming it is for backward compatibility functionality.
  2. Thanks for the work that went into this, I'm in the Discord and I have a hard enough time keeping up with what is going on in there? Will this topic be updated each time there is a new weekly summary for those following it?
  3. Thanks for the info everyone. I have other joysticks to use (CH, Suncom, Kraft) but I liked how these look. Too bad they don't work so well, all 3 are now on a shelf until I can find some 150K pots.
  4. I did the update.avr first, with only that file present then did update.pld with only that file present
  5. It's working again! I re-did the updates in that order, and re-populated this new SD card and it is working fine now. thanks everyone!!
  6. Some progress, that error message wasn't lying. For some reason, it no longer liked the SD card I've been using all along, this is even after re-formatting it and putting the update.pld on it. I switched to a different one and both updates seemed to go OK (LED on for a little bit steady, and then off). The machine no longer has a black screen and the noise when turning on, but no option for FinalGrom99 even resetting the TI w/ the right button to ensure SD card reads are done.
  7. Oh geez, I didn’t realize that. I will try again doing that.
  8. Yes, single led blinking in that pattern (not LEDs, sorry). I did each step separately, removing the previous file first. When I did the update.xxx I just had the constantly blinking LED.
  9. Totally true, I may have not followed the steps perfectly, and yup it was working right before I did it. I had played a game of Car Wars and Wumpus. The steady blinking LED seems to be matching what the documents say for error codes, which is why I mentioned the SD card. I used the same SD card I use for my games, etc. #U1 (o)........(o).........(o)........(o)........(o)........(o) ... indicates a bad SD card reader, a bad SD card, or the wrong filesystem, These are the steps I did: Put the 1.3 avr file as update.avr on the SD card at the top level. While the finalgrom was powered off put the SD card in and turned the TI on. Waited a little bit and saw the blinking LEDs as I described. I then put the update pld as update.pld on the SD card at the top level and while powered off put the SD card in and turned the TI on. Waited a long time and the LEDs blinked like pretty soon after turning on. I tried this a 2nd time after cycling power to the TI and now I get a black screen with the high pitched noise when turning it on and the Finalgrom inserted.
  10. I unfortunately seemed to have bricked my FinalGrom99 today. I saw there have been firmware updates since I first purchased my unit and attempted to install them and now I just get a high pitched squeal when turning it on with the FinalGrom99 inserted. I followed the instructions and immediately saw the steady blinking led, which seems to be an issue w/ the SD card, I turned power off, and then on again and no longer working but still the blinking led at a constant rate. Are there any options available for me to fix this or have it repaired?
  11. Thanks for the info everyone! I have a 130XE with the multi rom so I will try this with the 800 osb os rom loaded. I hadn't heard of the Translator, will try that on my 800XL too.
  12. I'm using the version 1.2 VAPI image, writing that to a real disk and using on my Atari I cannot INIT a save disk. It shows "Working..." and does some disk activity for a while, but then just sits there. I've tried a bunch of floppies, all the same behavior, and I can format these and use them otherwise. I also tried doing the same in Altirra with a blank disk image and it behaved the exact same way. Has anyone that plays this game been able to create a save game disk?
  13. I 3 of these and all of them don't register in certain directions (usually goes out to about 212 of the full 255 when testing). Taking the joysticks apart, the total resistance of the non-working pots are less than the working ones (~133 ohms for working, ~122 not working, some even lower like 95). My CH Premium IIs do not have this issue at all once calibrated. Certain games seem to be tolerant of this, others like my favorite Loderunner, are not. Are these pots available somewhere? They'd need to have the same resistance value, shaft diameter/threading, etc. Or would a larger resistance value work, like a 150? Also, these joysticks are NOT fun to disassemble, tons of little mechanical parts, and a plastic nut shaft.
  14. I did this and it was absolutely clean as you mentioned: 0 missing sectors, 0 phantom sectors, 0 sectors with errors Glad to know my rig is OK. I'm surprised all of these disks I'm using are seemingly OK and are so hard to image. Guess there are some errors lurking in there. Is there a way to force the program to continue trying to ready dodgy/weak sectors, kinda brute force? thanks everyone for all of the great information/suggestions!
  15. There doesn't seem to be, it's just a preservation thing (although the my initial attempts at imaging haven't gone well).
  16. I'm trying to image some working Atari disks using a8rawconv and an SCP. Some image and convert (with lots of warnings about missing sectors, etc), to .atx and work in Altirra. Some have similar errors and don't even boot, even though they do on my Atari w/ a 1050. I'm not sure exactly how to interpreter the output as to what is bad or not. I've attached the output of one of the non-working imaged disks. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Oh, and my drive is a Panasonic 5 1/4 JU-475-4EAF with flippy mod. thanks errors.txt
  17. I imaged and uploaded the disk version of the game. The tape version is already in the preservation archive.
  18. Here's my humble contribution to this awesome project. I downloaded the July archive and did not see this in there. This is the disk version of Close Assault. I did see the tape version in the archive. Also, not sure if any others have had this happen, but trying to download the 2G archive within Chrome always gave me a truncated file (around 600M). Was able to wget it on my Linux box. Just an FYI. I haven't done this in quite a while so I've attached the .scp (zipped). I will have to figure out how to convert to an atr file. EDIT: deleted attachment, seems to not work after converting to .atx w/ a8rawconf. Will work on this some more. errors.txt
  19. Yup, Tanktics is hybrid. Close Assault is great if you like this style of game (played it tonight, be careful, bad input can give unrecoverable input/output error). It's very close to Squad Leader, trimmed down a bit in places. I also have Dniper River Line and Tanktics which include counters and a board. I tried the Warp Speed in Altirra playing Close Assault and it only works well when the AI is "thinking", during normal play the keyboard input gets wonky w/ the repeats. I also play with my ASL components for the LMG/MMG/Leaders rather than use the notepad. I had read in CGE #10 that the original disk included the source code. Is this true? I will have to dig out my floppy and image it to see. I only have an .xex and a multi game .atr with Close Assault on it.
  20. If you ever end up doing another run, I'm interested... not sure how I missed this. :(
  21. I spent some time last night on this and figured out how the joystick code works. The peek'ed value is used as an index into a read in array that has -1, 0, and 1 values at the appropriate indices. I changed the PEEK(632) to utilizing PTRIG and it handles MUCH better except for when Flip is bouncing up and down in height of 2 or 3, this is where the diagonals are helpful as those also move Flip (upper/lower left -1 upper/lower right +1). Attached is a screengrab of a spot where I've been unable to to go the left with the PTRIG code. So, it felt more responsive, but made some parts of the board very hard to maneuver.
  22. I'm a C/C++ programmer and do inline assembly on occasion. Can you do this in BASIC? i.e. write some 6502 that does what you described and sets a variable that can be referenced in the BASIC? I wonder what could be changed in that loop to get it to respond better without changing game speed. Multiple checks *in* the loop for the state of the joystick OR'ed together?
  23. Thanks everyone for your thoughts. And I will have to check out Risky Rescue. It sounds like the recommended changes would also speed up gameplay in addition to improving the joystick performance? The speed of the game is perfect, it's just the polling rate of the joystick that needs to be sped up and still work w/ the current game loop. How do games normally do this (whether BASIC or asm)? I wonder if caching the joystick value every N loops would help? So, if there was input in those N loops it would be utilized.
  24. Always been a fan of this game, remember typing it in as a kid so it is a pretty nostalgic thing for me to play. It's very unique and I also like that there is a construction set for it. https://web.archive.org/web/20191029090111/https://casten.io/rebound.html My one frustration with the game is the joystick handling. Both in emulators and on the real thing, it doesn't handle great as far as playability. The timing seems a bit off for some reason, or almost too precise input is necessary. Not sure if that is just due to it being a BASIC program, or something with the logic, or my stinky playing lol. What seems to happen, when I have Flip lined up to go left or right and move the joystick in that direction, a good percentage of the time it doesn't detect the joystick move and Flip continues to go up and down in the same column. I noticed in the BASIC listing that it does a PEEK(632) in a loop, would changing this to using STICK add any benefits? I've attached the BASIC listing for the game. Any other fans have thoughts on how well it controls? I'd like to try and improve this somehow, but I have limited BASIC skills. The most I've done with BASIC is speeding up a text output routine in Stocks and Bonds, this might be more complicated or require more intrusive changes. rebound_listing.txt
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