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  1. I have a nice 800 that has a few key caps that are loose enough that if you turn the system sideways, they fall off. Does anyone recommend a solution short of glueing them on to make them more likely to stay in place?
  2. I'm interested in non-Polyvox and non-CCE South American carts. I should have most of those already so I'm looking for the other imprints.
  3. Super cool. Definitely interested.
  4. Pictures available upon request for serious buyers. Here are my spare betas. I tried to include version numbers, but some are numbers that may not be versions, I'm not really sure. I would also be happy to trade. Disks can have wear from being used in the press, most do in fact. You could need to clean or resurface the disks. I don't test them all, I don't have the hardware to do so, or the time. Paypal is best, and the only payment method I accept from international buyers. These discs are for collectors, not for distribution or for play (aside from version/bug/development analysis and historical documentation). You can get retail versions of any of these games cheaper if you just want to play something. PSP Betas : PSP betas typically play on retail units. These games are untested. Bounty Hounds 1.00 $40 Ghost in the Machine $60 Hot Shots Golf $50 Infected (handwritten) $35 NBA 09 ".30" $30 Pursuit Force 2 $40 SF Logans Shadow 1.00 $40 SOCOM Fireteam Bravo v1.01 10/09/05 $50 SOCOM Tactics $40 1.00 Sudoku demo printed disc in sleeve $30 PSX Betas: ]Devil Dice Preview 6/4 $95 ]Devil Dice Reviewable (nice label) $60 ]Motocross Mania Final/Reviewable on a Take 2 disk $65 ]Onside 2/27 $65 ]Virtuoso (unreleased in US) 5-14-96 $300 ]Virtuoso (unreleased in US, very early version,fancy label) 2-16-96 $300 Saturn Betas: ]3 Dirty Dwarves 8/16/96 $95 ]3D Baseball 9/19 (x2) Review $75 ]Area 51 Saturn 7-11-96 NTSC $150 (11-20-96 was the release date) ]Baku 100% $90 ]Bug Too! Final 11-8 $85 ]Crime Wave Demo 7-16-96 $175 (3-10-97 was the release date) ]Grid Runner 7-27 Beta 1.3 $95 ]Hyper 3D Pinball "Date 0409.1" $90 ]Hyper 3D Pinball "Date 61003.1" $60 (x2) ]Impact Racing 8/7/96 (9/3/96 release, probably final) $80 ]NHL Powerplay 96 4/16 $95(7/2/96 release date) ]Virtua Cop 2 Final $100 ]Virtual On Final "V-On" $100 Original Xbox Betas: ]Arx Fatalis preview alpha 7/11/2003 $100 ]Blitz the League review (colorful label) $30 ]Counter-Strike 10/22/03 $100 (released 11/18/03, probably final) ]Dragon's Lair 3D preview 6/02 $65 ]Dr. Muto 8/01/02 demo $85 released 11/19/02 ]Dynasty Warriors 5 review $75 ]Jade Empire final code mailing artwork and reviewers guide (doubt it has a game) $35 ]King of Fighters Maximum Impact $95 preview ]Kingdom of Heroes review build (colorful label) $55 ]Kung Fu Chaos (no title on disk) $45 ]Karaoke Revolution preview $65 ]Midway Arcade Treasures review (colorful label) $35 ]Mortal Kombat Armageddon review (colorful label) $45 NBA Ballers Phenom review $10 ]NBA Jam Preview $35 ]Otogi 2 Review $45 ]Magic The Gathering Battlegrounds preview $85 ]Midway Arcade Treasures Final Review Build $40 ]Mortal Kombat Armageddon Review (colorful label) $60 ]NBA Ballers Phenom Review Code (colorful label) $30 ]NBA Jam Preview $65 ]Project Snowblind Preview $60 ]Quantum Redshift $45 ]Rallisport Challenge (no title on disk) $50 ]Sega GT Online rev 9.19 $35 ]Showdown Legends of Wrestling review $45 ]Soldier of Fortune II review 5/5/03 $40 ]Soul Calibur II 6/24/03 $100 (released 8/27/2003) (disk has 5 mm damage along outer edge off the read surface, should work fine, will guarantee) ]Speed Kings review $35 ]Star Wars Battlefront II 09/13/05 Press Build $125 ]Total Overdose Preview $80 ]Turok Evolution review $50 ]Ultra Bust-A-Move preview $85 ]Wrath Unleashed previewable $50 (colorful label) ]WWE Wrestlemania XXI full (x2) 3/23/05 $35 ]X2 Wolverine's Revenge final code $40 ]Zapper preview $65 (no title on disk means that the game has a label but the label does say what it is, I had to test them on a debug unit to figure out the title) Xbox 360 Betas: ]Battle Fantasia 4/9/08 (released 5/29/08, likely near final) $100 ]Blue Dragon Preview $175 ]Command and Conquer Red Alert review $55 ]Condemned 2 2/11/08 $50 ]Conflict: Denied Ops Review $40 ]Culdcept Saga Preview $100 ]Dark Void 11/4/09 (release 1/19/10) $115 ]Facebreaker Beta 11 8/6/08 $40 ]Fatal Inertia Review build 7/30/2007 $55 ]Fatal Inertia Review build 8/10/2007 $50 ]Flatout Ultimate Carnage (review code) $40 ]Juiced 2 review in THQ sleeve $45 ]King of Fighters 12 Beta 13 $100 ]Lost Planet Colonies 3/10/2008 $85 (release date was 5/23/2008-has debug features) ]MotoGP 2007 preview $65 with THQ sleeve ]NHL 2010 Next Gen Final 7/27/09 $35 ]Overlord Review $50 ]Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 7/3/2009 $75 (release date 10/23/2009) ]Project Sylpheed Preview $85 ]Project Sylpheed $45 (doesn't say review or preview, would assume it's a review) ]Race Pro 11/07/2008 Preview $65 ]Race Pro Review Code $40 ]Red Faction Armageddon (3/24/11) (released 6/7/11) $100 ]Shawn White Snowboarding - preview (colorful label) $45 ]Simpsons Review $65 ]Skate Alpha 8 1.53.1 8/20/07 $95 ]Stranglehold review (nice label) $35 ]Street Fighter IV 11/26/2008 $200 ]Too Human Review $40 ]Vampire Rain $85 ]Virtua Fighter 5 9/26/07 $100 PS3 Betas: ]Dirt review $50 ]Dirt 2 Preview $85 ]Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 Print Review $60 ]Dynasty Warriors Strike Force v01.00 $65 Godfather II final $55 ]HAWX 2/06/09 $60 ]HAWX 2/25/09 $55 ]Motorstorm review $150 ]NBA 09 Inside Drive Preview $60 ]NHL 09 $25 ]Pro Evolution Soccer $60 ]Red Faction Armageddon Test Build 3/24/2011 $85 (released 7/7/2011) ]Skate Alpha 1 1.53 8/18/2007 $115 ]Smackdown Vs Raw 2009 Review $50 (in THQ sleeve,disc has no writing) ]Street Fighter IV Build 1037 11/27/2008 $200 ]Supremacy MMA 3/30 $55 ]Trinity Universe preview $175 ]Unreal Tournament Gold Build review $75 N-gage: Ashen Not For Sale white $60 FIFA 2004 Not For Sale white $50 FIFA 2005 ver 093004 POS Not For Sale green $75 NCAA Football 2004 Not For Sale white $50 Rayman 3 Not For Sale white $60 Red Faction Not For Sale white $60 Spiderman Not For Sale white $50 System Rush Not For Sale yellow $75 PS2: PRODG development Software $150 (boxed with manual and disk, unknown function or serial number need, or hardware requirement) ]Arc the Lad End of Darkness review (high quality color printed disc) $175 ]EyeToy: AntiGrav Review Code $35 ]Lethal Skies II Preview 6.2003 $65 ]Midway Arcade Treasures 2 Review Code (x2) $45 ]NBA Ballers Phenom Review $30 ]Sega Superstars Preview $115 ]SLAI Steel Lancer Preview $85 ]Smackdown vs. Raw final 10/6/04 $35 ]Smackdown vs Raw 2006 8/10/05 Test Build $75 (p) ]Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 Review (in THQ sleeve) $45 ]Socom Combined Assault Review Code (x2) $45 ]Warriors Oriochi review $40 Dreamcast: Street Fighter 3rd Strike 7/14/00 preview (disc has printed graphics) $175 (silver) Street Fighter 3rd Strike GD-ROM (date uncertain) $175 Nintendo DS Nintendogs Download Relay Version ($25- prefer to trade for similar) DS Download Station Volume 2 ($25- prefer to trade) Metroid Prime Pinball Not for resale sticker on back ($40) Nintendo Gamecube PRODG development Software $175 (boxed with manual and disk, unknown function or serial number need, requires Dolphin or other unusual development hardware, with normal sized CD (not small sized)) Puyo Pop Fever GC Review $100 (good condition, few scratches) (see post below) Nintendo Wii Smarty Pants Final (on official disk) $55 Zelda Twilight Princess Not For Resale (rough condition) $150 (see post below) CDI Compton's CD-I Encyclopedia Demonstration Disk Not for Resale $30 Treasures of the Smithsonian Demonstration Disk Not for Resale $30 PC Betas: C&C Red Alert 3 reviewable $35 Deer Hunter Tournament 23 Sep 08 review (2 available) $25 Godfather II reviewable $30 Overlord II "preview code" $70 SimCity Societies 27.07 09/05/2007 Preview $60 Misc: Delivery Cupid press kit on a CD-ROM- I don't believe there is an associated game $10 Full Metal Alchemist Episode 1-5 DVD With Trailer Cartoon Network Version For Promotional Use Only $10
  5. I'd rather he take the time to get them right. I bet he could sell 150 or more of them.
  6. I'd be in for three of those Colecovision system box protectors. I should buy some of the Odyssey ones if there are any left.
  7. I want to see boxes that fit TI-99- both plastic and paper boxes. And also Sierra gold box size.
  8. Are the motherboards tested to be bad? Or just missing the controllers?
  9. Sign me up for 2 pairs for Super Cassette Vision please!
  10. I'd buy a multicart. I'd be into the Pacman version.
  11. I am befuddled by this post. Seems super useful, but downloading stuff from sites is so sketchy. Why not just post your pix as a thread and post your slide show on youtube?
  12. I should be ianoid at videopac.nl I got my first Odyssey 2 system in the 90s at a flea market or thrift store. My fondest memory is trying to play Odyssey at Video Concepts, a mall store at University Town Center in San Diego that sold TVs and some video games. We would play as long as we could until they kicked us out. That took about 5 minutes. We would then go across the mall to the TI store to do the same. I don't recall typing anything interesting into Type and Tell. Probably curse words. I think the system is great, I have a pretty extensive collection including imports and home-brews. It's fun to collect. I don't have one setup in my game room since I'm waiting for a modded G7400 unit with AV and built in voice that a friend owes me. If you have the a link to the instructions to do the voice mod, please tell me! I could probably do it all myself at this point. I'm always wondering, did Odyssey games originally ship in shrink-wrap? I don't believe so, I thought they were sealed with a small piece of clear tape.
  13. It is apparent you have put a lot of effort into the firmware, BIOS and manual, and despite this not working in the easiest way for me, I am very appreciative. I'll work on this more as the programmer part arrives. I only wish more Incognito boards would be made so that more people could enjoy this awesome hardware.
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