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  1. I've never seen those style of Data Age carts. I have to doubt their authenticity. Anyone else know about those carts?
  2. This was a scam. The seller trades under Voyce, Inc. I arranged a purchase. Seller sent a 1 lb item to an incorrect local address intentionally so that they could file a tracking number with PayPal. Actual items never shipped. Initial complaint to PayPal was denied. I called PayPal and they did some actual research into the scam and ruled in my favor so I got a full refund. I knew it was at my risk and I'm pleased I could depend on PayPal to help out, although it was somewhat painful. I'm no fan of PayPal but in general if you stay on the correct side of their rules they don't bother you much. That includes rapid refunds when you sell and accepting that they favor the buyers. Be careful out there!
  3. Check out my stuff on eBay if you have a moment. My store categories aren't as useful as searching my store at this link for whatever you like, whether it is "Atari" or "Commodore" or "Cryptologia" Ianoid Store on Ebay I'm moving towards using more auctions so if you want to look at auctions only (usually goes cheaper that way), check this link: ianoid auctions
  4. Yes, I know international people are used to this, but it's new to see eBay charging taxes on many items I'm buying. I understand we all have to pay taxes and even manage sales tax ourselves, but now eBay is doing it for us? For example, I just bought an item from Canada, $75+$15 shipping. Taxes: $7. I'm not sure why I'd pay sales tax to a country I don't live in. Is this a new import tax from the US gov? I've seen some domestic purchases also having sales taxes, out of state. I understand if I buy in state, I have to pay sales tax, but now I'm paying for infrastructure in other states? It all makes no sense.
  5. This is mostly directed at other sellers. Since the switch to stores (fixed price) being GTC (good 'til cancelled), my eBay stuff gets hardly sales. I used to do 30 day listings, but now I will have to relist and pay for auctions if I want more exposure. In the past, store fixed price relistings were free. So now I have to pretend everything is an auction, which means some weird minimum bid and then a buy it now or just a bid. It's a problem because I have a ton of stuff that I could list for 99 cents plus shipping that nobody would bid on, but in three months the right buyer might pay $12 for. Most of the stuff I'm selling isn't marquee items that will attract much attention. A fixed price store is where most of my stuff belongs, where the occasional buyer will find what they are looking for. Relisting every month was just a way to get more attention. And give my stuff the occasional break from selling (yes I know about vacation settings). This is a problem for me because I do have a lot of extra stuff to get rid of and eBay was my best choice. Previously the event that hurt my sales the most was maybe 5 years back when the USPS raised international mailing costs substantially, so my international business cratered. As a buyer, I like that my searches aren't filled with jerks like me relisting the same stuff week after week or month after month. I suspect that new listings have plummeted since the change because so many of them were sellers like me who were regularly relisting for exposure. But it's not like eBay has come up with a way to increase exposure to the older auctions, by finding things of interest. Their suggestion engine is almost entirely built on what buyers view and watchlist (which is why I never put anything I want on my watchlist). There is no AI or deep dive. I'm more tempted than before to use a web store and then advertise by posting on Facebook, Twitter and forums occasionally. It's hard because I have a pretty solid eBay workflow when I list and it just doesn't take much time. I have a bunch of services (Garage Sale for Mac, Endicia) that make it pretty quick and easy. And I don't have a lot of problems with buyers. The prototype for this is my friend's site, junksave.org . The site looks nice and has a good deal of related items. I think he does ok, but part of it is the professional presentation and the fact that he has so many high quality items. I have a ton of $10-$20 items that rarely sell. In the end, I just want this stuff gone. It would be nice to get some cash out of it as well. I don't just want to give it all away or donate it or throw it away. I want to convert it into a little money that I can spend, and send the stuff to someone that actually wants it. If eBay isn't going to help me with that, where to turn?
  6. Found this thread when researching fixing up my Interact Micro Video. I'm actually looking to see if there is any info about the main tape belt. Mine worked initially but soon stopped playing tapes. The main belt is rather loose and should almost certainly be replaced. I could measure it and try to order a belt from somewhere, but a more precise bit of info would be nice. I don't know much about measuring belts by thickness, etc.
  7. Any info on the Apple III or Lisa? Are those also for sale?
  8. I've been waiting from someone to make Intellivision 1 and 3 and Sears Telegames II controller metal labels for the disc. I don't happen to need any of those labels, but there are many other labels I'd buy just to have around. I'm happy to see you produced those. I'll think about more I could use and post here.
  9. I'm interested as well. I'd be into the entire lot but it depends on the price. PM with what you hope to get.
  10. $500 seems like a very reasonable offer from a known quantity.
  11. Alright, I tested pins using a multimeter and couldn't really come to any conclusions. Then I went ahead and tested out the paddles again, and they worked fine. Perhaps there was something in the jack that was freed when I tested it and the short resolved. Very weird, because the first time I tested it, I plugged it in and unplugged it several times, and tested known good paddles as well in between. All's well that ends well. Thanks for your help guys! ian
  12. I have a weird Atari paddle problem. On a known good 4 switch, one paddle moves when the button is pushed. Of course the paddle dial is not moving, just the signal sent from the pot is changing. Note that it moves less depending on the position of the paddle dial, but never goes away. Inside it looks ok. The cord doesn't have obvious damage, but I'm thinking that is probably the issue. The other paddle of the pair works great. Any thoughts?
  13. Sounds like something to look for on a magazine disk like Softdisk or Microzine.
  14. Trilogy I believe came on two disks. The first had I on one side and II on the other side, and then III on the second disk.
  15. Not to get OT, and hey there is nothing wrong with bumping your thread for visibility with a conversation, but have you had much success with Wanted posts for stuff like manuals here? I would have bought some of yours if they had manuals I needed.
  16. Unfortunately I don't need any of these titles, but it's funny that many of the ones I'm missing manuals for are also missing manuals for sale here. I'm wondering, did all SCV games come with manuals?
  17. Oh yeah and @FarmerPotato, I found your Hayes modem power supply!
  18. I had a great time too! Really enjoyed chatting with everybody I could and meeting @OLD CS1 in person. I look forward to next year. It was totally worth all your effort @FarmerPotato If it's during K-fest, well, I'll be at K-fest Tue-Fri Jul 21-24 2020 (I have to miss the weekend at K-fest sadly) and then that Sat-Sun July 25-26 2020 is Classic Game Fest, which I always go to as a vendor. I hope you schedule it on a weekend where there aren't 20 things happening. Since it's a local-ish event, perhaps you don't even need to hold it during the cluttered summer season?
  19. I could use 5, and I'm happy to pay for them and shipping. Please PM me if you can make some for me!
  20. I'll be there. I'll stop by to say hello and buy much.
  21. What are the anticipated hours of this event? Will Friday attendance be lighter than Saturday? I imagine I'll just go for one day since it is local, but I'm trying to figure out the best day to come.
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