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  1. Video Life for Ianoid bfstats- what are those shelves made of? Great wall of video games.
  2. All carts can have rarities, but value is often completely different. So, even if you make the rarity of QB Special Edition a 9, it doesn't matter, since it's only worth $50 or whatever the original price is/was. Sure, people will pay more, but that doesn't mean it's worth that much. It's a fundamental misunderstanding people make. Anyway, I think DP's approach has been very reasonable- they may call a foreign cart a 4, but still make it's value reasonable. Rarity is regional. I think most foreign people want to protect that from public consumption. Alot of stuff is seriously common that we pay way too much for in the US, or other places distant. It's like the Zellers scam. They are mostly uncommon, a few are rare, and maybe a few are even harder. Why wouldn't the Canadians want it to seem like they are really hard to get? They get to use them as tradebait and EXTREMELY RARE WOW! eBait. Yikes. So, if you are going to make them have a rarity, I suggest you use carefully selected international collectors (such as myself), rather than strictly locals. Locals tend to overrate their rarity to maximize value in cash and trades. Of course, in the process of figuring things out, I've overpaid for alot of stuff, just like everyone else. Something to keep in mind. Few locations in the world are rolling in Atari games. I know a few friends (for example, Spydy in Australia) who seems to find dozens of games every week. The only reason I know is because almost everything he finds is worth listing on eBay (HES stuff simply isn't anywhere else, except rarely in Europe.) So everyone thinks their games are harder to find. This is because of the conglomerate of brag posts, eBay sales, and overall availability of games makes it seem like everone finds stuff all the time. In reality, we all struggle. There may be 5 Montezuma's Revenges on eBay in any given week, but if I found one this year (among the few hundred 2600 games I might buy on a good year- including mostly commons), I'd be totally psyched. Still, I constantly get attitude from foreign collectors about how tough their stuff is, when I know it's the same as mine. Some things are much harder. So, for example, CCE carts (most of them) and Quelle (German) carts are really common, and shouldn't get much rarity beyone 2 and 3. People find those carts all the time. Actually, for the European stuff, you can get a slight cross section of what a person typically owned by looking at some of the setups they sell. Few setups with more than 5 carts DON'T have a Quelle cart. Anyway, that's my 61 cents. And I hate reading long posts from most people. Oh, and by the way, if anyone is still paying attention, I need a copy of Gunfight. Who made that one again? Looks like a neat game. BTW, Mr.Roboto kicks ass!
  3. Yeah, there have to be at least 4 or 5 designs. Some day, perhaps I'll document them. Some Sears, several Atari, and then there's the Gemini paddles, which look quite similar. The only other paddles I know of made for game/computer consoles are the Commodore ones- and there are at least two variants of those.
  4. Yeah, Marco- do you have some numbers? I'm not telling until you do... Actually, one of my favorite things was Roloff and Deleto's old site with the 'Total number of Atari 2600 cartridges in Deleto's Collection:' with a sort of cartridgometer. I've been meaning to add that to my collection. -ian
  5. I have scads for trade at my website, and some I would sell, only because I need cash badly. Check it out at www.ianoid.com do you have a tradelist? Send it to me, if you do- or a URL. -ian
  6. Hi, I could use a nice sealed supercharger. I have lots for trade at www.ianoid.com I have a few sealed titles I'd trade for it. I definitely wouldn't want Commie mutants- I have a few for trade already. Drop me a note if you're interested (email at website.)
  7. If you need a reference for the discerning collector in hardcopy, get a Digital Press Guide. There is no better guide out there in print. www.digitpress.com They also have an active message board. -ian digital press staffer
  8. Agreed. That's basically why I never bugged Nir about it before. I realize the auctions would have been pulled. And I realized also that although he speaks excellent English, it might have been sort of cultural/linguistic to leave out that information. Frankly, I think he'd do just fine selling these in places like Atari Age, but you can't really get better seller exposure than eBay. -ian
  9. I'm totally into it. I have scads of spare 5200 sticks, though most need to be cleaned up. I would gladly trade for your services- I'd love 2 of those Paddle 5200 controllers (for competition!) Is someone still working on Warlords for 5200? Skatepunk- drop me a note- we can talk paddles and skateboards. -ian
  10. If you are willing to trade a spare, drop me a note. I'm into random accessories. I'd love to see a pic in any case...
  11. Although I think Nir should probably mention that these are derived from ROM images and DISK images in his auctions, I can only vouch for him very seriously. His intention isn't to mislead people into buying his carts. Most people in the know realize what he's doing, and alot of us have his carts in out collections, despite the fact that they are unreleased. The fact the they don't garner enormous bids should be a tip off. Sure, he should say something for the newbies, but they are getting a pretty righteous product for a reasonable price in most cases. As with all homebrews, it takes alot of time and effort to put the games together. These projects often require some coding to fit onto a cartridge, which Nir does himself. And I know many of you will dispute these as 'homebrews,' but they are home made carts that take as much effort as anything people are putting out. Nir has visited my apartment, and his knowledge, generosity and interest in Atari 8bit stuff is as great as anyone. He is a great guy. I often wonder why he doesn't mention the origin of the carts he sells- perhaps he will be open to this suggestion. It doesn't matter. I'm psyched to have Tapper on a cart (Since I don't really play anything on disk), as well as Mr. Do's Castle, and whatever. And better yet, they look like real carts and fit in nicely in my collection. Nir has a collection of game images to make any 8bit collector drool. He's always asking me what I'd like to get on a cart. I only wish I knew more about his ROMs! The $20 he sells most of his carts for can't generate a ton of profit beyond the cost of acquiring the apropriate case, hardware, and time to resoldier chips. I think they're a bargain despite their origin. And for Nir, I know it's a labor of love. Again, I certainly respect your (Albert) sentiments about mentioning that he made the carts. But in the end, he is offering a really cool service that I personally appreciate and respect. -ian
  12. Just because an item sold for $2,000 on eBay does not mean it is worth $2,000. There may only be 3 other people out there who would pay that much. That market could be saturated faster than you think, especially since such motivated individuals may get their fill off of eBay. Realize also that it sold for over $2k with an original manual- which is probably rarer than the cart. And then you have to wonder- did the transaction actually happen? It's unreasonably a $1000 cart, though it really should sell for $800. I suspect that it would take about 10 Magicards on eBay to drop the price to that level. I bet the price would hover around $1500 for at least a few more sales. These come up so infrequently, it doesn't matter. It's a crap shoot. -ian
  13. Rick's prices were on the money because he probably quoted the guide. 'On the money' mean's on the the guide money. The prices are WAY to high in most instances, as you will note for most common carts. There are some items I would be happy to steal for the prices listed, simply because they are almost never seen ANYWHERE. Nonetheless, it's one man's opinion in one town that has weird prices. Digital Press is the way to go with prices. The BG book has nice pictures, but that's really all it's good for.
  14. Only the Engesoft games, the Game Action game, and the Mystique games. The rest are loose.In other words, everything is loose, except the ones noted to be boxed or complete. -ian
  15. Ian's Set Price Sale (following Marco's lead): All games are NTSC, except as noted. Most boxes have mild shelf type wear. Brazilian games are PAL-M, which works on NTSC TVs, but sometimes in B&W. $40 Engesoft 4 x 1 Prata new in box #12 Command Raid / Demon Attack / Spider Man / Super Man (cart has tingle) $35 Engesoft 4 x 1 Prata new in box #14 Megamania II / Adeventures of Tron / Pele's Soccer / Atlantis $35 Engesoft 4 x 1 Prata new in box #17 Tron / Volleyball / Freeway / Seaqueste $35 Engesoft 4 x 1 Prata new in box #18 Q.bert / Mouse Trap / No Escape / Planeta Patrol $35 Engesoft 4 x 1 Prata new in box #19 Keystone Kapers / Tennis / Megaforce / Pitfall $35 Engesoft 4 x 1 Prata new in box #27 Laser Gate / Bowling / Keystone Kapers / Megamania $100 Comp-K7 by Splice Supercharger (label has some small tears and curls, but overall good) $17 CCE Radar C-867 $12 CCE River Raid C-811 $35 Vidgame Tenis (slightly long cart,spotty label with screw holes, but overall intact) $20 Polyvox Space Tunnel (mild wear) $10 Polyvox Galaxian (mild wear) $50 Dynacom Megacart 32 Jogos sealed in square box $50 Game Action Mr. Postman new in box Pink Cart $100 Spectravideo Gas Hog $85 Apollo Guardian $50 Avalon Hill Death Trap $80 Exus Video Jogger (very spotty but intact label) $85 Commavid Cakewalk (PAL) $25 Unimex Copy Cart 4K new in small bag $80 Mystique Bachelorette Party Complete (PAL,dead cart) $80 Mystique Jungle Fever Complete (PAL,dead cart) Email me at [email protected] if you are interested. Thanks for looking! -Ian
  16. The prices in the Billy Galaxy book are about the worst around. Try the Digital Press guide if you want real, useful prices. www.Digitpress.com They also have a nice message board, though it's general classic gaming there. -ian
  17. Erm, what are the titles? Sadly, finding a boxed Inty game is much more likely than finding a boxed 2600 games, so unless you have neat Inty stuff, 1 for 1 isn't typically an even trade... Good luck! -ian
  18. Hi, I need a 8-bit few computer carts to gut for ROMs and new labels a friend is making. If you have the following titles for trade, preferably with bad labels, I'd be happy to trade for them: Parker Brothers Popeye Sega Star Trek (or anything) Imagic Demon Attack (or anything) I actually also need a C64 (old style), preferably with box. And an Atari 1200XL. My tradelist is at www.ianoid.com I'm always happy to trade for stuff I need for my personal collections and for my tradelist, too. So if you have a tradelist, forward it. Thanks, ian ianoid @ hotmail.com
  19. Well, the whole rarity thing is overblown. With eBay ads the way they are, and rarity primarily used for the sake of greed, rarity has less meaning. Instead of overestimating rarity, I agree with Alex's statement of sorta minimizing rarity where appropriate. Because there shore are alot of carts I've never found, but that doesn't make them NR(Never Released?) or '10's. Of course, a few titles are just about never seen- anywhere- for sale or in someone's collection. But when BMX airmaster is conspicuously available on eBay from Australia quite regularly, calling it '10' or 'UR' (whatever that means) adds even less credibility to rarity. With eBay as an international marketplace, regional rarity has somewhat less meaning. If the cart is readily available, in your country, or abroad, then it is readily available, get it? Sadly, as cash has become a primary motivator in classic gaming, some half of the community has a specific vested interest in selling classic gaming things at or well above market value- that is, they are vendors. In some ways, it sorta takes the fun out of the hobby for me. Although it is nice to have things readily available. And on message boards like this, there are alot of for sale posts- and almost none of them are deals- or any better than you could do on eBay. -ian
  20. I actually know a few people who have Ikari. As far as PAL BMX Airmasters, how many Mr.Do's Castles do you see on eBay vs. how many BMX Airmasters? I see a PAL BMX every month, at least, often boxed. PAL rarities in US guides are screwed up. Gas Hog, Master Builder, and all the Bomb games are MUCH easier to find in Europe, let alone Germany, in PAL format. They are more like rarity 3-5 in PALland. And the PAL people (like most people) quote US guide rarities. Feh!
  21. Just as a few other releases, the PAL version is simply not THAT rare. It's at best a 6. It comes up on eBay about 12 times a year at least, and I know a few AUS's who find them several times a year. The NTSC version is probably a 10. I actually doubt whether it exists. Anyone?
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