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    agacart SD card

    I didn't realize that it came with a memory card when I picked it up. And no, it did not. The seller must have kept it.
  2. I'm trying to set up an SD card for the Agacart I just got second hand. Sadly it didn't include the original MicroSD, which apparently was loaded with some homebrew and stuff. Does anyone have a zip file of that or their current already setup SD card to send me, so I can avoid the renaming and re-file typing part of setting up the card? Thanks, ian
  3. I recently acquired a MultiFlashROM for MSX. I have it setup so I can flash one ROM at a time by using the command line. I'd prefer to use the MULTIROM.ODF approach where it displays a menu. Alas, I am too lazy to set up a menu. I'm hoping someone has a pre-made volume I can use to save me the hours it will take to set this up. Has anyone set up one of these with a few hundred ROMs? If not, I'll just flash each game manually as I want to play it, which will surely be only occasional anyway.
  4. These are all pretty final looking and probably no different from released versions, but if anyone wants to compare them to released, have at it. A8 Chess 8K RLS 1.bin A8 Millipede 16K.bin A8 MsPac 16K.bin A8 Popeye 16K RLS 1.bin A8 Qbert 8K RLS 1.bin A8 Robotron 2084 16K A 800.bin A8 Robotron 2084 16K.bin A8 Track and Field 16K.bin
  5. Hi, I'm looking for someone in Argentina willing to buy some gaming items for me on mercadolibre. It is very difficult to buy on mercadolibre from the US or other countries. I am happy to pay extra for your help, or compensate you in trade. I have a ton of classic gaming stuff for trade. I could also trade well in excess of the value of the items I'm hoping to buy if you are interested in games. I have a large variety of video and computer game stuff to trade. Thanks, gracias, ian
  6. I try to quickly eyeball an average from recent eBay sales. I ignore items that are active or completed without a sale, unless I have no further sold data. And I ignore high and low outliers. If I am selling here or person to person, I shoot for what most people say, around 20% below that eBay average since that is around my expenses on eBay, although you may still have to soak up PayPal fees. I suggest you add that 3% into your prices and not require gift payment. Bill, if you can sell your stuff in person at a show, it is very satisfying. You should be able to sell at least 20% of your stuff on the initial go, or way more if you price aggressively. There used to be a show in Cleveland that I went to maybe 20 years ago that I'm sure is quite a bit bigger. I wonder if they are having that this year? Or if you feel like driving to Wisconsin next year, Midwest Classic is awesome. Good luck!
  7. I love to add to this list. Ape Escape by Kevin Bagley for SAMS, which is a Crazy Climber clone. It says Mockingboard optional on the disk label. And the manual says Sound/Speech I in slot 4. Playing a WOZ of the disk in Virtual ][, the Mockingboard sound is not obvious. I think the clicks when you climb are more complex, but otherwise I can't figure out how it's using the MB. By the way, the controls are W I A L. So weird. Ape Escape - Disk 1, Side A.woz
  8. I remembered one of the best forums for vintage computing, namely obscure stuff, is the vcfed.org forums. But before I could click ‘post’, I got deep enough into the unit to find an unplugged cable from the motherboard to the video daughterboard. It gives me video, but I can’t get it to recognize a disk yet. Could be not having the right boot disk, but I have tried several ZH and MS-DOS disks. Will keep working on it.
  9. I picked up one of these and I haven’t been able to find the community for them to get some help. Does anyone have any suggestions? Forums or weirdly named Facebook groups? This beast has a 9 pin out, probably CGA. I don’t have a CGA monitor handy to test it, but I did use a couple of CGA to VGA boards and neither worked. The thing powers up and beeps. Not at all sure how to get it to read a disk or do anything. I figure it will be fun to get to know it a little and CP/M or HDOS my way to excitement. Even have a few games on disks.
  10. I always love it when someone drills down into the ownership and corporate history. Thanks for that. Personally, I don't believe anything will come of this, aside from some investors losing some money. I would definitely want to check it out if the hotels did come to fruition for a meal or a drink, but probably only once, because it probably would not be great. This is just another example of the pimping of the Atari name, which has not been used for anything good since the Jaguar, or arguably something else ST related that came afterwards.
  11. This belongs in the WANTED forum. Not here.
  12. I’m trying to run SCRAM original cassette on an 800xl with a 410. It loads partially, getting through the basic loader, then when I get well into loading after the Fuji screen, it fails with the above error, on both the 16K side and the 24K side. Any suggestions or ideas?
  13. What is the advantage of these over the BackBit cart?
  14. This is one of these situations where you have just amazing stuff, and if you can find two or three good trades for a few items, you'll be lucky. I looked through your wants and I wish I had something to trade you. I have a ton to trade, too much super weird, not Nintendo or what people want these days, and finding people who want what I have and have something that I need is a needle in a haystack. I sort of gave up trying for the most part. I really just try to focus on trading one system at a time rather than maintaining an accurate trade list. And I hope I'll have time to sell all the spare stuff eventually. Good luck, it's fun to see so much cool stuff in one place available!
  15. Can anyone suggest a reliable RAM testing device? I need to test 2114s as well as 4116s and others. I saw the Inquisitor at this site, which I could assemble, but not sure if something newer is better: http://lockwhenlit.com/products.htm
  16. Applesauce is great for Apple ][. Requires MacOS (or emulation) and Disk ][ drive, which you must add a sync sensor to for protected rips (not difficult). Applesauce does C64 and A8, as well as other single sided 40 track formats, but requires a third party Apple ][ compatible 40 track drive, which is a little harder to get ahold of, but readily available. It does flux imaging of those formats, although there is no easy way to turn protected flux images into emulation friendly disk images. This is true for all imaging solutions. Applesauce does all 720K disks, but requires an Apple 3.5" external drive, which is readily available. If you sway an Apple SuperDrive into one of those cases, you can do 1.44mb rips as well. Flux imaging requires installation of a sync sensor which isn't hard. If you have Applesauce questions, I'm pretty familiar with the system. It is much easier to use than the other fluxing systems because it has excellent software. I think the other teams are trying to get better UIs for their fluxing products as well.
  17. General Instruments had the SD-0X0 and the SD-200 console lines based on their chipsets. Responsible for a dozen or more generic looking branded consoles around the world, and much fewer with SD-200. Or it could be 1292 like Acetronic, based on the Signetics 2650 and chipset. I think I compared the contact spacing and it didn't match up with anything, but I should revisit at some point. It would be really weird to be a clone of anything more sophisticated.
  18. I never figured these out. I think of them occasionally. Obviously they are from a clone system of some kind, but it remains unclear. Something General Instruments chipset.
  19. I desperately need the black pad controller parts. PM sent.
  20. Neat. I'd certainly buy one if it could test 2114 RAM as well. Do you have a link to the ZIF sockets that work with it?
  21. OK, here are 6 more dumps. With cleaning and reinsertion between dumps. Thanks for looking at these! CV Destroyer 2.bin CV Destroyer 3.bin CV Destroyer 4.bin CV Destroyer 5.bin CV Destroyer 6.bin CV Destroyer 7.bin
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