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  1. To resurrect an old topic, the 3 in 1 oil helped me get that retaining nut loose and the power barrel is now sitting in vinegar with the nut to try to remove some of the corrosion. Thanks @Voxel In the end, I may be searching for a part to replace it. Any suggestions on something available? Or even a part name like ‘1/8” bipolar power barrel’ or whatever it would be called on Digikey or similar. Once I finished cleaning up that power barrel, I’ll be trying to reassemble this Pong unit, not sure what my success rate will be.
  2. I don't see my name on that list. Is it too late to order a copy? Thanks, ian
  3. I will test them on real hardware in a minute or 200. I dumped them with the AtariMax rig. I didn't pull the EPROMs or anything. Excellent! I love adding unique contributions to the world of game data.
  4. Can anyone make any sense of these two dumps? I'd like to make sure they are good dumps while I still have access to them.
  5. Super psyched that this cart looks interesting. And I'd love to see if anyone can provide documentation that 6K chess is or was a thing, that Chess/Othello was a thing, or that this version of chess is smarter or has deeper AI.
  6. Here are the ROMs dumped separately. Both copies of the cart were identical. The carts booted the same on real hardware as on emulation. Clearly expecting some actual hardware like an 850 to continue. I haven't messed with these, and if someone wants to create a bootable image, it would be neat. Chemical Bank Pronto Hi.bin Chemical Bank Pronto LO.bin
  7. @phaeronVery nice analysis. @Albert will be dumping those (there are two seemingly identical carts) and if there any thing funny going on with one of the EPROMS, we should be able to confirm they are identical or that one is damaged.
  8. I dumped this cart with a weird label. Not sure if it contains both games as on the label. On real hardware and in emulation it starts up to Chess. Not sure if I need to use different settings for the AtariMax dumper I'm using or if I have all of the data. Chess Othello loaner 8k 3.bin
  9. I tried these on Altierra64 which crashes. Although the emulator seems to recognize that they are Baseball and Berserk. Any thoughts? Are these good dumps? Berzerk blue loaner.bin Baseball 4-14.bin
  10. Trying to dump these two Pronto carts. I may be dumping these wrong using the AtariMax kit. I can't get either art to produce a dump that works in Altierra 64. I tried two 8K dumps and then one 16K dump. I am dumping them with the Caution label side facing the same direction as the AtariMax label. Any ideas looking at the data? Is the program looking for a serial interface 850? I'll test them on real hardware when I get a chance (an 800xl). Chemical Bank Pronto Project cart 2.bin Chemical Bank Pronto Project cart 1.bin Chemical Bank Pronto Project cart 2 16k.bin
  11. I have two Heavy 6ers to add. One has a torn serial and I would open it up to guesses as to that missing number. 75?20G This one has the weird feature of having a hold drilled in the lid right over the TIA. It came from someone who supposedly worked at Atari. The unit seems otherwise unremarkable. 99654F
  12. ianoid

    Weird 77 paddles

    There seems to be a dead zone on both, but I didn’t test them using a scope. I suspect they are not the expensive pots you speak of. Still, I find it peculiar that both paddles in the pair are the same, when I’ve never found another pair that even had this characteristic. Either way, I’ll keep them as an oddity. The set came with a couple of other pairs of 77 paddles and neither pair were like this.
  13. I got this interesting Sears Pong that has some mod switches- more on that later when I desolder the shield on the bottom of the motherboard, which is where the switches go. This came from a former Atari employee, but who knows who Did the mod or why. The unit does not power up. Regardless of the cause (was going to start by replacing the 470uf 10v cap which is bulging), I need to replace or at least remove and clean this corroded power receptacle. How does it come off? Does the outer part unscrew? Might be tough when it’s so corroded. And is there a replacement part for that? Current or old stock? Thanks!!
  14. ianoid

    Weird 77 paddles

    Yeah there is a jump as it rotates around back to 0. I would have thought that the pots were damaged if it was just one of them, but it was a matched set that perform identically.
  15. This paddle pair I got in a lot that was supposedly from an Atari employee has pots that don't stop turning. I can keep turning the paddle continuously. Both in the pair are like this. Once I turn it enough it registers again. For example, I can turn it clockwise, and the paddle will register left to right, then once it comes back around there is a slight click, and then it jumps back to left and goes left to right again. Weird!
  16. I have 10 of my spare import pirate carts in good condition for auction. Starting at $10. https://www.ebay.com/sch/ianoid/m.html?_ipg=200&_sop=1&rt=nc&LH_Auction=1 Fun makes to check out, even if you aren't in the market. And I have a bunch of other fixed prices stuff in my store. Feel free to PM me here if you want to work something out for a fixed price item.
  17. Replied to the first to responders, each for a DC stack. A couple of others replied afterwards so I'm sure if those two don't respond, I'll have a taker for the DC stuff. The PSX stuff is still available.
  18. I love it, although it's still the same stuff if described less accurately.
  19. I think they are fine for Media in my book, I see them as data. But where to get rid of them? Trash?
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