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  1. I have two Heavy 6ers to add. One has a torn serial and I would open it up to guesses as to that missing number. 75?20G This one has the weird feature of having a hold drilled in the lid right over the TIA. It came from someone who supposedly worked at Atari. The unit seems otherwise unremarkable. 99654F
  2. ianoid

    Weird 77 paddles

    There seems to be a dead zone on both, but I didn’t test them using a scope. I suspect they are not the expensive pots you speak of. Still, I find it peculiar that both paddles in the pair are the same, when I’ve never found another pair that even had this characteristic. Either way, I’ll keep them as an oddity. The set came with a couple of other pairs of 77 paddles and neither pair were like this.
  3. I got this interesting Sears Pong that has some mod switches- more on that later when I desolder the shield on the bottom of the motherboard, which is where the switches go. This came from a former Atari employee, but who knows who Did the mod or why. The unit does not power up. Regardless of the cause (was going to start by replacing the 470uf 10v cap which is bulging), I need to replace or at least remove and clean this corroded power receptacle. How does it come off? Does the outer part unscrew? Might be tough when it’s so corroded. And is there a replacement part for that? Current or old stock? Thanks!!
  4. ianoid

    Weird 77 paddles

    Yeah there is a jump as it rotates around back to 0. I would have thought that the pots were damaged if it was just one of them, but it was a matched set that perform identically.
  5. This paddle pair I got in a lot that was supposedly from an Atari employee has pots that don't stop turning. I can keep turning the paddle continuously. Both in the pair are like this. Once I turn it enough it registers again. For example, I can turn it clockwise, and the paddle will register left to right, then once it comes back around there is a slight click, and then it jumps back to left and goes left to right again. Weird!
  6. I have 10 of my spare import pirate carts in good condition for auction. Starting at $10. https://www.ebay.com/sch/ianoid/m.html?_ipg=200&_sop=1&rt=nc&LH_Auction=1 Fun makes to check out, even if you aren't in the market. And I have a bunch of other fixed prices stuff in my store. Feel free to PM me here if you want to work something out for a fixed price item.
  7. Replied to the first to responders, each for a DC stack. A couple of others replied afterwards so I'm sure if those two don't respond, I'll have a taker for the DC stuff. The PSX stuff is still available.
  8. I love it, although it's still the same stuff if described less accurately.
  9. I think they are fine for Media in my book, I see them as data. But where to get rid of them? Trash?
  10. Really want to see these go to a good home rather than the trash. I have no use for these since I have a flash adapter for DC, and maybe eventually will get one for PSX. I am legally entitled to own the DC copies since I have a complete collection and just wanted a convenient way to play them without digging into my originals. NO ORIGINALS, total garbage copies in good condition. Some fun import titles. DC sets include a boot disc that you can do the disc swap with. Most require it. 10 PSX discs, all copies Free shipped in the US ~40 Dreamcast discs, all copies Free shipped in the US ~50 Dreamcast discs, all copies Free shipped in the US I will ship one set to each person, unless nobody else wants a set in the next week. Just tell me if you want more than one set so I can at least ship them together next week. Get caught reselling them and you'll get a lot of hate. I'll pay shipping in the US.
  11. https://www.ebay.com/sch/ianoid/m.html?_ipg=200&_sop=1&rt=nc&LH_Auction=1 Those are my auctions. Please also check out my store items by looking at the fixed price buy it now stuff.
  12. No humanoid trafficking in these forums.
  13. The goal is to both image unprotected disks with Atari DOS (and potentially other popular DOSes) with validation of files, and to flux image all disks with validation of nibbles. Information about protection schemes and any exotic nibble schemes would be really helpful for the software validation. This is for the Applesauce disk imaging project. As I understand it, Kryoflux and Catweasel can flux any disk, without much regard for the validity of the data. I’m referring to disk damage or other disk errors. The Applesauce software is in ongoing development to do this. I’m just trying to find some resources for the developer.
  14. https://www.ebay.com/sch/ianoid/m.html?_ipg=200&_sop=1&rt=nc The Big Box empties like Half Life and such are ending soon, sold as auctions. I also have a ton of stuff in my store. Please check it out! I add new stuff approximately every week.
  15. I need a reference for nibble level reading of Atari disks and Atari DOS. If anyone can recommend one, whether it’s a book or a magazine article,I’d love to track it down. Or if you have a strong understanding of low level Atari disk drive stuff, drop me a note, I need to pick your brain a little bit. This is for a disk archival project. Thanks!
  16. https://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?_ipg=200&_ssn=ianoid&_sop=1 Looking to sell them off of eBay or trade them, but there is a bunch of the spare stuff I have with pictures, easily searchable. I'd always rather do transactions off eBay. Not trying to promote my eBay auctions. Totally open to offers well below the prices on eBay, depending on the item. ian
  17. This belongs in the auction forum because it has an eBay link. If that's the workaround then I'll just post my auctions here and say I'd like to sell them privately.
  18. Thanks for the suggestion. I cut both of the traces and then the mod worked fine. Ian
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