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  1. From memory -- John Harris was at the 'Vegas show in 1998, and he gave me a demo of the "clone" that was being sold by Multiplex Technology. I'm pretty sure it had an Atari mobo in it. What made it unique was an accelerator built in. It was a 7.16 (4X) device that accelerated expanded memory only. The base 64K was stock. (I think @drac030 told me once that there was Polish accelerator that operated in the same manner.) John's unit had a built-in Black Box HD, also. It was installed in a custom case that I think was very similar to the PS-2 case that IBM was using. (?) I've posted this story before, so it is out there, somewhere. Hopefully I've remembered it the same way. As soon as I got back home from the show, I tried to buy one, but the maker had already gone out of business. Bob Woolley's 4X accelerator, XL7 (IIRC), is a very nice design, but it performs its magic in base memory. Best of all, it is quite stable. -Larry
  2. Thanks for the replies! I meant for this to be in the programming section, but I started it on my tablet, and it ended up here. I remember looking at one of the spell checkers with a sector editor, and my recollection is that it was kinda weird -- had a lot of partial words in the sectors.
  3. I sent in to buy one of his CS program disks. But I don't remember much else. I'll look for it.
  4. The thread about "Speedcheck" for Atari got me thinking about these again. So I have a question -- in general terms, how did these work? I can imagine it operating like a human, comparing a word to the dictionary, letter by letter. But there there might be other tricks involved to speed things up? Any thoughts? BITD, I used Atariwriter a fair amount and occasionally used a spell checker with it. I remember it being pretty slow, but not much else. I also think I remember one of these that could be put on a ramdisk, so that should have speeded things up greatly.
  5. @ijor- How reliable is a flux level dump in terms of being able to reproduce a working floppy? Is it 100%? Or are multiple attempts sometimes needed? Just curious.
  6. I remember reading that Atari just could not get a reasonable yield from the chip fab. They made two or three runs, IIRC and gave up. Do you know anymore about this story?
  7. Thanks, Bob. Definitely falls in the category of "skimpy." I thought it might have a small bit of additional technical info. But not to be.
  8. Atari usually had some type of docs with every piece of hardware, even if it was pretty skimpy. If it exists, it should be preserved IMO.
  9. Are the Atari user docs for the 1064 posted somewhere? (Not looking for schematic.)
  10. Would it be possible to make a "universal" 600XL/800XL upgrade that one could jumper to select? That would seem to be what Ctirad attempted with the RAM 800XL. (Which was quite popular, BTW.)
  11. See the posts starting around #200 and up in Ctirad's thread. Evidently the RAM 320XL didn't work properly with some 600XLs. Too bad.
  12. After a little digging here at AA, I found the answer about the RAM 320XL: It would still be nice to have someone verify that it worked properly in the 600XL. BTW, it made a big difference in the AA search if I typed this a RAM 320XL or RAM320 XL (etc.) 12 results versus 253. I had a couple of these, but sold them because of the lack OF PBI pass-thru. I still think this is the place to start for a repro. It will not be close to an External U1MB in terms of features, but offers a lot for 600XL owners.
  13. Here's another one (an oldie) -- the Supra Microram 64K expansion for the 600XL. There is a review in Analog #19; page 28. Unfortunately no PBI pass-thru on this one. BTW, this thread (post #1) answers the question about working with the 16K 600XL:
  14. Hi Bob- Where would one get a 1064? The supply seems to have dried up some time ago. -Larry
  15. I never tried it with a 600XL, but couldn't the RAM 320XL memory expansion be used in this way? The only thing it lacked was a pass-thru for the pbi. That would seem to be a really good starting point for a new & improved 1064.
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