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  1. Was the 1050 working well in its stock form? Having it in (Archiver) Chip mode should not affect anything, once it has powered down. Did it successfully go into Chip mode? That would suggest that the Happy clone is behaving normally. BTW, there are lots of bad copies of 1050 Happy Archiver software floating around. The bad ones appear to work until you try to make a disk copy -- then they fail.
  2. Yes, that has come up before for instance with the Karin Maxi drive. It reads Track #n, Side A, Side B... rather than Side A (1-80); Side B (80-1). But I don't recall the Hyper-XF doing that.
  3. Can you provide a little more detail about "no longer compatible?" I have a Hyper-XF, 3.5" and format to 720K. AFAIK, acts like any other 720K Atari disk. I don't do the partitioning, etc. I use MyDos 4.5x. P.S. Haven't used it in awhile. (It is an XF552 custom board with Hyper-XF rom.)
  4. Two thoughts, if you can determine that it is a mech issue: someone in your part of the world may have spare mechs from 3-1/2" conversions. The XF551 also makes a great 720K drive, using either a 720KB or 1.44 MB mechanism. Probably the best currently available conversion is the HyperXF from Stefan Dorndorf (since it will do true UltraSpeed). If you have a burner, you can burn your own rom, but here's a link if you don't: https://www.8bitclassics.com/product/atari-xf551-disk-drive-rom-upgrade/
  5. IBM 360 COBOL and FORTRAN on punch cards in '68 for me. We finally got a paper tape time share terminal in '70. But I couldn't imagine any real use for a home computer until I saw an Apple II in 1982. Of course I ended up with an Atari 800 after seeing the price of an Apple system.
  6. While we're discussing the Express Cartridge, what kind of cartridge was used? Was it an OSS (bank-switching) Supercart or something else such as a regular 16K eprom cart? I used the disk version years ago but switched to Bobterm, so I don't recall much about Express.
  7. The definition of a camel -- a horse designed by a committee. 😉
  8. The photo sure looks clean and sharp! Is this HDMI or Luma output? Can you tell any difference between them?
  9. @skr -- is your plan to have the mags translated to English still in effect and working? I'd like to renew my membership, but only if I can read the mag. articles. (I do understand that it is a PITA to translate.) I presume that the project to translate the ABBUC Turbo Basic manual never got far?
  10. What is the resolution of the XEP80? I want to say 640 X 280?
  11. Well, to be honest, it slipped my mind. Consider me reminded!
  12. The 06/21 DD version hangs shortly after loading begins using the ATR with APE. The SD version appears to hang at the same place. Maybe I'm not doing this right? I booted the ATR using a stock 130XE. Maybe needs more ram than a stock 130XE? It puts the "dancing girl" at the lower right and hangs right there. Is there another version that doesn't hang? Edit: OK, it is a timing issue. Sector copied to real disks, they load/execute fine.
  13. Could you post an image of the 80-column text using luma and/or composite?
  14. @bob1200xl Well, yes, I've been using a "Black Beauty" (XL) power supply for a long time. Before that I used a switching 3A supply. (Don't remember why I switched back over to the XL supply.) But I have read that switching power supplies are superior in several respects to the old style "bricks." I never used the infamous "ingot." An issue with the bricks is that they are always "on" drawing a slight amount of current -- ~4 watts for the Black Beauty and 2 watts for a 9 VAC adapter. So if you have 5 bricks, that's about 10-12 watts. That's like a 100W LED light bulb. 24-7, it's significant. Our electric rate is about $.10/KWH, so it does add up to something. Of course an alternative is to rewire the bricks to a surge protector that can be turned off. I did not realize that USB charging adapters were generally "dirty." Certainly good to know. So I will either rewire my Atari brick setup or get a filtered switching PS. Here is an article that is not exactly what we're talking about, but in the ballpark. Glad I started this thread, and happy to get the input. https://andybrown.me.uk/2015/07/24/usb-filtering/
  15. I have a USB charging adapter that outputs 5.1V, 2.0A. 5.1 volts should be fine for the Atari XL/XE shouldn't it?
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