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  1. It was a real bummer to find that very few cartridges could be inserted on the rev. E (if using an XE). That was fixed in F. This is a non-issue if using an XL.
  2. Test #1 -- The Black Box Since I couldn't use the IDE+2 to swap partitions, I got out a BB and set up two 720-sector Single Density partitions. (The BB allows 99 partitions.) It wasn't too difficult, but with all the screens for the BB configuration, it took some time to figure it out. (The docs are pretty good.) Then I copied the two sides of a graphic adventure (Adventureland) to the two floppy partitions with MyDos. The first disk side booted way faster than an SIO drive. Then thanks to the BB configuration menu, I could swap the game image (partition) to Side B. Worked flawlessly. But here is the rub -- the computer program takes quite a bit longer than the loading from the hard disk. But the whole process is so much faster than I remember from many years ago, playing these games from a 1X floppy. Even using a Pokey divisor of 8 (Ultra Speed) with APE, seems very acceptable. Next test -- I'll attempt to mount two ATR's onto the IDE+2 in a SDFS partition.
  3. I was browsing at The Brewing Academy web site, and ran across this HD adapter. Never heard of this before, and there are no pictures (labeled "sold out"). Just curious, but does anyone have any info or pictures? Maybe someone here has bought one?
  4. I think that Charles Marslett (MyDos) was involved with it. He has a web site, so you might contact him.
  5. No, only for testing. I just went back and used a rev D (and then got the F). D is larger with a lot of discrete components, but it is my favorite. It was the first version to work with the 65816 cpu. Antonia + the IDE+2 is a really nice combination. And add drac's 65816 OS. Great stuff!
  6. So long as it was powered, the settings did not get corrupted/lost. Otherwise, I had to hold Start at power-up to reconfigure the settings. It lost the settings from the time that I got it from Simius, and he suggested the capacitor. I've had 2 rev C, 2 rev D, one E and now an F. Only E had this problem, and it worked fine for a couple of years after I added the cap. I asked Simius, and he said (essentially) "buy an F." I did that, and so far, no issues. I don't recall the BASIC/Option issue on my NTSC Antonia 4MB 600XL.
  7. Actually I have a couple of cards with SDFS on them. But would that be faster (loading) than APE with a low pokey divisor? I'll probably attempt it, though. Lots of ways to "skin this cat," just depends on how much hassle they are.
  8. Hi Roy- It's for boot games -- bootable is on Side A; data on Side B. SIO works great, but it is relatively slow.
  9. Thanks, Konrad & Rybags. I think that one would have to be able to activate a non-destructive menu, and then return to the same point as you left. Yes, it sounds like a lot of work!
  10. Larry


    While the XEP80 is not even in the same league as the VBXE, it could be a decent solution, and used the joystick ports so that it could work with all Atari models. If only the screen display wasn't so overscanned (in both directions). It really isn't terribly slow, either, but I'm sure opinions vary on that one. I've only had one Sony RGB monitor that could accommodate the overscan. Of course, that monitor died a long time ago, so now I have 40-columns. But when it was working, I used AtariWriter 80 quite a bit -- a pretty decent WP.
  11. Would you be happy/satisfied with a good 130XE? I have several good ones (128K to 320K) that I don't use. PM me if interested. -Larry
  12. Is it possible to change partitions of D1: on the fly on the IDE+2 (not ATR's)? I'm pretty sure that this question came up a long time ago, and may have been asked about the earlier IDE+. Drive swapping has always been a handy feature of the MIO and Black Box. I'm going to get both those out and reacquaint myself with their operation. The IDE+2 is my "daily driver" due to its speed and compact size, but it sure would be nice to swap partitions on the fly. My goal is to have two 720-sector partitions and be able to boot from one partition then "flip my disk" (partition) to the other. Only one needs to be bootable. I've read the configuration manual about "Boot Drive" but it doesn't appear that I can do the swapping that I want. (?)
  13. I've had several originals (none currently), so I am reasonably familiar with the hardware. I'm interested, but have several concerns. First, the original is HUGE. The pcb alone would be very costly. Is yours going to be smaller? Second, what about the copyrights? Third, the original was only capable of 1X SIO, and probably cannot be made faster with its original hardware design. Fourth, what about the obsolete parts? There was a really good article in Antic or Analog magazine about producing the ATR8000. I'll try to locate it.
  14. Which model(s) do you really want? What features are most important to you -- cosmetics, "tricked-out," extra ram, etc.? Do you have any dead systems that you can just put in a new mobo? What is your goal -- collector; just want a good workable system to play games on, or?
  15. Hi Blues76- Is this the one that you bought from me (IIRC)? If so, please remember that it is the original Candle version that needs the mod to protect the Xilinx against +5 volts. I bought the little adapter for mine from Dropcheck. It will also probably need to have the firmware updated. I installed mine some years ago, so I don't remember all of the details. -Larry
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