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  1. Make sure that all your drive numbers are unique (1050 has dip switches at the back of the drive). If you have any that are set the same as another, your operations will fail. What error code did Dos 2.5 show? That can help tell you/us what is wrong. Is your disk write-protected (or the back side which has no notch on an unmodified disk)? Makes sure that you are using a "Duplicate Disk" (J) and not a "Copy File" (C) when trying to copy an ATR image. Copying a file is for the XEX.
  2. I gotta' ask -- are you sure that your disks were formatted with an UltraSpeed sector layout? The SDX cart formatter really shines there. I never saw anything like your experience except when a disk was formatted with a regular layout.
  3. Hi Bob- I did your mod first -- many years ago, then I did the HyperXF. IIRC (I think I do) your rom runs like the XF551 DS/DD -- 2X SIO. HyperXF runs at Ultraspeed 3X. It's not dramatic, but definitely faster. Here's a link that includes downloadable roms: http://blog.3b2.sk/igi/post/Hyper2b-XF-10-MANUAL.aspx Here's another link at AA (there are lots of discussions here of HyperXF):
  4. Presume you have the Bob Woolley upgrade article and code or the Hyper XF mod/code. Bob was certainly first out of the gate with his mod, but at this point in time, I lean toward the Hyper XF. It is quite a bit faster. Either one is a very useful upgrade over a stock XF. The only obstacle that I remember is marrying the XF drive card edge connector to the 34 pins on the 3.5" drive. Let us know how this turns out for you, and good luck!
  5. Appears to have a really nice display on that TV/monitor. Does it use an adapter such as S-video to HDMI?
  6. Thanks, Paul! I'm still curious why originally one module worked and one didn't, but at least the Turbo Freezers both still work. I later got out a 3rd XE, and it also worked with both TF units.
  7. I tested the "bad" XE with several add-ons -- no problem with cartridges, IDE+2, or high speed SIO. Everything worked as you would expect, but maybe this has turned out to be something relatively easy to fix. I noticed that there was a slight boot-up color difference between the two XE's. I also noticed that the power switch on the "bad" XE didn't feel quite right when it was powered on -- kind of "sticky." So I sprayed some contact cleaner on the switch plunger and worked it in (several times). Booted it up again and the screen color was the correct shade of blue. Tried it several times and was OK each time. Plugged in the Turbo Freezer and booted the computer. Pressed the TF switch and the freezer menu came right up! If this "fix" only turns out to be temporary, I do have some new power switches, so I can replace it for hopefully a permanent fix.
  8. Update: The first XE that I tried was stock 128K, no mods at all. My other Turbo Freezer module comes right up with no issues on that XE. Further, I've had this XE in service off-and-on for several years, and the "bad" module definitely worked with this XE in the past. (And the "good" TF module works with it right now.) But I thought that I should try the "bad" module on another XE, so I got out another stock XE. It is without any upgrades, but it has been 100% socketed (so not quite "stock"). No cleaning of the ECI, no nothing -- I plugged it in and booted the system and pressed the freezer switch -- the freezer menu comes right up. Switched to the previous XE -- still a black screen. ??? So something must be slightly different between the XE's, but something also must be different between the two modules. So for now, I'll just leave the "good" XE in service, but I am puzzled by this one! -Larry
  9. Hi Hias- I performed the update with no error messages, but I still get a black screen when I press the freezer switch. The Cart Emu still will come up, and the Oldrunner OS still works. Since I used it for the update, the ramdisk seems fine. Erase OK Program OK Verify OK Then a normal exit from the program. That is my kind of update tool -- amazingly easy to use! -Larry
  10. Thanks, Hias. I will try that tomorrow.
  11. Thanks, Paul. I did clean the ECI and adapter and the pins on the module. Unfortunately, no effect.
  12. I have two TF units -- one for XL and one for XE. I haven't used them for a couple of years, but I got them out yesterday to test. The XE module has stopped working. The XL unit works fine with either the PBI or ECI adapter. Pressing the freeze switch give a solid black screen on my XE. If I turn on the Cart Emu switch, that menu comes right up. The Old OS appears to work. I looked at the PCBs in the freezer, and looks like everything is soldered. Any thoughts to help pinpoint what is going on? I do have a system disk, so I can attempt to re-flash that portion of the system. Edit: I reflashed the freezer software (banks 120-127) from my system disk, and now pressing the freeze switch results in nothing happening at all. (So no black screen -- if I'm in Dos, the screen doesn't change at all.) I also noticed that in attempting to make a new system disk (from the working XL module), the disk drive (or image) does not format the disk -- it attempts to boot it giving a boot error. -Larry
  13. Outstanding! Thanks to both of you. I do have a couple of Radio Shack bulk erasers, just in case. -Larry
  14. I do not have a SuperCard Pro, but am thinking about buying one. What functionality does it offer for A8 disks? Reading the info at the web site www.CBMStuff.com it looks like it has limited support for Atari 800? I have good direct-drive 360K and 720K drives and disks, so that should not be an issue. Can it successfully duplicate our disks (R/W -- since our disks do not use the timing hole)? I understand that it can be successfully used for making flux images of Atari disks, so it seems logical that it can copy them. From the YouTube videos, it looks like the software is well-written and easy to use, but I haven't seen any videos with Atari disks. (?) Any thoughts from SCP owners? -Larry
  15. I never had great improvement with the Super Video mod on any 130XE that I tried (vs stock). And it's a fair amount of work! OTOH, I've always had good success with UAV. From your pics, your video doesn't look bad to me, but if it bothers you, I'd definitely try UAV. I think you will see a modest improvement.
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