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  1. EXTEND is not needed for FAST, but the extension package must be loaded at boot time (BASICXE.OSS). That only means that BXE uses the XL ram-under-rom memory and inserts its math pack. I just tried my BXE cart in my Ultimate 1MB (320K Rambo setting) using MyDos 4.55. Everything cooperates. Ramdisk, extensions, EXTEND command, FAST (with and without EXTEND). It's all good here. Everything also works fine in an Antonia-4MB expanded 600XL. BTW... BXL doesn't work with the MIO? That seems really odd. Can you describe what fails?
  2. Didn't see this until tonight. Can you be more specific about the failure with EXTEND? What is your 512k upgrade, and have you checked that it is working properly? Are you using a Dos that sets up a ramdisk or something else that is using the extended memory before BXE tried to use it? IIRC, BXE must use the first 64k of extra ram -- the "130 XE ram". Are you using an Atari 2.0-type Dos or a Sparta type?
  3. Thanks for the replies. Inside Atari Dos does have a nice diagram that shows the parts that I want. I'll look at Roy's program, and I just now remembered that David Small wrote a program for Creative Computing (in Atari Microsoft Basic) that I converted to TBXL and expanded to include, IIRC, the features I'm needing. Probably not for DD, though. Anyway, I'll dig it out, and take a look. Offhand, I don't remember its name, but I'll find it. Edit: Found it. It is "Disk Checker" by David Small in Creative Computing (and The Creative Atari which is posted at the Internet Archive). Also found my slightly enhanced TBXL version, DSKCHK3.TBS. Need to add a few features to make it do exactly what I'm looking for. When I get it tuned up a bit, I'll post it here.
  4. Thanks, Roy. I might have. I'll look for it in my Utility ATR's. -Larry
  5. Thanks, dmsc. I did find those after I had asked.
  6. Thanks, but that doesn't decode the file entry data, does it? Start sector, end sector, total bytes, status, etc. is what I need.
  7. Before I spend time writing a Basic program to decode the information of a Dos 2.0-type directory, I would think that this has been done many times before. Yet, I haven't found one in my library. Is anyone aware of one? I'd like for it to be Basic so that I can easily modify it, and able to handle SD or DD. Thanks, Larry
  8. Did the firmware yesterday with the same results as here, (but didn't try the one that did work today). Perfectly willing to try that again, but what would I change that might affect the outcome?
  9. Right now, I have the the old firmware. Is the PBI ID set as shown on the attached pic? I presume the "SIDE PBI ID" is the one you are talking about? I don't believe that anything on the Ultimate pcb has been changed since I received it (other than flashing the firmware/roms). I can test the new firmware later, but it produced the same results, so I think it is not an issue. For now, I'm not going to get into the EclaireXL other than what I've said about previous testing. The two D versions are set identically. It is SDX OFF, WP OFF, PBI=0 Yet one works and one does not. And I was incorrect earlier about the jumper wire -- they both have the jumper in the same place. And again, they BOTH work perfectly on other computers. I don't know how to check the ID of the F1 -- it is as it came, which I presume is 0. Perhaps someone can tell me how to check it (should be the same as Rev E). I can set the ID of the one that works from 0 up to 7, and it works in any position. I can set the ID to any position in the one that doesn't work, and it still doesn't work. BTW, I have nothing else attached to the 800XL other than SIO.
  10. Thanks, Jon. You always come through for me! -Larry
  11. Is there a repository of the older, released Rom image(s) for the U1MB? I have the new firmware download from Jon and the older V2 that (IIRC) Lotharek used to have posted. I'm trying to get my U1MB stuff better organized! Also, is there a way to save off an existing Ultimate rom setup -- all or individual parts? I'm thinking that there is, but can't find it. Thanks, Larry
  12. While trying to get my 800XL with Lotharek U1MB back in operation after a long hiatus, I could not get my IDE+2 to boot. In fact, there was nothing but a "lockup" black screen -- identical to what I had seen recently while trying to sort out my Eclaire XL to recognize my IDE+2. I had flashed the FJC's new U1MB firmware and thought that might be it, so went back to the original. Still no response. Rats! I have two Rev D and one new Rev F1 IDE+2's. The original testing was with the F1. Hey, let's try the D -- nothing, but but the same black screen. Maybe it's the CF card? Different cards including an SD card + adapter also fail. Ready to open up the 800XL and start checking things... Then I thought -- gee, I'd better check the other Rev D. Eureka! It comes right up. I swapped the CF cards around -- the other two IDE+2's still don't work. And this "D" works with all the other cards. Conclusion -- the timing(?) in these IDE+2's must be slightly different. To be clear, I'm not "blaming" the +2's -- ALL the +2's work with stock machines. All the +2's (4 of them) work with my Antonia 4MB upgraded 600XL. But only one of three work with this U1MB. The "D" that works has a single jumper wire between two chips. The one that doesn't work has none. (Wonder why that wire is there?) Further, only the "F1" works with the EclaireXL. Neither of the D versions nor an E would work with my ECXL. (So only one of four work with my ECXL.) Edit: they both have the same jumper wire. I somehow didn't see it initially. Has anyone else run into this with the Ultimate 1MB or EclaireXL? Is there a possible "fix" to get better compatibility? I would think that there is for the ECXL (it is still a WIP). My "solution" for now is to label these as to what works with what. -Larry
  13. That's very cool! And thanks for posting this -- I'd completely missed your original thread. Someone had wanted to buy my original Veronica cart recently, so perhaps this will give them another opportunity to use Veronica. -Larry
  14. Great! Better than I'd expected. Thanks!
  15. I haven't used my U1MB or Side2 cartridge for several years, but the recent threads about them prompted me to get them out and start tinkering again. At the current time, I have the original Candle (?) firmware in them -- certainly in the Ultimate. SDX 4.47 in the Side2. At one time I had the FJC firmware in the Ultimate, but went back to the original for one reason or another. I've found Nir's videos on these very helpful. But before I start my upgrade adventures, I had a question -- can the Side2 load other cart formats? Specifically the OSS Supercart format of Basic XE (etc.). And if so, can it imitate the PBI so as to use a Side2 "hard drive" at the same time? I'm thinking not, but I really don't know. I'm thinking that the closest I'd get to this is probably the MyIDE-II cart. (?) Otherwise, I'm probably best off using my IDE+2 and a real OSS cart, skipping the Side2 altogether. I'm not much of a game player, but I do like to tinker with programs -- Basic, Action, and short Assembler programs. So far, I've not found a real good use for the Side2, but this might be it. -Larry
  16. Is there a repository somewhere of "Tenliners" or other short programs written in FastBasic? Or examples that could be posted here? P.S. maybe a little more complex than PRINT "Hello World" I haven't followed these FB threads too faithfully, but I have looked and didn't run across them.
  17. I didn't dig out my SDCS disks, but did look through the manual and didn't see it listed. But good to know it was "official."
  18. Curious about the Veronica Cartridge clock speed(s). There are several different descriptions of the clock speed. That seems a bit odd. Phaeron's description says Veronica Basic is running at 14 MHz. Is it application selectable somehow? Not trying to be picky, just curious about what it actually is. -Larry
  19. I'm curious about the history of SCOPY and why it isn't in the toolkit? Does anyone know? Was SCOPY "official" or a user-written utility that became very popular? I don't think it was in the original Construction Set, was it? Maybe there is a better replacement now? Kyle22 has posted a copy that evidently has been fixed, so perhaps made it to the Toolkit on a previous version? Is the source available? -Larry
  20. If you loaded the extensions, most or all didn't work. The BXL extensions are pretty trivial -- there's only 4 of them IIRC. But BXE is very incomplete without the extensions. Steve thought the problem was the differences in bank switching addresses, but at least when I was interested in the carts, the issue could not be resolved.
  21. It's been a long time since I used the Atarimax Basic XL or XE carts, but they had trouble with the extensions. As in -- didn't work. Mr-Atari has reworked the supercart programs to work very well in the MyIDE-II. My recollection is that Action! had a slight problem, having to hit reset after launching. So if you have one, you're set. If not, you might contact Sijmen to see where things stand now.
  22. Can you determine anything from the programs on the disk(s)? Maybe just the names of the programs might tell something. Using a 1/2 + 1/2 OS as described sounds a bit interesting. -Larry
  23. Back to IDE+2 compatibility... My new Rev. F-1 works perfectly with ECXL. D does not. Mark reported that his E works with his ECXL (which is physically different than my mini). Good news, but would be better if they all worked. Still a half a loaf is better than no loaf at all. -Larry
  24. Well, some progress with EclaireXL and IDE+2. I received a new Rev F from Simius this week. Works perfectly with my Antonia-600XL. And it also works with ECXL! Does not work with Rev D. E (that foft now has) did not work here with ECXL. It behaved just like the D -- DOA. Maybe the timing is just enough different that it works on Mark's ECXL? Can anyone tell me offhand what the "SWAP" button refers to on Revs. E and F? Also, D has a rotary selector switch that chooses the PBI#. E&F have no way to change the PBI? -Larry
  25. Thanks! No problem with APT here. But *IF* one had a potential compatibility issue with APT, it would be another avenue to try to pinpoint what the issue might be.
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