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  1. 22 hours ago, cwc said:

    How do you get to the actual podcast?  I've listened to quite a few various podcasts, but have had trouble finding the Antic Interviews on iTunes and YouTube.  Does anyone know if/where this one is still available?  I did successfully find and listen to the Bill Wilkinson interview several years ago, but I don't remember any details.

  2. 14 hours ago, 1200XL M.U.L.E. said:

    Thought I would show how I my floppies are labeled by my typewriter. This is one of my game disks.




    I also have a spreadsheet tracking these titles.


    Each disk is backed up to an ATR file on my PC just in case.

    Must be a labor of love -- that's got to take some time.  I mostly keep originals on disks.  But a few backups are, and some 3-1/2 disks that I still have stored. The one thing I'd  add about labeling is that Brother P Touch laminated labels make durable, quality labels. And with the labeler attached  to a PC, it makes a powerful system.

  3. I have two 256K models, upgraded to 1MB by MG66.  These both came with the perforated ends.  It's difficult to comprehend that ICD used solid ends for some of these!  I don't remember the serial numbers, but one is fairly low; the other higher.  I did have to send one back under warranty, but it was a chip failure.  Neither of these ever overheated, but I didn't leave them turned on for long periods of time, as with a BBS or powered on to preserve the ramdisk.  They both can run a CF card for a hard drive with a SCSI-->IDE converter, but they are quite a bit slower than the IDE+2.


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  4. I was thinking about RomDos, so did a search on it here on AA.  I found this thread and the RDos version that Curt had posted and decided to play around with it.  I did get it working.  Seems to work fine with Basic XL (but not BXE) using the translator A to provide a ram OS.  Results:


    BXL with RDOS 0.0  Fre(0)=36373

    BXL with MyDos 4.x Fre(0)=31599

    BXL with Dos 2.5  Fre(0)=31986

    Atari Basic with Dos 2.5  Fre(0)=31986 (just for comparison)


    IIRC, I read a Bill Wilkinson article about using OSS Dos XL with a SuperCart, and "hiding" a chunk of the Dos under the BXL cartridge (regular Basic can't do this).  So I suspect that is what this version of MyDos does.  I need to find that article to refresh my memory.  This may also be in the BXL manual. (?) This is different than the original RomDos in the 800 RamRod, but the concept is similar.


    Reading through this thread, MyDos version 3.016 is also a newer version of RDos? Is it posted somewhere?  3.016 is not the same as 3.16. 

  5. Do you have a Windows printer? 


    My solution is to use APE (from Atarimax.com); gives a wide range of printing options including printing Atascii listings.  If you can use a PC with your Atari system, this solution works well!  Quite a few Atarians use a small (even very old) laptop to serve this need.  In addition, APE gives great ease of use to ATR's from the power of Windows. I rarely use floppy disks anymore. (RespeQt gives many of these features and is improving all the time.)  I don't know much about SIO2SX other than it exists, if you are a Mac user.


    The typical "ya-but" to this is that some folks don't want to have a PC "tethered" to their Atari.  It's never been an issue with me.  I welcome the idea of not having an extra printer on my desk.

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  6. I have one of the rerun Maxi's.  But the track layout is not compatible with the typical XF disk -- it does (I think) IBM style where the tracks are alternated on sides A then B.  XF numbers tracks 1-80 on side A, then 81-160 on side B. (Think I said that right, and the IBM style is actually more efficient.)  Anyway, since I had 200+ XF style 720K disks, the Karin became less than useful to me.


    If anyone wants it (U.S.), make me an offer (via PM).


    Here's a thread with a lot of Maxi info:



  7. Have not seen that type before.  Just curious -- what benefit would these offer over conventional precision sockets?  (I'm assuming that users would not be swapping 40 pin IC's frequently.) But the only downside that I see is that they are pricey. 

  8. Yes, I'm aware of the discussion of bugs in the MyDos ramdisk code.  Yet, I've never had an issue, so I continue to use it.  I did show one time that it is inadvertently capable of formatting your D1:, but never has happened in normal usage.  I've used all of the common 4.5x MyDos versions and never seen much difference.  I guess I use 4.55/B4 because it is the last one out and presumably has fewer bugs. (?)

  9. @1050

    I'm curious... My usual use for autorun is to load the MyDos ramdisk.  I'm running Beta 4 using RAMDISK.AR0, and it works fine.  I've also tested the 4.55/4 that was patched by Jon for the 65816 use, and it also works with .AR0.  Maybe there is a bad version in circulation?  Posting as a DCM would help prevent errors, maybe?  (I say that because Puff's 4.50 is a DCM and it can't be corrupted inadvertently.)



  10. BITD there was a utility called CASDISK or something like that.  IIRC, it did exactly what you are asking about -- made a boot tape into a boot disk.  But I do think it only worked on single-stage tapes.  I've looked but don't find it now in my stuff, but maybe someone else has it archived.


    Edit: There was also a similar utility(s) from the UK, I think. Maybe published or sold by Page 6 magazine?  I remember that this one never worked on my NTSC systems.  But you might have better luck.

  11. On 1/25/2021 at 1:55 AM, _The Doctor__ said:

    You're going to see tons more like this as many of us our reaching the end stages of life, the places that contain all our goodies are getting cleaned out.

    FWIW, my doctors say that 90 is now a very reasonable goal for most folks. (And I plan on being in that group!)


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  12. Well, the quick answer is that I like the IDE+2, but you make a good point -- it may not be necessary with this device to get the same functionality.  I'll certainly be eager and willing to try it using the built-in capabilities.  That said, glad it will have a pass-thru! 

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  13. Congratulations on your success! 


    It's unfortunate that the parts for these conversions are getting difficult/expensive to come by.  (@Dropcheck has helped the cause a great deal!) I've always been of the opinion that the best use for an XF551 is to make it into a dedicated 720K drive.  But 720K is the practical end of the line.  I don't believe that any of the attempts at 1440K were ever really successful (100% reliable).  Even Floppy Board HD disks suffer disk failures after a few months/years.  But 720K-DD is rock-solid in my experience.  I can pull out 720K disks that I wrote 20+ years ago and they read/write just fine. 


    If you get adventuresome, you might consider putting a power switch and drive select switch (if needed) on the front of the drive.  That is a lot handier than reaching for the on/off switch on the back. Drive select is handy, too.  I use just D1-D2 on mine).

  14. I have a new project -- downloading Current Notes, and at archive.org one of the download options is "PDF with Text."  Sometimes the size difference is not too much.  Other times, it is huge.  One example is a PDF of 120+ MB and the PDF with Text was about 6 MB.  As far as I can tell, they have the same content, and the "with Text" does contain graphics.  I know that PDF files can be gigantic and plain text is much, much smaller, but what is the "magic" that allows the "with Text" to be so much smaller?  (One of my pet peeves is that folks frequently overdo the DPI when doing OCR of mainly Black and White, mostly text magazines.)


    Can someone explain this?



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