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  1. Ran into a problem at the Yoomp! website.  On my Win10 computer, trying to download the ATR or XEX files just puts up the code like it was a text link.  I haven't had this issue with Win10 before.  Right-clicking doesn't put up anything useful like earlier Windows versions.  Anyone else run into this -or- suggestions?


    Edit:  Thanks Philsan.  Yes, it was a browser issue -- Firefox.  I just now tried Chrome, and as you stated, it downloaded just fine.  I like Firefox, but I do run into a fair number of web site issues.

  2. 19 hours ago, drac030 said:

    Is there anywhere a repository of GW-BASIC/PC-BASIC programs worth porting?


    I don't know of one. Same deal (IMO) with CP/M. If there were PC games worth porting, they would probably be text adventures or specialized business apps.  Compute! magazine had quite a few PC jr programs, but most were also available for the Atari.

  3. Yes!  V1.2 installs and runs under Win10.  I had tried 2.x and it just crashed. Now to get those PC programs converted. I always liked PC BASIC.  Even in the days of Dos, I was really impressed with the colorful menus that could be created in text mode.  I always wished our Ataris could easily do that.




    Edit: The several programs that I've tried thus far work great, except that the speed is blindingly fast -- even on an old XP hobby computer.  But is will be just fine for my conversions.

  4. Back in the days of MS Dos and GW BASIC, I converted quite a few programs to Atari Microsoft BASIC (AMSB).  But so many years later, I can't even find a BASIC interpreter that will run under Win 10.  Does anyone know of one that will work?  I don't need to run the BASIC programs -- just load them and list them to disk files. These are in tokenized format, so AMSB chokes immediately.  Maybe something I can run in a Dos box?  

  5. Let me add a twist to the original question:

    How are the Atari rom checksums calculated?

    Are the checksum bytes themselves included in the calculated checksums? 


    Edit: I was evidently interested in this about 10 years ago, so there is an earlier thread about this topic. Here is that thread:



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  6. 12 minutes ago, Firedawg said:

    Oh my!  I built 4 XEL (two for me and 2 for others) for under that amount with some variations, but not many.  The hours spent building the XELs was the true value for me.  Either way, the enjoyment of having a well designed, built, and awesome device is now yours Sir!  Congratulations!

    Can you estimate the amount of time per build?

  7. On 12/17/2020 at 7:05 PM, bob1200xl said:

    I have a VC500. Works OK if you just run LUMA. Major 'jail bars' on composite.. This could be my cable. Fails on a 1200XL or an 800.




    Hi Bob-

    How would you rate the software?  And can you use it with Win10?  Fixed picture size or scalable?  From my own experience, most of these less expensive units that I've tried fall apart with their software.  Could you post a screen shot or two?

  8. 8 hours ago, Blues76 said:

    I will post the options soon. 

    Total price was high but worth it. Not high because brewing academy is expensive but I asked for way too many things. 


    You can easily get the price from their site. I opted for them building it. This adds a cost as well. 


    I hope to get a 576+ in the future and may be an XLD. But for sure, I will know use them for any mods on my Atari’s. 


    As far as review, I will. The video does provide a good overview of the options and the functionality. 





    Well, perhaps not easily... IMO kind of like buying a car at the parts department.  Was just looking for a quick ballpark figure, but if you're not comfortable posting the price, no problem.  Just glancing at the build/price sheet, looks like you could get to $1000 with an assembled unit, and maybe  a bit higher with some options included.  Not saying it is not worth it, but it looks fairly expensive. 

  9. As TGB1718 said, a floppy emulator is really useful. It will present you with great possibilities for getting software for your A8, starting with atarimania.com.  My favorite is APE from atarimax.com, but RespeQt is very good also, and free. Check out the hardware/device options from The Brewing Academy or even eBay.  You won't have to deal with overseas shipping. (If you are in the U.S.)  The strong suit of the SIO2PC solution is it gives you the power of Windows (or a Mac solution).  The "downside" is it requires a PC of some type to be connected to your Atari.


    There are several good videos on YouTube about the various SIO2PC, SIO2SD, and SDrive  solutions.  Search "SIO2PC Atari".  This would be a good place to start.

  10. I hadn't planned on removing the base 64K -- just the expanded 64K.  (They are socketed.) I guess I'll try both ways, and if necessary I can always put 64Kb chips back in.  There should be plenty of them here, somewhere... Actually, that might be the cleanest solution. Then without the external expansion, it will be a regular 130XE.

  11. There have been several over the years.  I'm currently using the Turbo Freezer from ABBUC. 512KB allowing stock OS + "Old Runner" and has a pass-thru for my IDE+2.  I've never used the old OS except to test it when I received the TF.  If you don't need a PBI pass-thru, the original Jurgen's (tf_hh) SysCheck 2.2 gives you 512 KB + 4 OS.  He has absolutely top-shelf products for our 8-bits!  Look here for a link to his PDF catalog:



  12. I'm going with an ECI external memory solution, so will be removing the Peterson upgrade. (Allows me to use UAV Rev C for the S-video.)  Can I completely remove the 256Kb dram chips (socketed)?  Or can I leave them in place without the wiring connections and then have essentially a stock ram configuration? (One bank 64Kb ram + one bank 256Kb ram = 128KB?)


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