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  1. Appears they are archived at the Internet Archive. Volume 3, Number 3 is the issue that I was referring to: https://archive.org/search.php?query=atari classics Bob's article is on page 34. This is where he discusses technical issues with doing what you suggest.
  2. MyDos 3.07 is the first version of MyDos that I ever had. I don't know/remember what the "T" means. Maybe some slight change to get it to work with TB32Q? The "problem" with 3.07 is that it does not support large disks. However without the HD support, it is quite fast. TB32Q is the work of Tom Hunt. Haven't heard from him in years -- hope he is well. As an afterthought, since Altirra Extended Basic is designed to go into a Maxflash cart, what would be the point of going to a bunch of work to get TBXL into a flash cart? Yes, it is a challenge -- maybe like "why climb the mountain?" "Because it is there."
  3. Look back through the Atari Classics. Bob Woolley outlined some steps that he tried.
  4. No, it partially worked, but note that it says it freezes. As far as I remember it never really worked correctly. TB32Q is the only version that I recall that was useful. That was 12 years ago... do you have another link that says that I got TBXL working? I thanked him for the code, but that doesn't mean that I was successful. If I did, I sure don't remember it. If I can figure out how to attach files using the new forum software, I'll post it (an ATR that I must have used). TB32Q w- MyDos 307T.atr
  5. Hi Roy- Presume you mean the 800 (Frost) Basic? Afaik, no one has been successful putting TBXL in an Atarimax cart. It's been several years, but I couldn't get it to work. I did get the Sparta version working with a small version of Mydos (3.07 IIRC).
  6. Thanks! I downloaded and read it -- outstanding!
  7. I was successful in setting up the first of my D devices. The bios flashed to 1.6 without issue. Then I successfully used the APT FDISK to set up my D1: partition. Right now, I'm sector copying the drive data. Passes VTOCFIX.COM, so I think I'm all set. Setting up the other Rev D should be quite easy. Jon, are there any other docs for FDISK.COM? I.E. a step-by-step of what has to be added to the APT table when setting up the partition. Not saying there should be, just asking if it exists. -Larry
  8. I looked back through my correspondence, and evidently it is the RTC chip on the E devices that results in the settings being lost when powered off. I used a 1500 uF cap on mine which worked for a long time, but ultimately that "fix" failed.
  9. Ah, yes... I meant bios 1.2. On my E, I have bios 1.5 or 1.6, so I presume the fix carried through. (?) Simius indicated it is a hardware issue and not fixable except to replace it with an F (or leaving it powered by separate power supply.) Do you have any other info? There was a "fix" that I applied shortly after getting it initially which added or replaced the electrolytic cap near the power jack. That worked for a year or so, then it started losing the settings again. Maybe a "supercap"? 😉
  10. Hi Jon- I should have added to my post that I use MyDos. My Current bios in both the D devices is 2.0. I actually have an E (so I haven't used the D's in years), but the E has issues with losing its settings when powered off. So I've gone back to the D. I hate to ask such a basic question, but what file is used to flash the firmware? I downloaded the APT Toolkit for 1.6, but it has only UFLASH on it, which was for the Ult 1 Meg. Even if I load UFLASH, it wants to know if I have an Ultimate or Incognito. So surely UFLASH is not used to flash the IDE+2. In the meantime, I'll keep looking, but if you can point me in the correct (MyDos) direction, I'd certainly be grateful. I keep getting no results when I try to search the forum, so either I'm doing something wrong, or the search function in the new software has issues. (Edit -- I see the bios has .COM file, so I need to use that. Slowly this stuff is coming back to me.)
  11. I have two Rev D devices, and with a little effort, I managed to make both of them non-functional. So I have some questions. I actually ran across one that I didn't know that I had while sorting through some boxes of Atari stuff. My "in use" model worked perfectly, until I tried to set up the partitions on the one I found using the CF card from the working one. So I think partitioning is the root of my problems with both. I'm going to set everything up from scratch, including the firmware. Can the Rev D use the latest bios (1.6)? Which FDISK file is used -- I want the "new" partitioning scheme (whose name escapes me at the moment)? Any other suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks, Larry
  12. Does the Last Word (or any other productivity app.) support a mouse? And I also seem to remember a mouse adapter by Mytek. (??)
  13. Thanks for all the hard work and improvements! -Larry
  14. Hello Mathy- How did this turn out for you, since a couple of years have passed? Did Steve take a return? Did you "bend" your anti-Windows rules? Or -- something else? Just curious
  15. Aren't the results these days amazing compared to where we began in the early 80's with color TV's? I started with a 9" Panasonic color TV that worked pretty well with my 800, then got a 12" Sony which was so much better. And then a bunch of monitors after that as technology improved! Quite a journey!
  16. I think I just found it: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/218649-full-file-versions-of-ik-and-wkc/?hl=world+karate I've been looking at different versions of the WKC on Youtube. I think my favorite graphically is the ST version, but the music tempo is way too fast. Same for Amiga (unless there is a way to slow the music down). The A8 version acquits itself very well, especially the music.
  17. The one I mentioned was a (very nice) hack. I'm sure it was posted here or at least linked (from here). It added two or three new background scene. I looked at Atarimania, I'll try the others -- thanks.
  18. Oops! -- World Karate Championship Several years ago, someone posted about an improved version of WKC with added and improved background scenes. Can't find it now. This was not the International Karate Plus. Does anyone remember this? I've searched several different ways here, but haven't found it. Thanks, Larry
  19. @Charlie Chaplin- PIM should be "Personal Information Manager." Remember the Palm Pilots, etc of the 90's? And a lot of PC software apps, too.
  20. Thanks for all the added information! I certainly understand the potential future benefits of the MISTer, but it strikes me that for running an 8-bit computer (or even Amiga or ST), the MIST has shown to be very adequate. That makes the out-of-the-box MIST solution from Lotharek certainly looks inviting. Maybe the MISTer will be better with a bit more development of the cores? Anyway, I'm going to follow the MISTer development, and if folks here know of any major changes, it would be great if they would post the info. -Larry
  21. Thanks for he informative replies and links! I know a lot more than a couple of days ago! Where did you guys purchase your de-10 main board? Assembled? Can anyone confirm that the "kit" on Amazon is assembled? Looking at it, it is difficult to imagine it would require actual assembly and soldering. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07B89YHSB?pf_rd_p=76bd99fd-409f-46a4-9ff6-b66b5703e95b&pf_rd_r=N9B44VEBHGH4AV393K15
  22. I just recently became aware of this newer device. A more powerful system, supposedly. Does anyone here have one yet? Any thoughts of advantages of one over the other? I can think of one -- MIST can be purchased off-the-shelf, while MISTER may need DIY daughter boards, (which I don't really understand.) I've watched Nir's nice video on the MISTER, but still leaves questions about the boards. I did find this thread here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/260994-mist-experience-with-atari-8-bit/?hl=+mister -Larry
  23. Wow!! Is the (assembled) mini still available from Panos?
  24. Can the Eclaire (or even MIST) use a wireless USB keyboard? I presume not, but still worth asking. since I would not have to use another keyboard (with more wires). -Larry
  25. Cardboard bankers boxes from Staples. Each box holds about 200 total (two rows wide). But I started my Atari journey with these. They were made out of oak by a talented wood-working hobbyist from our user's group. Very nice looking! I thought at the time, that two of these would be all I'd ever need! But everything possible is backed up to images in one form or another.
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