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  1. Like the new case no SD tough to justify purchase why couldn't it have a fake switch at least so it has 6
  2. Hi Not asking to hold anything but just wanted to say i will buy both when your ready to open orders I'm picky about what books i buy they can be pricey but I want to support a small publisher And the images of the content looks great
  3. Id be in for 1 also didnt have money at the time but ready now Hope more are made
  4. I noticed The Retroist website is down and podcasts that are hosted are not accessible when I update the podcast catcher I use on my phone (Podcast Addict) Anyone hear anything?
  5. HatNJ


  6. looks great any significance to the engine number 0514?
  7. http://www.ps2-home.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=96&t=1248
  8. https://pcsx2.net/getting-started.html
  9. HatNJ

    Baby Pac-Man

    Gotten quite a few of Bob's releases direct from him would love another esp Baby PacMan If doing limited run Im in for a Pink or whatever shell!
  10. Gotten some of my purchases back with this site since store is done https://mariocube.xyz/ Yes I know thread is from last August but that site is a big help since I deleted a while back some wii shop titles for memory space
  11. shame he hasn't been on here in almost 2 years looked like it had potential
  12. HatNJ

    Rikki & Vikki

    If your a subscriber you can edit with no time limit. or if an admin or mod sets it for you to edit
  13. Congrats and Great Game!! If i had 1 suggestion but by means not a deal breaker When your shute is popped and u fall maybe a 1 screen fall and Splat guess im thinking of sky diver too much I guess but on a cart I would def. buy!!!
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