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  1. It does wonder if the A500 sells well they produce one with a working keyboard like the C64
  2. Got it on Monday just started to read nice to have a book on the whole background of the Ted and C128
  3. Got it Friday afternoon and played a little bit with it never used Mac OS so something new to me Thanks for speedy delivery
  4. Will buy all your carts soon and have the 1st 5 roms purchased and will your newest releases as well Thanks for all you do!
  5. Thank you for the work you put in to these
  6. Have a Flashback X (newer with reset on bottom and a Retron 77 both currently stock due to lack of time at present
  7. sorry for late reply but PMed my info Thanks Mike PS- Im the oddball Red one in previous reply picture
  8. If ya still have Heavy Burger and Taxi Im interested
  9. I ordered Late Sun Night Mar. 7 just got it this morning looking forward to playing with it
  10. Ill give that a shot Didnt think of it installs were in different folders but could be conflicting re did unzipping and all good now Thanks and great job on it
  11. I do not get this screen when I select
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