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  1. Just wanted to get a score in usually I don't have time for any HSC's But is a fun and different little game the zoom in on where I am I thought would be tough but I like it
  2. Oh ok just looked funny from pic Saying wont ship to Japan and Item Location Osaka Japan
  3. Wont ship to Japan when the item location is Japan?
  4. These are so cool to see What about Maze Craze? I guess its according to which box you have or both Original has 256 games and later has 16 on box
  5. Glad to hear it and yeah seems guilty til proven innocent is the case for us and people like him are the victims
  6. Maybe doesn't know how as a long time member for 10 hours apparently signing up just to sell no intro or anything
  7. You can buy the games in the Store and play the real carts and support the authors and Atariage
  8. I watched that one too and this youtube channel has alot of info https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPj1he37PRDbmwccEtB9eCA
  9. https://www.ps2-home.com/forum/app.php/portal?sid=80523dde3374f5df166e40ff95016515 this site answered most questions i had when i did 2 PS2's earlier this year
  10. 1980 4Switch with Combat and got Space Invaders too Parents Bought me 1 game a week for a couple years 1st week Human Cannonball and dad wanted Bowling following week Him and I would play Space Invaders and Bowling to very late hours year later He wanted Video Pinball and he would play it to death Great Times and do Miss them after he passed in 1996 we still played til the end
  11. Thats the Intellivision screen isnt it? but the 2600 version is good too
  12. i have that exact maker at my job when it croaks may try this for fun
  13. https://harmony.atariage.com/Site/Order_Encore.html
  14. Received today Great seller will post review and feed back for Bartsfam . in feed back thread condition is great and he packed it up so good no problem with shipping no issues and very quick.
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