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  1. HatNJ


  2. looks great any significance to the engine number 0514?
  3. http://www.ps2-home.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=96&t=1248
  4. https://pcsx2.net/getting-started.html
  5. HatNJ

    Baby Pac-Man

    Gotten quite a few of Bob's releases direct from him would love another esp Baby PacMan If doing limited run Im in for a Pink or whatever shell!
  6. Gotten some of my purchases back with this site since store is done https://mariocube.xyz/ Yes I know thread is from last August but that site is a big help since I deleted a while back some wii shop titles for memory space
  7. shame he hasn't been on here in almost 2 years looked like it had potential
  8. HatNJ

    Rikki & Vikki

    If your a subscriber you can edit with no time limit. or if an admin or mod sets it for you to edit
  9. Congrats and Great Game!! If i had 1 suggestion but by means not a deal breaker When your shute is popped and u fall maybe a 1 screen fall and Splat guess im thinking of sky diver too much I guess but on a cart I would def. buy!!!
  10. The Pits were what made people say it sucked aside from them and if you read the manual and extra info sheet packed with it it isn't as bad as most on the Hate ET bandwagon say after I read the docs I actually enjoy it
  11. Ya know this thread is 16+ years old I did lookup gdemu and orders are not being taken it seems at this time
  12. Is the FB9 w/ Composite using the FB portable firmware from last year or this years the one that improved compatiblity or the 2016 version? I guess I am in the minority I wouldnt mind the composite version prob get both
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