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  1. Ill give that a shot Didnt think of it installs were in different folders but could be conflicting re did unzipping and all good now Thanks and great job on it
  2. I do not get this screen when I select
  3. all of the above except when i select any of the consoles (NTSC) (double click) i get the scrolling bars like no ROM is loaded I can hit tab and select games and it works great
  4. I do not get these choices is there something I am missing
  5. Same here I pd and reserved and was just curious abt any update in case email was lost.
  6. Here are Me and my wife's We only got a switch in mid Nov and only have Animal Crossing NH and looking to get together with others Mine SW-8006-1952-9608 Wife's SW-4541-2460-9530
  7. Overcooked 2 if you still got it
  8. Reserved Love my original Harmony from years ago and the Encore I purchased
  9. Thanks best price i found Amazon 70 bucks and up
  10. HatNJ


    Works on Stella 6.4 for me
  11. Wife got done work late missed out hopefully next batch
  12. My wife loves Animal Crossing and she got bored with City Folk so got the physical cart for New Horizons 1st and when Amazon had it back at reg price I got it (Ordered Oct 30 delivered Nov 11) now the scalpers are back $500 plus Glad I jumped in on that narrow window Now it says in stock Jan 18th at the $ 299 price
  13. Love the Cyclones I got from you so a Red one for me if you still have them
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