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  1. I have even tho the only Tandy I have is a 1000SX still loved what you did I wish ya did more Commodore but this one is rest of year so all good and thanks for your hard work
  2. I didnt get email yet but I got reg code for v0.7a8 is -abc used on the command line been the same code for ever for free version
  3. http://www.64hdd.com/index_en.html I used to use the free DOS version with a XE1541 yes its parallel but worked pretty good No idea if any of the software there is still supported but with a X1541 cable and a parallel to USB might work looking to try that setup my self sometime
  4. Black Sabbath also did a song to Into the Void 1971 album Master of Reality
  5. Sorry for your loss our pets are as much family as people
  6. I only have 1 of those Commodore sticks should be able to get 150 at least
  7. I might have put in for one but if not Count me in for 1 cart whenever available
  8. Nah did not miss it. With THEC64 it has vic20 built in to it when it finally gets to NA. I think its towards more the crowd that grew up with one.
  9. HatNJ

    Baby Pac-Man

    In the description looks like they took the credits from AA: Item for sale: Baby Pac-Man Atari 7800 homebrew game (US, NTSC). Cartridge only. No box / manual. Tested and working (see pictures #5 to #8). Credits: Programmed by Robert DeCrescenzo (2019). Additional Programming: Kurt Woloch. Label Designs and Artwork: John Calcano. Published by Atariage.
  10. Wow They have gone up in value but Asking price is not what it will sell for if it does. By the Pics its opened up for photos but like this below statement Condition: Brand New: An item that has never been opened or removed from the manufacturer’s sealing (if applicable). Item is in original shrink wrap (if applicable). See the seller's listing for full details.
  11. Thanks always risks but should be good . Never had a broken bone or surgery in my life So went big with the 1st time got through 52 yrs without a hospital stay not a bad record Take care Game on! Mike
  12. Hey guys thanks for the shout out on your last episode. Will listen to your new one asap. I go to Penn Medicine for surgery on a brain aneurysm Thursday morning and hope when a goes well!!! I can get my phone and listen to your off topic episode and maybe revisit older ones while I recover 4-6 weeks when I get home . Take care and thanks! Mike
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