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  1. ijor: PAC-MAN_Source_Code_Macro_Assembler.zip is the original source code.
  2. A new version of the MADS source code is now available (at the same URLs listed above) which adds the ability to compile Datasoft version. This version eliminates all references to Atari (such as copyright messages.) The Atari logo fruit bonus has been replaced with a purple thing. Maybe it's a flower?
  3. Progress is progressing. Rob and I got good work done at KansasFest. The gears are turning. Here's a screenshot of my level, "Balloon" -Kevin
  4. http://ataripodcast.libsyn.com/antic-interview-265-ronald-borta-roklan-software http://ataripodcast.libsyn.com/antic-interview-352-joe-hellesen-deluxe-invaders-pac-man-pq-the-party-quiz-game
  5. Hello from Fujiama! Here's something amazing that's turned up: the original, commented source code for the Atari 8-bit version of Pac Man. There are two versions there: the original version from 1982 that compiled in Atari Macro Assembler, and a version adapted for MADS by JAC! https://atariwiki.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=PAC-MAN Have fun, -Kevin
  6. After years of searching, I finally added this beautiful Caverns of Mars poster to my collection. I had it scanned at high-resolution, and uploaded it to internet archive. You could download the 300 DPI TIFF and print your own. https://archive.org/details/AtariCavernsOfMarsPoster
  7. fun! thanks for sharing. We have more in the works, and plan to release a whole new edition with 32 new levels. Fadeaway will be included... Welcome Back, probably not -Kevin
  8. >May we expect an interview? Yes. It's already done, actually, just waiting on some things before I publish it. -Kevin
  9. I don't know how nor have the equipment. Perhaps I can lend the card to someone to do the work. -Kevin
  10. I found the LC Williams disk in the Neanderthal binder, but it was not an official-looking label. Maybe just someone's project that was not really part of the upgrade. -Kevin
  11. More info in an email from the programmer, James Hugard: "To help reverse engineer the hardware: Pretty sure we used a WD2791, mainly because it needed fewer external components (had an internal phased-locked-loop data separator) and used a 1MHz clock. I was originally going to use an FD1781, but the WD sales rep convinced me the newer chip would be a better choice. Nice guy. He ended up moving to a company that was also trying to produce a double-density for the Atari, but they were manufacturing the whole drive. Can’t recall if they ever shipped, though. Also, the PROM was 2K (not 4K like I said in the interview), but we did add 4K of RAM to replace the original 128 bytes. I was sure I could fit the firmware in 2K and wanted 4K to buffer a whole track. Later I added a download command, so I could upload code to the drive at runtime (like the disc copy firmware). Have a story about getting the code down to 2K, lol. IIRC, we also needed to either stabilize the clock or bump it to 1MHz. My memory on versions is a bit fuzzy, but I *think* v1.0 firmware was just double density, v1.1 added upload for disc copy, and v1.2 added 56 kbs transfer rate (over the stock 19.2 kbs)."
  12. I just talked to the programmer. Only 300 of the device were made. -Kevin
  13. In case anyone is still following this old thread, here's some new info about Neanderthal Computer Things 810 Turbo: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/291937-neanderthal-computer-things-810-turbo/ -Kevin
  14. In case anyone is still following this old thread, here's some new info about Neanderthal Computer Things 810 Turbo: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/291937-neanderthal-computer-things-810-turbo/ -Kevin
  15. I acquired a complete-in-box "810 Turbo" device by Neanderthal Computer Things about a year ago, and finally got around to scanning the manual and imaging the disks. I didn't realize at first that this is a pretty rare beast. According to the flyer, it adds true double density, faster reads/writes, and "backup" capabilities to the Atari 810 drive. I have found a handful of references to it here in the forums, but never a picture or software or manual — until now. Check out my photos of the board — looks like they opted for security through obscurity by scratching off the info about all of the chips. This seems to be the only product this company made. Take a look around and let me know if you learn anything interesting. Manual Pictures of the board and images of the floppies (ATR files also attached) Neanderthal Computer Things 810 Turbo 810T Utilities.atr Neanderthal Computer Things 810 Turbo NDOS Generator.atr Neanderthal Computer Things 810 Turbo OS A+ V21S.atr Neanderthal Computer Things 810 Turbo OS A+ V41D.atr Neanderthal Computer Things LC Williams side A.atr Neanderthal Computer Things LC Williams side B.atr -Kevin
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