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  1. Bucket

    Unresponsive 2600

    Sorry, not that simple. I'd dissected it to attempt a composite video mod, only to discover it was the wrong model.
  2. I currently have two models, one in pieces, that I attempted to connect to my LCD TV using a simple $4 RF adapter from Radio Shack. I get no indication from either machine that it's working - no sound, no change in video, no black screen, no "blip" in the signal that would indicate a poor connection. I have no idea if the problem is with the unit, the games, the power supply, or the adapter. How would I diagnose this problem? Is there a repair guide available?
  3. That's a shame. I'll stick with Pacific Rift. They really should have re-released the first game with splitscreen...
  4. I had plenty of ideas for 2600 games, my particular favorite being a submarine simulator that would use the numpad accessory. The playfield would be a large gulf containing land and sea targets. It would be reminiscent of one of my favorite games growing up: Silent Service.
  5. I'm having a similar problem. What I did was buy one of those Radio Shack adapters (RF to RCA) and it plugged straight in. There's no signal at all. The difficulty is that I have no idea if the adapter or the system is the problem.
  6. Bucket

    RF - RCA adapter

    Has anyone had luck buying one of these to fit a 2600 to a modern TV? http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2103471&filterName=Cable+type&filterValue=Video+adapters When I tried using this with my LCD, I had no luck. I tried both Air and Cable signals, as well as both channels 2 and 3. There was no response, not so much as a bad image or flicker or anything that would indicate that it was at least kind of working. Then again, I have no idea if this 2600 still works - or the games or the power cable for that matter. I haven't yet tried the RF converter that I bought with the 2600 but there's even less of a chance of that working. Does anyone have advice?
  7. Fascinating! Just in time, I was thinking of spec'ing out a submarine simulator for the 2600. I think I've worked out a great deal of the gameplay - and as far as visuals go, open sea would be pretty easy to render on the machine. Of course, I'd probably run into many of the problems you have. AI would be virtually nonexistent and scenarios would be pretty limited.
  8. Bucket


    Add a vote for the "5200 style" ghosts. They're simple and effective.
  9. Not sure if this is still relevant, but you might prefer this sprite I made a while back. No animations, just a suggestion.
  10. Hehe, I can't imagine my future children being better at games than I am. I grew up on twitch games on the 2600, C64 and NES. Then I got into PC gaming and FPSs. I've also played my share of strategy and RPGs. I'm not the BEST gamer I know, but my kids have a LOOOOONG way to go if they expect to surpass me. EDIT: Although my 8-year-old nephew is showing some promise as a gaming junkie, he's still a few years too early. He catches on to the retro games pretty quick, though. My 4-year-old niece isn't a big gamer, but she's got interest and is probably looking to dethrone him.
  11. Jesus hell! You need to drop your crap and play that now!
  12. I bought ICO somewhere around 2002 and I thought it was great. I bought Shadow of the Colossus the day it came out. I can't wait for this.
  13. Bucket

    RCA hack?

    I checked out the site to figure out how to convert my "new" 2600 from an RF signal to composite (because strangely enough, RF switches are hard to find these days). Much to my disappointment, the plans on this site were for a 2600jr., not an original VCS (2600A). Although the hardware seems simple enough-- I was amazed at how small the board was when I first cracked the case-- but there's enough different to stump me. I wish I'd paid more attention in Boy Scouts. Can anyone assist me in finding a solution? Also: was I hallucinating, or did I read something about hooking up S-Video to this thing? Also: have I voided my warranty?
  14. Well, Uncharted is a pretty unique game even though it uses a lot of familiar game mechanics. I'm going to guess that your wife appreciates adventure games that are driven by a good story. Maybe something with a cinematic feel. For the PS2, I can recommend: Beyond Good & Evil Indigo Prophecy (originally Fahrenheit) Resident Evil 4 Silent Hill 2 or 3 Kingdom Hearts Fatal Frame Grand Theft Auto (people might think this isn't a girl's game, but my ex used to have fun with the sandbox stuff) ICO Shadow of the Colossus Granted, not many of these games have the campy action feel of Uncharted (and certainly not many charming, clever male leads she can fantasize about later) but maybe she'll be open to other things.
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