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  1. That looks awesome! The music is great too
  2. I really want to write music for the XM's Pokey and YM2151 FM synths, anybody crazy enough to make a tracker or something that some of us not so great programmers can write some compatible music in? I've got plenty of experience with both sound chips as far as understanding how they work. I'm good at creating instruments and sound fx with both, and writing music with certain trackers that support them. I can also provide a translated manual for the YM2151 for anyone interested here: http://www.gorenfeld.net/lou/VOPM.pdf
  3. Hey Swainy! Long time, I love this version of DD! It plays crappy, but after you learn to do the reverse jump kick timing you can use it to pwn all the way through the whole game. I just love the pixelated graphics man! What are you up too anyway? Still trying to get those graphics in a completed remake? What a shame man they've been going to waste all this time
  4. I tried 2 of the versions and all I get is a little dude to control, I've played with all the switches and that's pretty much it... ? Am I missing something?
  5. Eugene Jarvis himself said that there was a bug in the AI for them that he left in the code, and that's what created their cool behavior. Hard to reverse engineer something like that
  6. That's awesome, If I had money to throw around I'd buy one. Warlords is the best multiplayer game ever
  7. It's also because CRT's have color bleeding between pixels, lcd's don't. So you get sorta smoothed or natural antialias sort of picture instead. LCD's don't bleed so you get a sharper picture. I gotta say, I do miss CRT's. LCD screens bug my eyeballs.
  8. Quite interesting way of doing it, but I wonder if it would introduce trouble with showing sprites visibility order for the z-plane doing it this way? Just a quick thought.
  9. For me, Homebrew... I'm fascinated by how these guys are pushing the limits on these old machines limitations like never before. So that's higher value to me personally.
  10. Hey man, I like your trashmania remakes btw.
  11. We're now blood brothers, Congratulations to us.
  12. I listen to a lot of 90's and 80's crap. Soundgarden, Garbage, Porno for Pyros, The Doves, Oasis, Veruca Salt..etc
  13. That's cool! right on man, thanks for posting it.
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