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  1. I haven't heard much about this expo other than through the gaming boards I lurk on. If they are trying to promote it locally, they aren't doing a very good job. My husband and I may check it out. I'm interested in seeing the "Phantom" myself.
  2. Ultima II has two discs (at least that's what mine has, heh). Disc 1, Side 1: Program Master Disc 1, Side 2: Player Master Disc 2: Galactic Disc I don't know about Ultima I, III, or IV though.
  3. Woohoo! That was cool! So that's what Albert sounds like.. You can scroll down the page here for the clip if you missed it: http://search.npr.org/cf/cmn/cmnpd01fm.cfm...17/2002&PrgID=3 Titled "Old Video Games Now Collectibles"
  4. Cool! I listen to NPR every morning! I'm very curious to see what will come about!
  5. Ha! Yeah I was just looking at that last night and thinking the same exact thing. I can't belive he lists that the shipping is free, though. That could cost a pretty penny...
  6. That sucks! I finally get some extra money coming my way to shop a little for my 800 and the prices go up. Geesh.
  7. OOOoooh! Very handy! Gots to get me one of those, too!!
  8. This is the pouch I have for my Lynx II which fits just fine: {courtesy of atari7800.com}
  9. Wow! That is pretty good! Did you find these out in the wild? I almost never find anything for my 8-bit other than on ebay. Good catch 'o the day!
  10. Of the ones I actually own, I think it may be a toss up between Star Wars Arcade and Frogger. Least favorite is E.T. Phone Home!
  11. My Lynx collection is at a stand still right now. The best thing I was happy to get a hold of was Ms. Pac-Man loose for a cheap price.
  12. You know, prolly not a typical answer, but I didn't grow up on the NES, so I didn't play every singlee game to know any better (yet!). I loved Shadowgate! Still one of my favorites, although replay on it is a lot lower than on some others. But I loved the puzzles and the music! After that would prolly be: Super Mario Bros. 3 & 2 Namco Pac-Man Star Wars (predictable, I know) Zelda I
  13. Ha!! Now that is a keeper!! Great work!
  14. Well, we were a family that definitely used our Atari 800 heavily as a game system. My brother and dad did a lot of programming, we all did some bbs'ing, but my brothers and I used it for games constantly. We never even had an Atari 2600 nor a 5200. Getting the 5200 seemed redundant.
  15. Holy cow! I forgot all about the "You Can't Do that on Television" episode with all the video game references (not to mention just the series in general referencing video games overall around that time period)! Ahhh, the good 'ole days. Sigh
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