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  1. Rampart was a great arcade game but was a true coin-sucker of its day, offering the novice gamer a remarkably abrupt experience before being asked to cough up more cash. 8,073
  2. Not familiar with Orca Corp and don't recall seeing any of their machines here in North America. In any case, this was another interesting, albeit obscure, piece of gaming history. 57,890
  3. Pretty awful home conversion if I must say, but not terribly bad by comparative Atari VCS standards. 23,100
  4. Doesn't seem we've had had much of a turnout these past few rounds - is there an established number of rounds we're set on before a new season starts? Perhaps a clean slate would draw a few fence sitters in along with some new competition. 45,500
  5. 36,650 BONUS: "Bad Words", 2014 - Actor Jason Bateman jumping up and down exclaiming profanities at a children's Spelling Bee contest.
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