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  1. iam having trouble insyalling and running MAME on my laptop im running windows 7 ultimate any suggestions????
  2. anybody here from Philly????

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    2. Joe C.

      Joe C.

      Nope, Cali.

    3. slab0meat


      Near it, but not from it. Don't like Philly very much.

    4. zylon


      Closest big city to me's Atlanta, GA

  3. Grettings Anyone in the Philly area that is able to hack my NES Classic for me please reply to this post. I have been trying for a month i had some success but not much willing to pay
  4. Hi guys i am currently trying to hack my nes mini using hackchi 2.30 and retroarc i was able to play Atari 2600 games using Stella i also downloaded other cores on retroarc website for A5200 colecovision and INTV i am having a problem copying the cores to the module folder in the so i can play the games ....Please help
  5. hi everybody...im looking for a good Colecovision emulator i can use on my HP laptop i need one that i can configure my aftermarket PS3 controller with the one i have now is horrible with my controller..please help
  6. i know i'm pretty much late on this topic but here is my opinion ; I had my 5200 when it came out in 82 in my opinion the major problems was 1- the controllers (of course ) i went through 4 of them 2- out of all the games they could have included with the system they chose Breakout (bad choice)..they should have chosen a game that show the graphic capabilities of the 5200 3-was not backwards compatible at the time of it's release the sad part is Atari did a consumer test panel wit the 5200 and Colecovision and they knew about the controller problem before it's release here is the link to the controller memo http://www.atarimuseum.com/ahs_archives/archives/pdf/videogames/5200/5200_memos.pdf click on it then scroll down to pages 15-16
  7. im in will post score playing via emulation
  8. its the power supply try using a multi-power supply with the following 11.5v DC 1.95 Amp
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