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  1. das das in der NWZ stand wußte ich gar nicht! Nur OV und MT....wenn du den hast. bring doch mal mit :-) ab morgen dann auch wieder im Radio zu hören...bei FFN. öm, den meinte ich wußte nur, dass der in einer Zeitung war.
  2. ich weiß noch nciht, ob ich da sein werde, kommt drauf an, ob Frau was im Terminkalender eingetragen hat. Ich war letztes Jahr da und war gut, ich hatte aber auch nicht eine so weite Anreise. War schon gut, Mr.Atari mit Frau persönlich kennenzulernen. @Olli: Haste den NWZ-Artikel-Link vom letzten Jahr noch?
  3. Where are you located? US, UK, Europa? This would help a lot. Thanks Michael
  4. How much do you ask, is it PAL or NTSC, how much shipping?
  5. I have both Zeldas on one cart, as far as I know you can exchange data with the link cable. Same at Pokemon, to get all 151 pokemons, you have to have all 3 Pokemons, red blue and yellow, because in each cart you have specific Pokemons. Or you need a friend who has the others to exchange them using the link cable.
  6. Got a 404 too, link is http://www.atariage.com/2600/roms/AStar_SP.zip Sad that in that database there is no button "report broken link". Greets Michael
  7. Zelda: Oracle of ages + seasons Donkey Kong Country Pokemon red
  8. As far as I remember the game was published in 1983 from Hudson Soft for the Spectrum 48k first time, every 4 stages an auto-bomb-setting-stage.
  9. I´ve a PS2 and a GCN, but don´t play them much.
  10. As far as I remember all games like "The Pawn" were for b/W. Take a look here, you´ll find a list with downloads.
  11. I have a 260 ST. When I bought it in May 1987, It has 512K RAM and TOS 1.0 on disc, so when you loaded it in RAM, you have 512-192K RAM for programs. A few weks later I bought TOS-ROMS and then it was easier, the ST had more RAM. As far as I know it was only released in europe. Greets Michael
  12. Do you search something special?
  13. Maybe it works for you because you are the seller?
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