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  1. Ok so the specs for the 2600 PS seem to be the following: 2600 Input: 120VAC 60Hz Output: 9VDC 500mA Polarity: Center +, Outer - Now I just got one on ebay that is similar but has 117VAC (with the rest of the details being the same) Now I could have a bum unit from Ebay - possible and likely but before I resign myself to utter depression... I figured I'd try to get the last couple of questions answered before I give up.... I'm getting a black fuzzy screen (fuzzier when set to channel 2) : Now here's what I've done. Now I've tried two separate televisions (both modern) with two tv switchboxes (one original with 300/75 adapter on the end - and one Radio shack special with a built in coax connector). Attempted to emulate composite using my VCR's coax input and outputting to tv via RCA's. The only things I haven't tried are another power supply (hence my questions regarding 117VAC or 120VAC) and throwing the unit out of the window. WOULD the difference ni VAC cause what I have described above???? Any assistance on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Regards PuMpKiTo email me: [email protected] or [email protected]
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