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  1. I know Final Fantasy is actually Final Fantasy 4, but that is how it was labeled for the North America SNES release at the time. I known the game as Final Fantasy 4 for Playstation due to it being on one of the Final Fantasy Games on Final Fantasy Anthology. I beaten all the Final Fantasy games on Final Fantasy Origins, Final Fantasy Anthology, and Final Fantasy Chronicles back in the 2000s.
  2. 4.) Final Fantasy 2 - SNES I only beaten the Playstation version before.
  3. 8th lutz


    I did see my younger brother play the Evercade. What I can concern is the handheld has no problems with sound without USB while doing a couple games on the 8 cartridges he has. The Namco Collections still didn't come yet despite pre ordering them from Funstock. The controls are fine also according to him. He tried all the Mega Cat studios collection with no problems on USB. What he did was wait till the Evercade was turned with the cartridge inside before putting in the USB.
  4. It is true that Groovy Bee has not posted for a while anywhere on Atariage forums, but he has been mentioned. Groovy Bee has working on the 7800 XM according to Curt.
  5. 8th lutz


    Pac-Man on the Namco cart I believe is the Nes version. What I know about Namco collection 1 is there is no arcade ports at all. Blaze Entertainment mentioned they will be doing arcade collections next year including Namco.
  6. 8th lutz


    It would be cool. I think a 3rd collection is possible. Blaze already has Namco and Technos. The Lynx has Double Dragon, Block out, Pac-Land, and Ms Pac-Man. Songbird Productions has the rights to Battlezone 2000 and they are working on a couple games for the Lynx they are hope to be released this fall in Sky Raider and Quadromania Redux. I actually have no idea if Stun Runner is possible. It comes down to not knowing for sure who owns the arcade rights Atari Corp game titles including Stun Runner. I'm guessing Warner Interactive Entertainment since they do have rights to Midway IPS. Midway owned the old Atari arcade division before they closed it. The problem with Warner is the rumors of A & T wanting to sell the Warner Interactive Entertainment Video game division and its video game IPS separately. I know Tramiel had to get a licenses for porting Atari Games corp. Arcade titles to the Lynx including Stun Runner. That means the current Atari does not have Stun Runner rights. Lynx Tecmo ports is something I have no idea on. Blaze Entertainment had no given a direct answer on if they got Tecmo on board for doing an Evercade collection.
  7. 8th lutz


    The entire Lynx Library is not going to happen. It is caused by Batman Returns and Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. Blaze Entertainment multiple times answered questions about games based on movie IPS, Comic Book IPS, and cartoon IPS. They stated they are not interest putting those type of games on Evercade due to the amount of licensed companies they have to go through for one game.
  8. 8th lutz


    Blaze announced today that Evercade will be releasing The Oliver Twins Collection during the 3rd quarter of this year. All the profits will be going to the National Videogame Museum charity. It has the following games: Treasure Island Dizzy BMX Simulator Fantastic Dizzy Super Robin Hood Go! Dizzy Go! Dizzy The Adventurer Panic Dizzy DreamWorld Pogie FireHawk Wonderland Dizzy Mystery World Dizzy
  9. 8th lutz


    The makers of Evercade mentioned it during at least 2 different question and answer secessions on their facebook page. I am referring to last month and this month. They did not give out any details on the console though outside of being able to play two player games. They are not guaranteeing that console is going to happen though. I know the arcade compilations are going to start next year. All I know is they are going to do a Namco arcade compilation and a Data East arcade compilation at least next year.
  10. 1.) Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana - Nintendo Switch This was an outstanding game. I've played a lot of YS games and I think this might have been the best or close to it. 2.) Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap - Nintendo Switch A great remake to one of my favorite SMS and TG-16 games I ever played. 3.) Dragon Quest 1+2+3 collection - Physical copy for Nintendo Switch
  11. Sega did a cash grab in my eyes. This is a product that I would stay away from even if it somehow makes it to the states. I know the mini's a big trend right now, but what Sega is doing is a concept done wrong in this cause for people like myself.
  12. I've beaten more than 3 games this year, but they were for the Switch. 2.) YS VI: The Ark of Napishtim - Playstation 2 I am fan of the YS series and I've beaten a lot of YS's games through years. I am not a fan of the jump dash at all. It is a good YS game despite the dash jump. The music is good. 3.) YS V: Lost Kefin, Kingdom of Sand - SNES I beaten the reproduction of the game with a translation since I can not read Japanese. I consider it one of the weaker games of the YS series that I've played. While it has a magic system, it is not a must to use at all. The music not that great overall. The game itself is easier than Mask of the Sun on the SNES.
  13. The price issue for you is timing. My younger brother started buying games for the Saturn in 1999 or 2000. My younger brother got most his domestic Saturn games from that era including ebay at much cheaper prices. What happened is a few things. The Saturn is more known know than it was during its time on the market. Youtube and the internet did play a part. At the same time, I think people discovered the Saturn's import games. The Saturn had a whole lot more games out in Japan than they did in the states and a lot of the games are Japan only games. The only thing with domestic Saturn games is most of the 1998 US releases always been high priced due to limited runs.
  14. 8th lutz


    Funstockretro did an interview with the product director at Blaze, the makers of Evercade. Here is the link: https://www.funstockretro.co.uk/news/evercade-50-cartridges-in-next-3-years-interview/
  15. 8th lutz


    It now says June 5th for Amazon.
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