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  1. I own all 3 since the 90s and all 3 are great Sega Genesis games. Shadow Dancer is a very good game despite me not being a fan of 1 hit deaths. Revenge of Shinobi is one the early Genesis games. Shinobi III to me is the best of the 3 Shinobi Genesis games.
  2. The Lynx Collections had games Atari has rights, Songbird has rights to, and the company that owns the rights Epyx games. The 5200 is not that simple. Blaze wants the rights to Activision 2600 games, but the asking price appears to be an issue according the May 2021 youtube interviews with people that are part of Blaze Entertainment. They did not come out and say price is an issue, but the comments seem to indicate it is a problem at the time with the price. I am sure that is true with the Activision Intellivision and Activision 5200 games also. Frogger II is an unknown to me for the rights of the game. Konami does own the rights to Frogger, but Parker Brothers developed and published the sequel. Blaze and Namco has some issues that need to be worked out and doing any 5200 games is out the question at this point. The 2 Namco Collections can't work on the Evercade vs due to agreement. Blaze back in May mentioned they wanted to work it out with Namco. Ballblazer is currently owned by Disney due to them buying Lucasfilms. I think Disney is really not aware of the games Lucas did that are not Indiana Jones or Star Wars. If Disney finds out, I have a bad feel about the asking price. I have experience with Disney for theme park vacations and the hotel costs are insane there. If Blaze is able to contact Disney and make an agreement, Ballblazer would be part of a Lucas Collection in terms of game console and computer games instead of a collection that only has 5200 games. Konami and Sega are unknowns at this point. I know people want those companies games on Evercade, but hasn't happen unless there is stuff behind the scenes that is not announced yet. Since the 2 Lynx Collections came out, something big did happen. Evercade announced 4 arcade collections for the Evercade. This is a big deal for 2 reasons. Atari Collection 1 & 2, and Atari Arcade Collection 1 has some of the same games. I would be guessing there would a Atari Arcade collection 2 at some point. The Atari 5200 would cause stuff like 4 different versions of Centipede on the Evercade. Some people would view stuff like that as overkill. Atari 5200 is better off with the non arcade titles, but there is not a lot of those that Atari published for the 5200. The 2nd reason this is a big deal for Evercade having Arcade collections is due to people want the arcade versions of the game, not the console ports. There had been comments about the Data East, Technos and Namco Collections back in 2020 that want the arcade versions of the games instead of the SNES, Genesis, and Nes versions. Having a 5200 version of Moon Patrol would cause the same complain unless Moon Patrol the arcade game has emulation problems for Evercade.
  3. I thought back in May that one of the employees of Blaze mentioned one of the Youtube live streams that they have no plans on having 5200 games on Evercade.
  4. This is a big surprise. I lost track who owned the rights to the company. Its a good pick for doing a collection. The company published games that is now known as hidden gems. It is a good Collection. I knew Renovation games on the Genesis very well. I own a lot of Renovation games and I think own almost all the games on Renovation Products Collection 1. Whenever I saw Renovation Products name on a box, it was company that I get excited about. I first got into Renovation back in the 90s as a Genesis owner. I will be getting this collection.
  5. Taito is owned by Square Enix now. That opens up more possibilities depending on the price. Square Enix also owns Eidos.
  6. I am asking that because Limited Run games announced Plumbers Don't Wear Ties for Playstation 4, Playstation 5, PC and Nintendo Switch at E3. I am not going to get the game at all. I remembered reading 3DO game reviews back in the 90s and FMV games was one of the things 3DO was known for as a game console. I am not interest on a 3DO to this day. I know there is market for some FMV games since Limited Run released games like Night Trap. I don't think there is a modern market for releasing games that were originally on the 3DO game console.
  7. It is unknown when Galaxian is not going to be released on Atariage store. Albert is right now catching up on pre-orders. Bosconian is not being worked on for the 7800 at this time to my knowledge.
  8. Part of a time card is a good find. While Road Riot not being found on the drive, it does prove the game was worked on at some point. I know an early version of Rampart was found for the 7800 back in the 2000s. It might have been the version the time card referred to, but it is a guess.
  9. I see you ignored me mentioning Doom and Virtua Racing. My point of that that post you quoted me was the games I mentioned would've turned of turned out extremely bad. Doing it and Doing it decent are two different matters. Sega had its SVP for Virtua Racing because of how poorly the game would've turned out otherwise.
  10. Yeah, but I'm guessing Frozone212 is talking about stuff like Doom, Virtua Racing and Virtua Fighter. The Genesis like the SNES needed an extra chip for stuff like Virtua Fighter in 3d with polygons.
  11. I didn't play the Phantasy Star series in order or how I beaten them. Back in the 1990s, I first played Played Phantasy Star 2, 3, and 4 by renting them. I did not play Phantasy Star 1 before 1999. I did not get a SMS converter or the system it self before 1999. Back in the late 80s, I was into the 2600 and 7800. I didn't get a NES before 1991 and get the Genesis in 1992. I did beat Phantasy Star 1 with a online map. I thought it was a very good RPG on a 8 bit game console. It didn't affect the enjoyment at all. I beats 2,3, and 4 in the 90s. Beaten 3 first and got all the endings. Phantasy Star 3 was the first I beaten. I did all the endings. I had the guide book for 3. 2 was a royal pain to beat. What got me was one of the dungeons for the Nei items. The dungeons for the items were difficult from a navigation standpoint even with an online map. Phantasy Star 2 did not have a bad sound track for a Sega Genesis. I ended up beating Phantasy Star 4 before 2. Phantasy Star 4 to me was a very good rpg and not as frustrating as Phantasy Star 2. I recalled getting it on clearance for $29.99. I recalled RPGS that came out in the mid 90s on game Cartridges were not cheap. It was not just a Phantasy Star 4 thing. I recalled similar stuff with SNES RPGS from the mid 90s in price.
  12. The game was released in 2020 by video 61 like it was already mentioned. There are 2 reasons why this game wasn't mentioned much. The first problem is the programmer was banned here on Atariage in 2019. He was banned after decided to create sock puppets accounts after being warned not to with them being shill accounts. Even before he banned, those games were going to be release on Video 61 instead of Atariage and meant those not going to get great recognition to begin with since Atariage gets more views for homebrew games on youtube than Peter Myer's youtube videos does. The game was mentioned here 2 times at least though in 2020. Dauber created a feedback thread on the game in 2020, but it ended up locked. The game also was on the list part of this thread: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/301937-atari-7800-homebrew-completedwip-in-2020/
  13. These are good Collections, but I think some games are not in these collections because I'm under the impression there could be arcade Collections 2 from some of these companies. What I am waiting to see is what arcade collections be part of Evercade Vs bundles. Technos Arcade Collection 1 is solid although I'm not a fan of Double Dragon 3. The arcade version of Double Dragon 3 was ported to the Genesis. Double Dragon 3 was considered a disappointment to many people online considering how the first 2 Double Dragons were. I'm guessing Double Dragon 1 would be on Technos Arcade Collection 2. Data East Arcade collection 1 is very good collection. I'm guessing the Magic Drop arcade games are for Data East Arcade Collection 2. I am not that familiar with Galeco at all, but I've heard good things. Atari Arcade Collection 1 is good on paper, but I don't consider it a must. The problem is Atari Arcade games have been in compilations dating back to the ps1. I would get the cartridge though.
  14. I've read in the past that Blaze Entertainment is for putting homebrew games and indie titles for any system that is on the Evercade. Official Releases could be an issue right now since there is not a lot of those left that Blaze could get the rights for in terms of the 7800. There is a good amount 7800 homebrew games that I think Blaze would have no problem with. I would pick Failsafe, Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest, Dragon's Cache, Danger Zone, Knight Guy in Low Res World Castle Days, and Plink as games for the collection.
  15. Great choice, but don't know if the 7800 emulator Blaze Entertainment uses for Evercade needs to be updated for able to play the game. I don't know possible to update that emulator. The game's hardware is unique compare other 7800 homebrew games when Rikki and Vikki first came out. The game had mappers, 512k for gameplayer, another 256k for sound, and custom made sound chip. That sound chip at would be an issue if there is one.
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