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  1. I can't answer the poll. It really depends of the programmer. Each homebrew developer is different and I respect that when it comes to sharing roms. The roms released for play testing reasons only. I played WIP games on the pro system emulator before the emulator became outdated. When I checked out homebrew works in progress in the past, it was for stuff like glitches and how the game plays.
  2. 2.) Vice: Project Doom - NES Its a fun game 3.) Bomberman - NES I finally beaten the original Bomberman. There are better Bomberman games out there, but it is a good game.
  3. 1.) Batman Returns - NES Good overall game.
  4. Indie Heroes Collection 1 and Worms collection 1 pre-order is happening on January 29th.
  5. 1.) Cosmic Star Heroine - Nintendo Switch This is a physical copy of the game that I beaten. I started the game in the later part of 2020 and didn't play it ever week. Comic Star Heroine is a very good and quick rpg. It is a cross of Chrono Trigger and Phantasy Star. It also has a Suikoden element that recruiting people. For a turn based rpg, the battle system, sound and storyline were done well. The graphics are a 16 bit feel. The game is a 15 to 20 hour turn based rpg due to its side quests and the pacing of the game.
  6. I read an update today on this on the Evercade Twitter account. There is a time frame for the collection now. The Twitter account posted the Indie Heroes Collection 1 game Anguna and mentioned the game will be released in May 2021. It is not for pre-order yet. Indie Heroes Collection 1 now will be released in the same month as Worms Collection 1.
  7. I think nobody outside of Blaze Entertainment knows at this time when the collections comes out. I checked out their tweet page and nothing there either for a release date. I'm guessing they are waiting till Indie Heroes Collection 1 gets a pre-order announcement.
  8. As far as Codemasters goes, I know EA wants them for racing games. Me personally, I not a fan of EA buying companies at all. I do have the same fear as you do. The last EA game I got was on the PSP. EA is a company that I'm turned off by for years. I do think there is a slight chance of EA games being on Evercade since Road Rash was on the Genesis Mini. Blaze did mention they are in talks for the Strike series. Blaze did answer about arcade games for the Evercade last week. They said arcade games are likely to come for Evercade in Quarter 3 of 2021. Evercade has a problem with amount of companies that they could release arcade games for the system. I know Piko has rights to arcade games. I know outside that Blaze has can Atari arcade games before July of 1984, Jaleco, Data East, Namco and Technos. Blaze did have talks with Squaresoft about Taito, but didn't say how the talks went. I think the amount of PS1 games on Evercade at this point is about as much as concern as Arcade games for Evercade. There are 2 PS1 Games announced for Evercade Blaze right now can put PS1 games from Jaleco, Interplay, Namco, and Data East beside Team 17.
  9. Evercade did announce Codemaster Collection 1 on Wednesday. https://www.evercade.co.uk/codemasters-collection-1-cartridge/ The Pinball game is the game I am most interested in the Codemasters Collection. The Codemaster Collection is basically NES and Genesis games. The unreleased Tennis all-stars is the game Pete Sampras Tennis started its life as. Pete Sampras Tennis according to Blaze Entertainment was modified and changed from Tennis All-stars. I think Blaze wanted to announce this collection right now due to 2 facts. The first one is EA is going to buy Codemasters next month unless something changes. The 2nd thing is Codemasters game console games were already released for Evercade in Oliver Twins Collections and I think Blaze wanted to finish get as many game console games of Codemasters released for Evercade as possible before they start doing computer emulation. I mention computer emulation because I know Blaze would like to get Atari St, C64, and ZX Spectrum games on the Evercade. Blaze Entertainment is a UK company and It seems like they have an easy time to get British companies on board with the Evercade system.
  10. I think the 'other' Atari is still owned by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment just like Midway arcade games. The problem is Warner seems not to care about those IPS except for Mortal Kombat. I don't know if Blaze had talks Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for any collection for Evercade.
  11. He didn't piss Curt based on how Curt typed about him in the past. CPUWIZ almost banned him him though. I am referring to this:
  12. My favorite 7800 homebrew of all time is a tough one based on what is completed. At this time, I have to say Moon Cresta. Out of the games from the video you mentioned, I would say it is a toss up between Frenzy and Crazy Brix.
  13. 8th lutz


    I like Evercade having Indie titles. The system able to emulate systems up to 32 bit is a big deal also. Blaze able to get some big titles like having 3 Worms Titles on Worms Collection 1 does make people consider buying the system. There is a concern with Evercade though. The HDMI issues were fixed by firmware, but the big concern right now should the gap between cartridge releases. The one thing saving Evercade right now is the amount of games in most game cartridges. After the Lynx Collections, there are no game cartridge released before April at this point. Piko Interactive Collection 2 and Jaleco Collection 1 are supposed to be released on April 1st. I don't know the date for Indie Heroes Collection 1 yet, but the date will matter from a gap standpoint. Worms Collection is supposed to be released in May according Blaze based on today's announcement. Evercade already has a big gap between cartridge releases because the Launch happened in May, but Xeno Crisis/Tanglewood cartridge came out in October. Oliver Twins Collection 1 cartridge also was released in October. The big question coming up is the gap between cartridges from November of this year to April 1st will be the last multiple month gap between cartridge releases for a while.
  14. Worms Collection 1 was announced for Evercade. The 3 worms games in the collection are Worms, Worms Armageddon and Worms Blast!. The version of Worms Blast! Evercade will be getting is the GBA version. The version of Worms Armageddon Evercade is getting is the PS1 version. The original version of Worms is a 16 bit version. What I know is you are able play up to 4 players on Worms Armageddon by pass and play the same Evercade system according to blaze. It is a cart I would get, but more for collecting. I first heard of the series in the mid 1990's, but I never got into the series. I think Evercade getting this collection is a good edition for the system. Worms is a known franchise. The cartridge is coming in May of 2021 according to Blaze.
  15. 13.) Kid Klown in Night Mayor World - Nes
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