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  1. I am forward to Indie Heroes. This are some games that I am interest in playing after seeing screenshots of them such as Uchusen: Ultimate Ploid Battle. Collections like this is why I was interested in the Evercade before getting it as a birthday gift.
  2. 8th lutz


    I have an explanation with the game selection. The Chinese emulator handhelds get games illegally and Evercade gets their games legally. The problem with Evercade's route is there are companies that do not want their past games to be compilations at $20.00. I don't think a lot can be done with getting more commercial Atari 7800 games. I think anyone who expects to play a lot of games that were released for classic game systems back in the day will be disappointed. One of Evercade's strengths is the aftermarket games and I am referring to stuff like Mega Cat studios Collection. The makers of Evercade last week announced they will be having October 7th announcement for a new compilation cartridge. The makers of Evercade mentioned it is a cartridge that has brand new games for classic systems.
  3. 11.) Cabal - Nes I've played a plenty of Nes games that are better, but this is a good game. 12.) A Nightmare on Elm Street - Nes This is the best Ljn Nes game ever. The controls are not bad for this game.
  4. This is horrible. Sorry you have to deal with this. Get better and I'll be praying for you. You done a lot for Atariage and want to thank you for that.
  5. 8th lutz


    I am an Evercade owner and I got it as a Birthday gift in August. The HDMI is not perfect all the time, but I have no sound issues for most of the time. I played all the games on the 10 cartridges. The good thing with this device is Blaze Entertainment does firmware upgrades. There are some good games. I have Lynx Collections 1 & 2, Oliver Twins Collection, and Tanglewood/Xeno Crisis all pre-ordered.
  6. Yep, but the more important thing is that collection has 2 32 bit games. Evercade that known last week with one being Football Madness and other being Racing Fever. Based on the companies Evercade has currently, I'm hoping for Mr. Driller, Klonoa, Soul Blade and the Tekken series get 32 bit releases for a future Namco Collection.
  7. I guess whatever odds Evercade had for getting Id software titles are now gone. I said that because the makers of Evercade made it know last week that 2 of the Piko Interactive Collection 2 titles are 32 bit. The two games were released in Europe only with one being a PS1 game and the other being a Gameboy Advance game. The makers of Evercade asked questions on what developer or software company they want titles to be put on Evercade and Id Software has been mentioned. What some evercade owners looked at is since Evercade is power enough to do PS1 games, it can do games like Doom, Quake. The problem I have is I don't see Microsoft allowing games to be put on compilations at cheap prices despite the makers of Evercade doing things the legal way.
  8. I loved the Genesis version of Pitfighter and yes, I am fan of the arcade game. I first liked Pit Fighter back in the early 1990s. People do enjoy bad games. There are people out there that actually like Deadly Towers and Super Pitfall for the Nes.
  9. 4.) Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom - Switch It is a great game and belongs to be part of the Wonder Boy series.
  10. I beaten a bunch of games since I last posted on this thread. 6.) Striker Gunner S.T.G - SNES It was a fun shooter. 7.) Darius Twin - SNES It was a decent shooter to me although I played better. 8.) Castlevania: Dracula X - SNES The First time I beaten the game. It is not as good as the Turbo version. 9.) Castlevania - NES First time I beaten the game. It was not a bad game in its era. 10.) Guerrilla War - NES It is was the first time I beaten the game. It was good game and it was beaten in 2 player mode.
  11. The two collections are quarter 1 2021 games including Jaleco Collection 1, but are not arcade games. Evercade now having access to Jaleco games will be a plus in time since Jaleco did release some games in arcades back in the 1980s and 1990s. .
  12. I think we should have somewhat of an idea how powerful Evercade is due to today's announcement. One of the games for Piko Interactive Collection 2 is Football Madness. I saw the screen of the game on Evercade's website. Its graphic appear to be higher than Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo. To my knowledge, Football Madness was only released on the original Playstation back in 2003 in Europe based on me checking on Gamefaqs. Here is link to all screen shots of Piko Interactive Collection 2 including Football Madness: https://www.evercade.co.uk/piko-interactive-collection-2-cartridge/
  13. Tramiel sent GCC a Check in May of 1985 for the development of the 7800. There were 2 other things, but one of them shows Tramiel was not serious about the video game industry from the start at Atari.Jack had to negotiate with GCC for the initial launch titles. The 2nd thing I am referring to Tramiel did not have a person to led Atari's video game department before November of 1985. Without a person running a video game division before November of 1985, there is no way to have a XE game system in 1985. If Tramiel was serious about the video game division from the get go, there is no reason for not having a person run a video game division before November of 1985.
  14. Curt's death stunned me. I never met him in person, but I viewed him as a Atari historian when I first found out found Curt was the owner of the Atari Museum website. He was one of the most important people in the Atari community. I remembered him having stuff that helped homebrew programmers back in the 2000s with the documentation he has. I remembered having sales figures, actually code for some games, and a bunch of other stuff. I first visited Curt's website back in the late 1990s and that is where I discovered the information Curt had on Atari. I later did find out Curt did work out hardware beside me owning the book that him and Marty worked on. RIP Curt and condolences to his family.
  15. 8th lutz


    I have a good amount of Lynx games, but I do not have all the games in the 2 Lynx collections. As far as Jaguar goes, they already said a couple months that they have no plans of doing that system right now and the Jaguar emulation is a problem. When it comes to Evercade's graphic capabilities, it was asked in the past. The problem is the answer was inconsistent since it was asked in multiple weeks. They did come out and say they did not test Evercade for 32 bit game consoles yet. I think what arcade games the Evercade gets next year will answer Might answer part of the question in terms of Evercade's capabilities in graphics. Of the publishers Evercade has so far, I think Namco has the most advanced Arcade game libraries and a very large arcade game library. Namco's past arcade games includes Ridge Racer and Tekken.
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