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  1. Evercade was announced today that the system is being delayed till May 22. The reason is Evercade is Evercade's factory partner is located in Shenzhen, China. That Factory partner was closed from the Chinese New Year till this week, but the factory is still not operating at full capacity due to the Coronavirus. Evercade gotten word from the factory that the Evercade production is slower than expected.
  2. It should not be a surprise. Part of this is due to the company that owns Atari right now. The company that owns Atari is willing to do anything to make money at this point under the Atari name and they probably would put all the IPS they own on Evercade if it is possible. I think they have plenty of more IPS they could give Evercade multiple more volumes include a volume of arcade titles. The other thing is Songbird Productions does have Handmade Software IP rights besides the games he released after the Lynx was discontinued. The motive is there for Songbird Productions wanting the Lynx games they own to be part of the Lynx Collection
  3. I just beaten my game of the year. 1.) Lunar - Eternal Blue for Sega CD It is the first Sega CD game that I beaten. I did beat the Epilogue today after beating rest of the game earlier in the week. I beaten the Playstation version years ago.
  4. That is true, but I think Mega cat studios and Piko Interactive do not have the sale numbers as some of the other games members since they deal with the after market of game game consoles. The after market newly released Sega Genesis games are not cheap and having them on Evercade cartridges is a good alternate route. Evercade games are going to cost $20.00 each that is cheaper than what Mega Cat Studios and Piko Interactive sell their games separately. I thought Mega Cat is better on more people will have access to their games through Evercade. If you are an independent company, I think Evercade could help you out for getting the word that they make games for system that was discontinued.
  5. This is something I did read on. There are not arcade port of the 10 cartridges at all. The Makers of Evercade claiming they are trying to have companies release arcade games by the end of the year.
  6. For game music overall, this would be a tough one. The first games off my head for best overall music is Journey to Silius, Blaster Master, Batman, Ninja Gaiden, and Mega Man 2 For best Nes title themes, this is the first one I think of:
  7. Crystal Castle is not listed for the 7800 on his site. Moon Patrol was not listed as found for the 7800 and is only mentioned in the rumor mill section of the site.
  8. Nope. The schedule didn't work out this year for me to go.
  9. No. Sega made too many mistakes and the launch was a disaster. They rushed titles with the Saturn. The other problem is despite N64's modest game library, they had some titles that sold a lot. Sega lost the battle by spring of 1997. Sega did not have any titles that were huge seller. The Saturn had wonderful game, but they did not sell well. Austin already mention the only Sega could've done is handle the transition from Saturn to Dreamcast much better. The problem the Saturn was to customers was similar to how I was in 1995 when I was a high school student. In 1994, I was excited for the Saturn. I was surprised on the Saturn's launch. When I read magazine reviews at the time of new Saturn games such as Daytona Usa, I was not sold on the system despite me being Genesis owner. I read reviews of games being rushed and the price the system made me wait till the N64 comes out of getting a good read on the library. I was ready to make a choice for a console in 1997, and the Saturn was out of the question. I did not like the support N64 was getting and Playstation was my choice.
  10. I don't like the list. When you have pico at number 21 is a problem. I can't say with a straight face that the pico better than 70 game consoles. The claim of Sega Pico being better than Coleocvision, Neo Geo, and Intellivison is laughable. I question research in some facts like not realizing Tandy is connected to Radio shack. Some of the facts were off like the sales figures between The Sega Genesis and the SNES. They claimed SNES outsold the Genesis 2 to 1 and that was false due to Sega Genesis sold over 30 million systems and the SNES sold 49 million units. Their statement about the pc engine CD/Tg-16 CD questions their knowledge on why NEC had that as an attachment. The fact is CD based games contain way more memory than a Hu-card or a game cartridge I don't like sales being one of the facts because the rule of thumb is hardware can breakdown. The 360 and the Playstation 32 had bad reputations on that to say the least. The 360 had 84 million units sold, but how many owners bought a 2nd 360 after getting a red ring of death.
  11. The best ones are Froggie and Beefdrop Ve right now. Those two games use the pokey sound chip that the XM has built in and High Score cart feature the XM has. That means you don't need the pokey one version of either game. Outside of that, there are bunch of homebrews that use the high score cart feature the XM has.
  12. Since 2019 is going to end, I decided to make this topic. Here is my list. 1.) Rikki and Vikki 2.) Baby Pac-Man 3.) Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest 4.) Scramble 5.) Moon Cresta My first honorable mention goes to Crazy Brix.
  13. I have an explanation about Atari waiting till 1982 to make 8k game cartridges. I think there was no video game game console that had 8k game cartridges including the intellivision. That means there was a cost issue. Adventure is a 40 year old year and the 2600 started to have 4k games in 1978.The 2600 had 2k games in 1977 when it was released and expecting a 8k version of Adventure when it came out is not realistic considering the time frame. What also needed to be looked at it seems like 40 years ago, it is very likely 2600 programmer considered making a bank switched 8k game.
  14. That sucks my younger brother bought a couple homebrew Sega Master System games from there as gifts for me.
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