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  1. There is also the Seagull adapter from edladin. https://edladdin.com/Seagull-78-Controller-Adapter-v20-ec-2-001b.htm
  2. I only have one working N64 controller. Buying a used one is not happening without testing it first. Are any of the third party replacement worth trying?
  3. Merry Christmas. One son brought me a Seagull 78. Another son brought me A/V cable for my N64. All mye retro needs were filled.
  4. I've been playing through this on my Dragonfly. First of all this game is great. I've waited a long time for a game like this to be on the 7800. I did notice one bug : Some times when I enter a gate room and the gates open. All of the gates dissapear except for one piece. Its a bug that doesn't seem to affect game play. Thanks for making a great game.
  5. I have a Rikki&Vikki cart for the 7800 for sale. I don't play it and am short on cash right now. $200.00 USD. US Shipping only the price includes shipping. I take Paypal.
  6. I would like one with PokeyMax and Yamaha. Thanks
  7. Number 504 received. What a top notch production.
  8. Its been almost 10 years since I funded this project. I was under the impression that it would come with an SIO port. Now i guess I will have to install it myself. But I suck a soldering so I guess it wont happen. One of the reasons I bought this was for the chance to load ROMs from my PC. I am very disappointed by this. I have only funded one other pre-order and that was Rocketerre from Groovy and I know I will never see my money or game from that. So glad I didnt support the taco VCS boys. Hopefully we will see some hardware soon.
  9. I would much rather run 95 on a Pentium. No need to now adays. I ran 95 on my 486 BITD because I couldn't afford a Pentium.
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