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  1. all around you points of light every thing is all the time

    1. youxia


      Well, I quit a year ago, but now miss it a bit...

    2. Keatah


      I'm sure there's a deep meaning here..

  2. searchig for the ground with my good eye closed

    1. _The Doctor__

      _The Doctor__

      Blind in one eye you learn you'll find the ground very quickly with the good eye closed

    2. Eltigro


      I had that cassette in high school. Now I have the CD. Probably one of my most listened to albums.

  3. I lose my head i close my eyes

    1. Flojomojo


      eat some bread

      goes to your thighs

    2. xucaen
    3. edweird13

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    2. Dreamcast Gamer
    3. simbalion


      It's the miracle we need, the miracle...

    4. GoldLeader


      The "Airing of the Grievances"....haha...Kills me LOL...

  5. Thanx too my granma for letting play atari as long as the cubs wernt on. This ones for you grams

    1. Keatah


      That happened with me too! Amazing coincidence!


    2. Keatah


      That happened with me too! Amazing coincidence!


  6. X just bought me a Odessey II and gamges for 6 bux. w00t

    1. GoldLeader


      SCORE!!! (Nice!)

  7. On my way to Grinkfest!!! w00t

    1. Ransom


      Drinkfest? Count me in!


    2. roadrunner
    3. GoldLeader
  8. Got my tickect and room for Grinkerfest. Gonna be my first retro get together. w00t

    1. DZ-Jay


      Grinkerfest..? Sounds vaguely kinky. :P

  9. Wakka Wakka Wakka St Louis is on to the World Series

    1. Grig


      Yeah, and being an Angels fan it's surreal - no Pujols = WS appearance. Great job STL!

    2. Mxyzptlk


      Go St. Louis!!!!!

  10. Had a phishing email attempt today. Looked at the email header and it was from [email protected] Wonder how mamy people fell for it?

  11. Goodbbye nzbmarix!!! Thanks DCMA. I Hate the country I live in

    1. Hatta


      What the world needs is a decentralized p2p nzb indexer.

  12. Forget about your silly whim It doesn't fit the plan

  13. Redbirds win!!!! Damn I love Cardinal baseball!!!!

    1. Atarian7


      I'm a Nationals fan. Damn it!

  14. Ac compressor on the house is out olny been in the 90s or above for over a month

    1. doomwaves


      That sucks man... Hopefully you can get it repaired soon & it won't break the bank... It's been 100+ all week here, I think I'd check into a hotel if my AC went out...

    2. chuckwalla


      Luckily here in NY we're down to 64 degrees from 92 degrees the other day

  15. Can't believe I just bought a newer car. Guess I won't be buying any games for a while :(

  16. browsing on the android aint bad but thank goodness my intenet gets hooked up later today

  17. nooooo the modem is gone!!!!!!

    1. Albert


      It will be back, I promise!

  18. 8th straight snow day for the kids. I see an extended school year in their future

  19. 8th straight snow day for the kids. I see an extended school year in their future

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