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  1. I just used your Vision adapter to test a Wico Command Control joystick. Also love your Seagul. Thanks for your great products.
  2. For Sale is a WICO Command Control joystick for ColecoVision. It has been tested and is working. $40.00 USD shipped USA only
  3. For sale is a boxed Donkey Kong Arcade for the Intellivision. This is by Carl Mueller JR and published by IntelligentVision. The box IS NOT in perfect condition. $40 USD shipped USA only.
  4. There is also the Seagull adapter from edladin. https://edladdin.com/Seagull-78-Controller-Adapter-v20-ec-2-001b.htm
  5. I only have one working N64 controller. Buying a used one is not happening without testing it first. Are any of the third party replacement worth trying?
  6. Merry Christmas. One son brought me a Seagull 78. Another son brought me A/V cable for my N64. All mye retro needs were filled.
  7. I've been playing through this on my Dragonfly. First of all this game is great. I've waited a long time for a game like this to be on the 7800. I did notice one bug : Some times when I enter a gate room and the gates open. All of the gates dissapear except for one piece. Its a bug that doesn't seem to affect game play. Thanks for making a great game.
  8. I have a Rikki&Vikki cart for the 7800 for sale. I don't play it and am short on cash right now. $200.00 USD. US Shipping only the price includes shipping. I take Paypal.
  9. I would like one with PokeyMax and Yamaha. Thanks
  10. Number 504 received. What a top notch production.
  11. Its been almost 10 years since I funded this project. I was under the impression that it would come with an SIO port. Now i guess I will have to install it myself. But I suck a soldering so I guess it wont happen. One of the reasons I bought this was for the chance to load ROMs from my PC. I am very disappointed by this. I have only funded one other pre-order and that was Rocketerre from Groovy and I know I will never see my money or game from that. So glad I didnt support the taco VCS boys. Hopefully we will see some hardware soon.
  12. I would much rather run 95 on a Pentium. No need to now adays. I ran 95 on my 486 BITD because I couldn't afford a Pentium.
  13. Guess dracisback wont be getting his XM. Coming up on 9 years since preorders were taken. It is so annoying. RIP drac
  14. Sears Super Video Arcade LTO Flash Multi Cart D2K cart NHL All Star Super Pro Hockey Fight for the Cup 2017 200.00 USD + 20.00 USD shipping Lower 48 only.
  15. HELP Im not a jag person but is this gorf or grovy bee? cause i have seen this before.
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  17. I have a 4 port 5200 with one controller. System is tested and working. $50.00 + $30 shipping USA only.
  18. I have a FB2+., If you are interested shoot me a PM
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