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  1. No love for Rad Racer? What I remember the most about Enduro is how much imagination went into it while playing. I was playing it on a black and white TV at the time while literally filling in the colors in my mind, and by extension the scenery and everything else. In many ways it was and still is more real to me than the stuff released today with insane graphics that I would not have thought would be possible back then.
  2. You're forgetting the real gem in this story: Dahmer had already drilled a hole in his skull at that point.
  3. Too bad Jack Thompson was busy worrying about 2 Live Crew then, he could've defended Dahmer and argued that the whole thing was caused by the Texas Chainsaw Masacare 2600 game.
  4. Yeah, plus when friends come over to play you can tell them midway through the game that you wonder which controller Dahmer used and if he had just eaten some head cheese.
  5. Dunno, you think a person willing to travel a great distance to see an Atari kiosk would be the kind of guy to steal?
  6. LOL. Interesting info. I wonder if he actually was a frequent visitor/player there or if the film creators just said, "Hey, let's include this novelty place in Miwaukee."
  7. In the movie the Dahmster is in a grocery store playing Pitfall on a woodgrain 2600, presumably during the late 80s or early 90s. Odd . . .
  8. Yes, I bought that too a few months ago :-) I didn't know the same people were involved though.
  9. I downloaded the Activision one last night. You guys did a good job on it, I think better than the Atari one even.
  10. Alright, I deleted the app and then reinstalled it. After that, I fired up the VPN and things were back to normal. It's incredibly annoying that there are ads even though I paid for the app . . .
  11. I tried my 3G and DSL connections. Each of them are a different ISP. I've even tried downloading through a VPN to no avail.
  12. Not sure if emulation is the best place for this post, but I'll ask anyway. I've had the Greatest Hits app since it was released, and bought the entire library at the same time. At some point, the games refused to download with an 'incorrect data size' error and advises to try another connection; when I do it makes no difference. I sent a support ticket to Atari but, as I somewhat expected, no answer. I've found others have this problem too, but no one has a solution. Any ideas? It's behaving this way on both my iPad and iPhone.
  13. Wow, I haven't posted here in ages but was searching for something and saw this post along the way. Epic.
  14. Egypt is PAL I believe. I remember when I was in Saudi Arabia 10 years ago people commonly used NTSC to PAL converters on their Playstations though, I assumed because all the pirated games were from Asia not Europe.
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