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  1. I think the problem with MULE today is that it takes an hour to play through. The computer AI in most cases isnt too hard to figure out. Back in the 80s I had no prob committing an hour trying to uncover the secrets of MULE, but I can see folks today just getting bored. MULE was a ground breaking game like Seven Cities of Gold IMHO, however you wont find me trying to conquer Seven Cities. The Roklan games like Journey to the Planets are lost gems that also can take hours to figure out how to win.
  2. Goochman


  3. It was pretty weak IMHO. Nolan def painted himself out to be a visonary beyond what he really was. His hindsight is def better than the reality of what happened. I also think they tried to cram too much stuff in. The Baer stuff was prob new to most people but they harped on it too much. The Sega/Nintendo stuff was really broad brush covered and then throwing in Sony and the Playstation.........They should've just covered the Atari rise and fall in full detail, it not like Nolan wouldnt have espoused more about how he saw all this coming I think they missed a chance to really expose Kassar for the downfall of Atari. They gave us a few nuggets but this shouldve had more depth. It was great hearing from Manny giving Warners perspective. To sum up - watch if you have 2 hrs (1.5 skipping commercials) to see a broad brush on how Baer really started all this and how a few companies screwed up. Theres nothing in the show that would draw me to go rewatch portions - it was that thin IMHO.
  4. Cocktail looks pretty cool I must admit..........I might buy one of these things XMas time. I was set on the ATGames unit pending some more reviews but the 1Up cocktail is intriguing.............
  5. Thats interesting - Jag Doom doesnt allow the monsters to utilize the teleporter spots? Been a long time since I played it but for some reason I thought there was a level or 2 where the monsters would pop in from a teleporter.....
  6. Just the fact you pulled this off is good enough Bob. No need to apologize, thanks again for bringing another Pac port to the 7800!
  7. Any reason why this was shot in complete darkness? Not much of a preview................you cant really see the unit.
  8. Couldnt finish GHG when I played it in the 80s but knew I needed to get into the ship. Never found an entrance but did find a loop hole. If you dropped the Holy Grenade in the ship room and left - the explosion would create openings in the water blocks. You could diagonally move through water blocks - after enough tries I was able to touch the gang plank or door on the ship to enter allowing me to finish the game. Good times
  9. I know you dont want to do one offs, but maybe a suggestion. Offer 1 off's for $200. For each one you sell reduce the $7k price by $140. Maybe you sell enough 1 off's to get the price down to something someone would throw down, like $3K. You'd get more money and wouldnt impact you $140 per unit pricing.
  10. Maybe that .000009 relates to something 90000?
  11. I remember trying to cuss it out and getting a laugh out of the responses.
  12. Somewhat Fort Apocalypse like from the 8bit. Off to a great start
  13. Back in the day I purchased a printer buffer which could buffer almost a page and send it to the printer as fast as it could go. Good times!
  14. The big piece missing with Spectre is a way to move binary files from the ST to the "Mac" side of thing. There is a utility provided but it totally screw up binary file transfers. It would be great is there was a program that allowed us to download .sit files on the pc - put them on ST disks and transfer them to the Mac partition on the ST hard drive. There is no way to do this that I know of. You need to have an old Mac that can write to the floppy and with Spectre GCR or a Discovery cart move it to the "ST Mac"
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