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  1. The 5200's big innovation was the joystick. It sucked, word got out, the games didnt look "Super" for a "Super System" and Breakout was the packin. I think you can align the 5200 with the Edsel and Pontiac Aztek for hype vs reality on delivery. I dont remember anyone saying it was so big they didnt buy it.
  2. Atari had an excellent DTP offering back in the day. I cant remember exactly what a Mac+Laser cost but it was easily double if not triple the Mega price. Too bad Atari couldnt just get over the hump on the software support and product production side to make a dent. I had a Mega 2 with an HP Deskjet and Pagestream. People were blown away with what I was able to produce on my $1700 setup for the time.
  3. I have a stock NTSC 7800 that most likely will never work 100%, however with the new firmware it seemed to be more "consistent". A number of 7800 games worked first try like Commando and Centipede. Baby Pac Man and Beef Drop did not - however the issue was the screen lock was the same each time - no variance like on the previous firmware. I am using Trevors 7800 propack that was downloaded today.
  4. No pictures of the games or 3 controllers - just a console and power adaptor...............
  5. I'd make 1 change to your very good list or bat rules. For #2 the player gets a chance to roll the dice for "avoidance" of the bat. The chances should be in the bat's favor, but the player should have an opportunity to avoid. Maybe this would be a grid exit as in the video game you have to leave the screen
  6. You can already find a game like this called "Dungeon" - I played it alot when I was younger. You could be 1 of 4 or 5 characters (Wizard, fighter, etc...) - there were 6 levels of rooms/monsters to fight. You would get treasure and also equipment to help you along the way. When you entered a room you flipped the monster card and rolled the dice - if you got the number you needed (different per character type) then you got the treasure and the room was emptied. If you died you could restart as a different character class and your treasures stayed in the room - next explorer to beat the monster got all the left over treasures. You could easily do an Adventure variation of this game. Seems you can buy it new: https://dnd.wizards.com/products/tabletop-games/board-card-games/dungeon
  7. Seems we are approaching the "mini cab" crash like the '83 video game crash. Manufacturers putting out crap with no regard to customer preferences - swamping market with a ton of options, few of which align with customer wants/needs. If 1Up runs into problems they can look at the ""Legacy Edition" as the reason why ATgames sales continue to rise.
  8. Thanks to this thread I got an AVG cart also recently - pretty much almost perfect for my use of playing carts/atrs/xex's
  9. Understood - the Castle, Forest, Grass and water look better Some fine tuning of the other areas would prob make this look like an ST Jr. version
  10. This would be very cool. Just curious wouldnt it be easier to convert the graphics to Mode 8 using artifacting from the Apple version? The boat/dock/player look a bit squished in the image above. Regardless any U5 release on the 8 bit would be welcome.
  11. Goose Island IPA is pretty popular around here though I like Thunderpeel IPA. Any alcohol content suggestion for the IPA - maybe a Double IPA?
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