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  1. Keys look great - I dont think there will be an issue with these now
  2. Nice work and Im sure alot of effort. Only thing I wish you could've added was the XEGS since technically it was a console released with the 7800. You'd only need to add the XEGS version where the 5200 did not have a release, otherwise the 5200/XEGS videos would be the same. Theres only a few games that were release on the XEGS (or Atari 800) that were not on the 5200 but were on the 2600/7800. Not a big miss - I enjoyed watching the whole thing.
  3. You also might want to wait for the re-release of the Jag Game Drive cart. Things are in limbo as a manufacturing partner is lined up but will make a return. Check out the Jag forum for more details.
  4. To avoid more messages on "whats the status", "has it shipped again", etc.....might I suggest unpiining this thread. Create a new thread called Jag GD Status with 1 message that points to Saints twitter and GameHQ site and then pin it and lock it (allow Saint to update it only). We can avoid a bunch of where is it msgs - people who havent followed things can easily get to saints latest postings. Once thing are moving forward we can unlock the status thread for Q&A. Just my $0.02
  5. None of the Ultimas were B&W - from the original Apple version they used color to a degree - Water was def blue and mountains purple. Ult 1 on the 800 doesnt use artifacting but looks stretched as it appears to be a gr 2 or 3 display. U 2, 3, and 4 use artifacting on the 8bit for some color. There wer some games that were converted to another 3 color mode BITD it appears to provide color to PAL users. I think Drol is in mode 7 or 15?
  6. I always found Atom Smasher to be a pretty good game BITD - easy to get into and fun
  7. Games that were game changers for me in no order: Star Raiders 7 Cities of Gold Pinball Construction Set Ultima IV Alternate Reality Dungeon Master Populous Bonus 90's Magic Carpet Comanche Overdrive
  8. Heres some work I did with Ultima 3 on the A8 - my avatar is actually a new world map I created for the fun of it - actually not fun I copied the U3 maps to U2 here;
  9. Goochman

    WTB: Jaguar SD

    It seems the jag GD cart will be back on track in the near future. I doubt any current owners would let theirs go for less than 3x what they paid for it. Id get the Jag and wait a few months for stock to return. If you want to start now you could look into a Skunkboard and collect a few of the common carts for a decent price.
  10. Lets us know your thoughts on the Falcon. The 1040 STE will be more compatible with ST software than the Falcon, but the Falcon was the last and fastest of the ST breed. Curious how much it set you back?
  11. So I originally reached out to Best who had the cable for $17.95. I was told the min order was $20 and after not finding anything I decided to order the catalog since not everything is listed for $7. I was then told the catalog didnt count towards the min purchase price. I contacted Bruce who was happy to sell me the cable for $16.95 through PayPal with no min. Im not trying to bad mouth Best as they responded quickly and such, just the $20 min and not listing everything on the website made this a bit of a PIA. Bruce was great and will be my goto in the future. Unfort his ST hardware page is down due to a computer crash losing his list.
  12. A complete set is Checkered Flag, Club Drive, Trevor McFur, Super Cross 3D and Double Dragon. That is the complete golden turd set
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