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  1. Just got to play this - really well done. Much better than the original and alot more fun to play. I can finally punch the bottles!
  2. Sweeeeeeeeeeet - any videos of these guys in action? Curious how the Jag can handle both those baddies at the same time
  3. My fav Demon - Were you able to add our buddy along with the Spider? I know there was talk about limited space for assets so just curious if this gets released if people could build levels with both
  4. Based upon what you all know so far would it be possible to add the double barrel shotgun?
  5. I second this request if possible. My ProController has a long cord so I can sit on my sofa and play - having to hit the power button all the time is a bit of a PIA.
  6. Order 58 arrived an operational - what a great piece of kit Saint. Ran through about 10 Jag games today - prob havent done that since 1995! Let us know when the pre-order limit is lifted - Im def in for another one
  7. Frickin fantastic! Just curious, was the asset in there but essentially not surfaceable, or did you all add it as a new asset to the engine? Great work for those involved...........I can see some crazy Jag PWADS coming in the future
  8. Holy moly that is awesome - nice work! Will these tools be shared somewhere so us budding map designers can torture ourselves and other Jag fans
  9. Saint - just curious how the demand for the JagSD compares to other carts you created.
  10. Cool idea but they dont seem to allow you to order the stick on that page?
  11. I hate to say this but since Saints SD cart will be mass produced (ie, not limited run) we should not hold back on projects that might benefit from more than 6MB. I had 2 skunks and they were great but I would say most skunk owners will go for an SD card. Maybe to help clarify for myself and others what does the skunk do that the SD doesnt (this is not a knock on the skunk as I loved mine when I had it)
  12. I think the problem with MULE today is that it takes an hour to play through. The computer AI in most cases isnt too hard to figure out. Back in the 80s I had no prob committing an hour trying to uncover the secrets of MULE, but I can see folks today just getting bored. MULE was a ground breaking game like Seven Cities of Gold IMHO, however you wont find me trying to conquer Seven Cities. The Roklan games like Journey to the Planets are lost gems that also can take hours to figure out how to win.
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