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  1. Since my Concerto seemed ot be working good with 7800 ROMs I decided to install my Pokey chip today and now no 7800 ROMs will start. I attached a picture of what happens when I try to start NTSC Ballblazer from Trebors pack. Ive also attached pictures of my Pokey installed just to make sure I did something wrong and also the serial # of my 7800 unit. It def looks like one side of my pokey sits a tad lower than the other, but it will not go in any farther on the one side - maybe the one side is too low? I didnt not use alot of force to push the pokey in. Before I take the pokey out and back in and such I wanted to verify things look good and if theres anything else I should test before hand.
  2. After a few extra loops around the USPS block I got my Concerto today - thanks Batari! I took it for a quick spin using a 4gb SDHC card formatted with FAT32. No problems I downloaded Trebors 7800 pack and everything I loaded worked. I did not try any 2600 games at this point. It also appears my firmware is 1.0 - Not sure if changes from .95 to 1.0 have been posted? If so I missed it.
  3. That is a blast from the past - thanks for sharing - I ran a Forem BBS way back when and it was a tricky system. I had the basic version and remember it rolling code in and out. Good stuff!
  4. Thanks for this Thread - I installed CloneCD and began to create "Data CD" backups. Just so Im doing this right, some of the discs are 200k+ but many are <16k. Battlemorph is a good example where it was 1 session and 9500KB. That doesnt look right to me? Hover Strike CD is 235K for comparison. Am I missing something or are these correct? Vidgrid is 2700KB and Blue Lightening 37000KB
  5. Fantastic conversion so far - whats frustrating is clearly the 7800 was much more capable than Atari utilized for their commercial releases. I get the deadlines, etc.., but the colors and graphics on some of the arcade ports are terrible. This looks and plays very close to the arcade.
  6. I hooked my 1040 up to my SM124 last week and I forgot how gorgeous the display was. So crisp
  7. Jurgen, Looks like USPS is releasing your deliveries - Any update on "Mr. Scam"? Did they get their package?
  8. https://isoriver.com/windows-98-iso-download/
  9. I think some suggestions from the other thread could be valid here - take some of the more popular desktop ACC's and built them into the OS: Text editor Simple Terminal Calculator(Scientific?) Network control panel(STing or such) - or build in the TCP/IP stack Adding games would be nice, but most gamers taste would vary. Just my $0.02
  10. Ok back on top Jurgen great guy with reliable service
  11. Ordered 12/14 and just got my payment email a few days back.
  12. Im a keyboard guy and got used to the current layout, but I agree with most others something needs to be done about picking stuff up. I think hot keys to the various screens offered through the TAB key would be good, but keep the TAB screen. I can hit 'M' to get to the MAP screen, but from there should be able to navigate to the other tab's. If given a choice I think I would stick to the keyboard vs using a joystick. With the various keyboard actions needed Id rather not go back and forth - just my $0.02
  13. Almost - Sears never offered a "Ma" through their catalog
  14. I can confirm USPS has been a sh*t show since the end of November. Im pretty confident they got so overwhelmed that packages shipped between late Nov and Dec 10th got dump at the most convenient "hub" to be processed when they could get to it. I had 1 package shipped Dec 6 which finally got delivered mid-Jan, however 3 packages I shipped after 12/18 got delivered within 10 days and had constant tracking updates. If what you sent hit USPS between Nov 27 - Dec 10th Im 99% sure its stuck in a pile they are slowly working through secondary to new mail coming in. It seems to be a LIFO queue they are using. I just shipped a package yesterday with "2-3 Day Priority" mail - its scheduled to arrive in 6 days - they still have problems. Good luck with your issue!
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