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  1. The Blitter was introduced with the Mega series. The original 520 ST and 1040STf didnt have the Blitter chip.
  2. Didnt Atari essentially make a Jag 1.5 with the arcade hardware?
  3. To possibly help others - I had random freezes using my Concerto cart on my 7800. The CPU and other chips can be found in the pictures in the thread below. It appears my problem was the cart port pins. Using a dental pick I pulled on them slightly to make better contact and everything works pretty well.
  4. To wrap this thread up I took Crossbow's suggestion and bought a dental pick from Amazon for $10: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B078R7ZX1W/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It was a PIA with a real dental pick is prob a bit too big to get in there (was not easy for me) - anyhow I pulled a few of the pins out and it appears to have fixed my random freeze issue. Ive had no problems starting pretty much every game Ive tried. Only odd thing is it appears 2600 Venture with a pokey chip installed doesnt work. This happened with the preprod and prod carts.
  5. No label on the cart so the screw is removed. Ill double check but the Production Cart seems to be slightly different than the preprod cart I had. squeezing and separating the tabs a bit in the front didnt pop open the prod cart like the preprod cart. Im wondering if there is something else to be aware of on the prod cart on opening or if its the same squeeze game. I dont want to break it On a seperate note Id like to punch the person who designed the Proline joystick.......still trying to put mine back together and the first buttons keep falling out 😬
  6. I got a replacement Production Concerto Cart and Im trying to open it to install my Pokey chip. It seems the cart is different that the Pre-Production one I got where I squeezed the sides pretty hard and it came apart. Squeezing doesnt seem to work unless its just really tight? is there a different mechanism to opening the production carts?
  7. Can we skip to the 2030's........the 20 decade is turning out to be shite. RIP Kurt.
  8. Buried Bucks - I spent hours playing this game. Fun and I always found it cool how the water was handled and the explosions. Strafing the ground was a blast
  9. Just a proposal. There is alot of good information in current thread which is buried across 28 pages. I think it would be good to have a moderated thread which contains *only* verified information related to the firmware. Examples: BIOS versions and instructions to update Current accepted list of compatibility against Trebors ROM Pack Known issues and work arounds We should keep the existing thread for folks to ask questions and socialize answers/fixes but a Concerto FAQ Thread with known/accepted problems/answers would be helpful with the variety of 7800 versions and such. Just my $0.02
  10. TBH I have no idea what went wrong with my Proline CX-24. I opened it up and sure enough the up button didnt register. I opened a 2600 joystick and used those wires on the CX-24 board and everything worked. After screwing around a bit I eventually broke the tabs on the CX-24 trying to get the handle off. I then broke the green wire connector on the 2600 joystick. What comedy of errors.......... I tried testing the CX-24 board one more time and everything worked.........all directions and fire button - WTF! Anyhow I ordered a refurb CX-24 from Best and a new metal slide/plastic actuator so I should have 2 workings sticks. One last question - how do you separate the joystick top from the metal shaft? Thats how I broke the plastic actuators on my original stick?
  11. Update on my situation. My Pre-Production Concerto was able to connect via USB and then decided it didnt want to anymore. I tried to connect via 3 computers with no success. Today I took the Pokey chip out and wala it worked. I was able to update the BIOS. For those a bit confused like myself - in order to update the bootloader you need to run Step 1 in the Harmony software via the Micro USB connection first with an eeloader.bin file. Once this is done you can then put the new BIOS on the root of the SD cart and turn the 7800 on - the BIOS Bootloader will be updated. One other side issue - Im using Trebors 7800 ROM pack (latest). Using the .95 BIOS (flashing) with my POKEY chip installed I was not able to start 2600 Venture from the "BY COMPANY->COLECO" folder. Pretty much all other 2600 ROMS (including Donkey Kong) worked fine. After I removed the Pokey and updated to the NO FLASH BIOS Venture works fine (POKEY not installed). Anyone else seen anything like this?
  12. I think something is up with my Concerto now - The software wont recognize my Concerto no matter what I do. It looks good connected to the computer but the software cant connect to it. I have not done anything since yesterday - I was going to upload the eeloader file but cant get the device to connect. Ive set everything up on another PC and no luck. Fred I get my replacement on the 13th so Ill wait until then to test unless there is another way to force a connection? The cart works in my 7800 but just cant connect via USB to the PC now.
  13. Sounds like a good idea for the next Reboot project....................Resockeroids
  14. Thanks Fred. I *think* Ive figured this out. You need to install the eeloader (new or a previous version) to kickstart the cartridge to look for the hbios_concerto_0.95noflash.bin file on the SD card upon startup to update the BIOS. That makes sense to me but isnt really spelled out in any of the instructions. Ill give that a shot.
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