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  1. Well, Microsoft can sell XBOX hardware at a loss without a problem. They can dedicate more $$$ than most companies bring in a year which is still small beans to MSFT overall. We're talking Atari in the mid 80s. No money losing Divisions we going to fly so with its limited resources it says alot as to the level of resource commitment Atari had at the time.
  2. Yes - the Y cable allows you to connect 2 sticks at once. If your second stick is a 2600 controller today then that explains your issue. The 2600 stick is not compatible with the 5200. With the Y cable you will effectively have 2 active sticks in the port. Both can provide movements hence any action you are able to do on either stick will register. The 5200 keypad controls will work just fine.
  3. If your 5200 controller is not calibrated it will move the cursor around - the Y cable doesnt turn off directional control from the 5200 stick it just passes through the Wico stick commands. Just plug in the 5200 stick to make sure nothing is moving or fire buttons being activated. If everything works fine with just the 5200 controller and it acts up with the Y cable then my guess is your Wico joystick might have a problem or the cable.
  4. Maybe we could take a different angle here. I can say I agree 100% with LeeRoy that Atari Corp was in the "Video Game" business. They def hired people to market and sell consoles and carts. Where I think we differ is in the seriousness of Atari's attempt. Not sure if anyone has any #s but maybe this could clear things up - what percentage of the companies limited resources were dedicated to the Computer line vs the Video Game division. If its less than 30% then I think we have our answer in that the VG biz was not the main focus. My guess is it was prob less than 20%, but dont have the numbers.
  5. Well, I can only add this - I was in my 20's during this period. Grew up a huge Atari fan - nothing I read in articles matched what was going on in the street. Unless you lived in CA, Atari didnt exist after 1984. The ST was the only thing marketed in any meaningful way until 1987 when the 7800/XEGS and 2600Jr. were flooded to the market and almost instantly hit the discount racks at Kay Bee. The console push lasted maybe a year and by 1988 Atari video consoles were things you could get cheap if you wanted to. I didnt know a soul who owned any Atari consoles, but alot of my 2600 friends had Nintendos.
  6. I guess the best way to end this debate is Nintendo is still a gaming king globally and Atari under Jacks "huge push" into video consoles is a footnote. Nobody remembers Atari video consoles post 1983 regardless of how many old 2600's sold 1 year. Everyone remembers SMB revived the video console market - no amount of articles or statistics can refute that. However the ST is remembered as a competitive computer - MIDI alone it was a powerhouse for years.
  7. He built the 2600 Jr from old stock once he ran out of inventory. The retailers continued to want more inventory so Jack decided to manufacture more product at the cheapest cost possible. I believe this is when the black and white label variants came out?
  8. I dont have the article and actually dont care to do digging around this, but again at the time Jack was focused on computers and VG's were to keep money coming in. There is an interview with him as they were launching the 2600 Jr where he states they were blowing out the VG inventory when they took over as it was not a focus and when they ran out the retailors keep bugging him for more low cost systems so with the left over chips and such they decided to manufacture more and get more serious at the console arena. Id love to see where Jack's Atari actually produced more 5200 carts - thats the strangest thing Ive heard as the 5200 was deader than a doorknob within a year of release.
  9. If anyone wants to make a nice offer on an excellent condition CIB Atari Karts with nice vinyl label on edge Im all ears I can wrap Reynolds wrap around the box if that makes it more attractive
  10. *goes looking for his shrink wrap machine*
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