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  1. I think the 3DO is a good example of a console which had AAA title support from EA and didnt surive the XBOX/PS onslaught. Jag CD from launch would've made things worse since as I understand it programmers lose memory which prob would've made AVP and Doom not viable.
  2. Anyone have an ATR with AW80 and the new XEP80 drivers - or can tell me what I would need to do inder to get AW80 to boot with the XEp80 drivers on the Altirra additions.atr disk?
  3. Look into the Eiffel board Heres a thread on it:
  4. I was expecting another 21 pages - Thanks for sharing!
  5. Anyone know if the Super Cheater can modify an AR character successfully without triggering copy protection issues?
  6. Not that anyone was asking for my opinion but here it is: 1. Pulling back after these have pretty much been out there is never a good strategy. Anyone who has these files can easily rehost them for free. 2. Setting up a donationware format would work better - not everyone will pay, but at this point you most likely might get donations from folks who already have the sets 3. Playing off #2, you can setup a paywall for future updates to the sets. A one time access fee which you are talking about sounds reasonable 4. For any $$ to be sent to you needs to be frictionless. Im not sure you have a commonly used pay application at this time. I understand changes to Paypal, GooglePay, etc... have caused problems but if you could get on a pay platform which most people use it would be alot easier for someone to throw $10 your way for your efforts. Having to create a new pay account or deal with foreign electronic payments is a stopper for most folks here Thanks for your efforts to help the community and good luck with your fee system
  7. I actually got mine before Thanksgiving. I was at a Thanksgiving wedding talking to a guy about the Jag and that AvP was awesome and VF/VR knockoffs were coming out for it. Boy was I wrong on the VF/VR statement
  8. Dude - you sneaking into B&C's warehouse at night? You have an amazing amount of 8bit stuff!
  9. Toys 'r Us in the DC area once it hit the shelves there - pretty sure it was XMas time
  10. Newsroom was the bomb - when Printshop stiffed the 8bit community Newsroom came and was even better - all those graphics disks as well - good stuff!
  11. What ballpark price range would these be?
  12. Looks interesting - based upon the connectors above would you lose the ability to use say a Jaglink or anything like that?
  13. DOS 3 is a sore spot for me. I got one of the first 1050 drives that came with it. I had a great idea for a game I wanted to write which honestly would've been a pretty good basic game. I started with a DOS3 disk and about 70% of the way through it I ran out of disk space......I didnt know why at the time but couldnt fathom how I ran out. I eventually figured out the sector problem and realized DOS 3 was a POS - No matter what I tried I couldnt get my game assets transferred from DOS 3 to a DOS 2 disk and hence gave up in frustration and never looked back. Wish I could find that disk but most likely I just formatted it and reused it for something else.
  14. I stretched my ST days as long as I could. Starting with a 1040 and Degas Elite, Time Bandit, Star Glider, Artic Fox, AR:City I got into more business use during college - WP ST, Timeworks package, LDW, Pagestream, Alice Pascal. NeoDesk I got Magic Mac cart then Spectre 128 along with an ATSpeed and AdSpeed for my Mega 2. I had first a 20mb HD then an ICDFast enclosure with a 60MB drive. I put alot of miles on my ST, but ultimately couldnt connect to my work Mainframe an either VT-52 or VT-100 so got a 486 with ProComm plus and that was it
  15. 8mm video reel. My dad took alot of film of family back in the 70's/early 80's with one. Like 2.5 mins of film per roll. I bought a projector and converted all my old videos by pointed a camcorder at the screen and playing the videos. Blast from the past
  16. The picture of the 14 acres looks like it was from a 70's bigfoot expedition.
  17. With the Space Invaders/Pac Man wall sized units you see in arcades and even casinos these days I think the Projector idea has some legs to it. Question will be how sturdy the platform is - my guess is it isnt heavy enough to provide good stability for people outdoors banging on it.
  18. The 5200's big innovation was the joystick. It sucked, word got out, the games didnt look "Super" for a "Super System" and Breakout was the packin. I think you can align the 5200 with the Edsel and Pontiac Aztek for hype vs reality on delivery. I dont remember anyone saying it was so big they didnt buy it.
  19. Atari had an excellent DTP offering back in the day. I cant remember exactly what a Mac+Laser cost but it was easily double if not triple the Mega price. Too bad Atari couldnt just get over the hump on the software support and product production side to make a dent. I had a Mega 2 with an HP Deskjet and Pagestream. People were blown away with what I was able to produce on my $1700 setup for the time.
  20. I have a stock NTSC 7800 that most likely will never work 100%, however with the new firmware it seemed to be more "consistent". A number of 7800 games worked first try like Commando and Centipede. Baby Pac Man and Beef Drop did not - however the issue was the screen lock was the same each time - no variance like on the previous firmware. I am using Trevors 7800 propack that was downloaded today.
  21. No pictures of the games or 3 controllers - just a console and power adaptor...............
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