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  1. There is a bug with using the mouse with kat5200, it isn't just you, it will be fixed with the next version, whenever I can get done with it.
  2. Hi, @roadrunner, can you update the Keystone Kapers record to 607100 based on this thread: Thanks!
  3. yeah, my wife picked one up for me for $25 at doll gen as well. She said the deal is all weekend. My first one of these portables.
  4. Pitfall II now works on my light sixer where it had not before. Thanks for this update and your work on it!
  5. That may be true, but I'm celebrating anyway. Woohoooo! 😁 It was a fun playing the whole season for sure. There's nothing like playing these games in an HSC to truly get to know them!
  6. @jblenkle, in kat5200 did you setup the Player 2 directions for the stick you want to use? Also, did you set the A5200 Controller type to "Joystick" on the right side of the Player 2 tab? It works for me.
  7. You can get it here from the developer: https://www.atarimax.com/5200sd/documentation/ It might take a few days to get it, but he will deliver
  8. Man, I was wondering what was going on. Will have to try the 32k version for fun. Looks like this is where to find the ROM from @tep392 as far as I can tell:
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