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  1. 76080. Getting better, killed him once.
  2. 43620. Trying to figure this one out. I get plenty of bombs but can't take Sinistar out. Not sure if I'm just slow with the bombs or if I need to take out more of his workers or what.
  3. 37046. Starts to get hard to tell when the ships are firing on you or if it is a ship heading into the background. It really is just a race to beat the laser if you can. Not sure I will get a chance to play again.
  4. 13276. Yeah, I'm warming up a little to it, not much. It needed some more work for sure. I find I can kill the death star very quickly on the first couple of boards before the laser starts. I'm not sure that is the most efficient way to get points though. I still have not killed a shuttle.
  5. 44895. Almost embarrassing posting looking at these scores. Great playing.
  6. Just noticed I did not get any points for last round of OE HSC. No participation trophy for last place?
  7. Yes, there is a jumper, in fact I'm pretty sure I had to invert it to get it right for the 5200, or at least I experimented with it. I'd have to go back and look, maybe I found which one it was from one of the threads here, been a while, just can't quite recall.
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