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  1. Ben helped me build my master collection of my choice of 2600 games. He was great with his communication and terms of the deal. Thanks, Andy Cox
  2. Yep, that's it. The pinout is: http://pinouts.ru/In...00_pinout.shtml Just switch it around accordingly. Good job! Thanks for the quick and concise reply. Andy
  3. I would like to convert one of my Atari CX40 joysticks to left-handed play for my sister. I'm guessing all I have to do is swap the wiring around on the PCB and that should do it, no? I know there used to be a wiring adapter for this but I'm okay with the permanent modification. Is this modification possible? Thanks, Andy
  4. Thanks everyone for the offers. I found a member who can offer the whole list so to make it easier for everyone, I'll go with him. Thanks, Andy
  5. I know, I know, 19 posts is pretty sad. I was a very serious collector over 10 years ago. It's all been sitting on shelves for 10 years and I have now closed that chapter of my life. I still get a warm and fuzzy feeling for Atari 2600. That's why I am building a small master collection that fits in 1 or 2 suitcases. I even bought a 19" 4:3 CRT TV to play the games every once in a while. The Harmony cart is a real PLUS for my collection. Thanks for the offers, I'll send you a PM soon. Andy
  6. Looking for a short list of common 2600 titles. Where to shop?

  7. Hey everyone, I have been collecting Atari 2600 anything for many years. I recently moved and sold my collection. Before I let it go, I failed to pull out a few common favorite games. I can't believe I let the whole thing go without grabbing a short list of games. I am asking anyone with duplicates or directions to find these titles (online dealers) to help spare me the trouble of hunting down and overpaying on eBay. I have 2 Atari Club Suitcases that I plan on filling with 12 carts and new (ish) hardware (consoles, joysticks and paddles). That will be the extent of my collection. Oh, and a Harmony cart to play all the titles. Any help or ideas? My list from memory is as follows, Combat Air Sea Battle Target fun Maze Craze Video Pinball Kaboom River Raid Breakout Super Breakout Space Invaders - Sears is okay Warlords Bowling Adventure I know there are a few more but I can't remember right now. Thanks in advance for a place to buy these titles at one time. I've been away from the scene too long and don't know the best place to look. Andy Decatur, IL
  8. I'm not too impressed with the Atari 2600 jr's collectibility, never have been. They were never very interesting to me but I had the Atari BUG 10-15 years ago and was buying everything I could find. Andy
  9. The 2600A boxes are glued on both ends and the 2600 jr's are shink wrapped but I didn't look close enough for a clear sticker. I also have a sealed Atari Jaguar system. Andy
  10. Here are the pictures of the 2600A consoles sealed in their boxes. Thanks for looking, Andy Decatur, IL
  11. The 2600 JR was never sold at retail shrinkwrapped. Are you sure these weren't purchased from Best Electronics or re-sealed at some point? I did buy the 2600 jr's at Best Electronics. It was probably 10 years ago when I ordered them. The 2 2600A consoles I picked up from eBay and a forum. Thanks for looking, Andy
  12. I will get pictures tonight and post then in this thread. Thanks, Andy
  13. I have 2 boxed (sealed) Atari 2600A units and 2 sealed Atari Jr consoles. These have been packed away and never opened in about 30 years. The first one is a standard 2600A. The Second one is a "factory reconditioned" 2600A model. The other Atari Jr. consoles are in red boxes and shrink wrapped. Again, all are sealed and are time capsules of gaming history. I am accepting offers. Thanks for looking, Andy Decatur, IL
  14. Can't wait to get one of these multicarts! Thanks, Andy
  15. I already have a sealed 2600A and sealed 2600A refurbished and am looking for the third sister console "Not for Resale, For promotional Purposes Only". Paying Ebay price. Thanks, Andy
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