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  1. atari 5200 ps are pretty much identical
  2. And just to be sure, you are in the atari core when this happens?
  3. I really enjoy my Phoenix, thank collectorvision for creating/selling it!
  4. evg2000

    The Wolf

    Will the shift registers electronically isolate the voltages of the arduino and the console? I used optocouplers on my CV/INTV paddle controller design. Shift registers would be easier if they protect the console. TIA
  5. you should be able to drag and drop pictures if you aren't using a phone or tablet. If you are using a phone or tablet you have to copy and paste the photo.
  6. Here is me playing kaboom with one of my early prototype paddles. I ended up selling 5 for the intellivision, but none for the colecovision. I made an easier to build and 3d print version and open sourced it. Thingiverse for the paddle shell: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4316115 github for the guts: https://github.com/evg2000/ATTiny84_Version3.1 video early prototype: Last prototype: Arkanoid:
  7. You don't hear much about the replacement joystick, commodore's on the right. So: 1. Did commodore clone another company's joystick? 2. Did some company clone commodore's joystick? 3. Did commodore have another company that makes joysticks make a badged version for them?
  8. thanks @Ikrananka, I was able to verify the same behavior for Boxxle and Black Onyx.
  9. Does it happen on all of these types of carts? Might want to add the name of one
  10. probably slid in from the front and the plastic piece is either glued or locks into place to hold the pcb.
  11. I believe the adam module used the z80 on the main board.
  12. the atari module uses it I believe, but just as a pass through.
  13. I don't think this is what you are describing, but maybe it will help? https://console5.com/wiki/Intellivision#Schematics
  14. You should be able to use an intellivision mod on the Aquarius, that is what I did to get composite video.
  15. if you do a load “$”,8 and it loads the directory it’s 8. chances are it’s 8. I think @bjonte has it figured out
  16. Do us your drive set to 8? Did you do a list to view line 20?
  17. do a list to make sure line 20 is one line, note broken at the end of the line
  18. That’s not bad. I will keep checking. Thanks!
  19. Shows not in stock. Have you had one sent to the US? Just wondering what the shipping cost would be
  20. Both my white labeled carts show this:
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