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  1. 57 minutes ago, timdu said:

    FYI - I currently offer STAR FORTRESS for the COLECOVISION for sale for $25 plus shipping.  ( loose cartridge and manual )


    I obtained permission from John D. a few years ago and I continue to sell these and I have them in stock.




    I also sell John's excellent version of SPACE INVADERS for the Colecovision, which is called SPACE INVASION.


    If you have any questions, please send me a message.


    thank you,




    that’s cool Tim

    I have them both from when John was still producing them

  2. I have the following for free.  Would prefer one person take them.  Local pickup only. Sacramento Area.
    Franklin Ace and Apple II keyboards

    Franklin Ace and Apple II power supplies
    Franklin Ace 5.25 disk drives (2) and face plate

    Working condition is unknown.

    I'm near Folsom, CA

    If you happen to have any 5 1/4 disk cases, disks, or old Commodore stuff that you want to drop off while you are here I wouldn't object. :)









  3. On 11/7/2021 at 5:10 AM, Fierodoug5 said:

    I am in need of a 90 degree expansion port(cartridge) adaptor for a C64, and am having no luck finding one in the USA. Anyone sell them, or is there a open source project for one I can make myself that I am missing? 

    Thanx for any leads

    I reached out to evie @ backbit, she is working on creating one.  Here is the thread:

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  4. I have 3 comic book boxes full of Nintendo power magazines.  There are also some game guides, I think a Saturn mag, and some other mags. 95%+ NP.  They are carded and bagged.

    I'm near Folsom, CA

    NO DRAMA means:

    • No I won't bring them to you, or meet you somewhere.
    • Don't ask me to mail them to you.
    • You must come to my house via a vehicle, don't tell me you will put them in a backpack and walk miles to a bus stop.
    • Don't whine :)

    I don't think that is too much to ask for free stuff!

    If you happen to have any 5 1/4 disk cases, disks, or old Commodore stuff that you want to drop off while you are here I wouldn't object. :)

    IMG-8811.thumb.jpg.195e6eed256490d5b532e870b0dca8a1.jpg  IMG-8812.thumb.jpg.1c562208598c5bbdc4b3c63d1e1a3aac.jpg

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  5. My package arrived today!!!!  It arrived safely, no damage or anything.

    The items look great, literally just received the package and opened it up.  Hopefully later today or tomorrow I will have time to look at everything in more detail, and try the games :)


    thanks from,

    Club Colecovision member #008

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