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  1. hasbro has them on their site: Duke nukem you can find all the game.com instructions here: game.com instructions scroll down to game.com
  2. the manual is available here: FB2 manual it claims to have additional information not in the printed manual.
  3. Received mine today also #68. My personalization states: "Charles - One bug remains - sorry. Not all of these features made it through" Thanks Rob, I haven't had a chance to try it yet either, busy around the house. One thing I noticed that Rob might want to careful of on the next ones he mails is that my address label was only attached on one side, the glue most not have been spread on thick enough or wasn't good glue. Hopefully it was just mine, and it made it here safe and sound so no worries! thanks again, Charles www.evg2000.com
  4. Not sure what I would pay at this point, but something no one has pointed out: If Rob made $7,000 per month (which is the high amount in the poll) as a contract programmer working on Actionuats, after taxes, SS (both his and his employers share), etc. he's now down to less than 4K per month. So if he's not paying the government their share, 4K would be equal to his take home pay (if he did pay the government), so 5 month + $5k = $25000 (or less) / 300 = $83 or less per copy.
  5. Did they look like this? If so, then yes they are aquarius joysticks Charles www.evg2000.com
  6. If I recall correctly, you remove the silver disk on the top of the original flat controller top, remove the screw, put on the 'ball' and use the screw to hold it in place. It's been been like 25 years since I bought it so it's hard to remember the details
  7. It's funny, most of the pictures on: http://www.geocities.com/djslacker1/coleco...ontrollers.html look like they are taken from my site (some of them cropped): evg2000 From what I remember I purchased the 'balls' that replace the disk on top of the controller from G.A.M.E.S in Van Nuys, CA, I also bought an atari 2600 controller from them. I believe they both were manufactured for them. I may still have the packaging at home (currently on a business trip). If I recall correctly they came in a plastic bag with a piece of cardboard folded in half and stapled to the top of the bag with their name printed on it.
  8. $255 with shipping on ebay lord of the dungeon on ebay
  9. CC has them in stock again, but they have raised the price (probably due to the increase in demand!) It now sells for $7.49. later, Charles www.evg2000.com
  10. More info on meltdown (looks at his #1 copy on the shelf!) Meltodown announcement later, Charles www.evg2000.com
  11. Did you read the game list? magicard alone is worth more than that, and there are severval other valuable games listed
  12. I'm with Tempest, way,way to many. Maybe not in the same league as he is, but I've got a lot of sytems and games. I noticed some people mentioned handhelds, I've got over 1200 of those alone. If you want to take a gander, take a look at My games later, Charles
  13. I don't think the graphics they show are real (I think it's an artist's conception): frogger tabletop I think they use the same graphics as their handheld: frogger handheld later, Charles www.evg2000.com
  14. I'll have to give that a try, I didn't realize the light changed colors!. I agree there are some games that are near impossible to play due to color requirements, or shades. I never got very far in Halo until I bought a new HD TV and then I was able to see things that on my old TV just blended in with the background.
  15. I've got a few of the VG based board games: VG board games. later, Charles www.evg2000.com
  16. You can check out some coco hardware here: Coco Hardware and some coco carts here: coco carts later, Charles www.evg2000.com
  17. I don't know if any of these are better: link1 link2
  18. I picked one of these up at Frys a few weeks ago (for about $15.00), and they must be legal, just look at the title on this screen: here are some more pictures: base unit screen 1 screen 2 screen 3 screen 4 screen 5 box later, Charles www.evg2000.com
  19. Here is a previous thread about this cart: Coleco Pacman
  20. I believe it's this: expansion #4 later, Charles www.evg2000.com
  21. It depends on a lot of factors: quality of batteries, length of time, temperature, pressure, etc. But yes they will eventually leak.
  22. Really? Even with damage and with it missing the plate on the side that says game a, b, time, jump, etc? It's in playable condition at best.
  23. Is the ZX spectrum similiar to either the timex 1500 or the 2068? My 1500 My 2068 I don't know a whole lot about them, and I don't have any software for them later, Charles www.evg2000.com
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