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  1. A lot not coming out also. Some cars can’t be built. Trying to buy a computer is a challenge. So there are electronic shortage. People I talk to who are in the industry have said that $1 part they normally buy can only be bought on the grey market for $5.
  2. you need to get sound from c88
  3. btw, in the 80s OMNI was a magazine.
  4. Have you done an interest check recently to make sure you can sell enough so you don't go bankrupt? Seems like this could be a very expensive venture. I look at Atari and Intellivision with their release of devices. So many delays, issues etc.
  5. And what percentage goes to charity? And what charity? It could be one people are against
  6. Well that’s pretty expensive. I’ll have to skip it
  7. And it works on mine, see post above yours
  8. I remixed the bottom so it will fit. I’ll add it to Thingiverse some time this week
  9. do we need to send pics of our games at some point? i didn’t see how to do it
  10. So how do i get the RB Pi to fit in the case? I'm using a 3B v1.2. Seems like the board is two long. I could modify the supports for the control board and it might fit. thanks
  11. Anything in this thread helpful?
  12. itch.io has new commodore games there is a thread in the backbit forum of old games that are tested to work on the bacbit.
  13. At my high point in collecting I had over 15k items in my collection. I collected everything VG related. Starting with pong systems. Much less now
  14. I wouldn't try it, but I guess it's a thing on the OS CV. If you google it, comes up a lot. example: https://rec.games.video.classic.narkive.com/0wCVjc2K/tutorial-using-a-sega-genesis-controller-on-the-colecovision
  15. Awesome. Looks like a fairly easy mod. Thanks
  16. I've been collecting Coleco Adam stuff for years, but never really used any of it. So it's time to pass my collection on to someone who will enjoy it. They can all use some cleaning, and maybe retrobrite. Local pick up only Cash or Venmo only, can't take PP for these. $600.00 Click on picture to expand image. Comes with a disk drive, tested today. Drive and original power supply. Also comes with a microSD floppy emulator Power Supply 4 Coleco Adams, 1 has a drive that is a little squeaky, the last one doesn't power up and is missing drive and cover. 3 Coleco expansion module 3 Adams. All work, one is missing the extra drive cover. One has a door that won't close but you can put the DDP in it and can still loads. 3 working keyboards, one is missing some keys 3 non-functional drives 2 x sound blocks for printer 2 x printer ribbons, don't know if either or both fit the adam cleaning cloths for printer rods AV cable Adamnet cables Joystick holders RF shields for DDP tray for holding Colecovision and Expansion Module 3 Autodialer Boxed DDP Memory Expansion? 2 x Microfox Technology IDE card. One has a bad GAL chip, there is a replacement chip that hasn't be installed Boot cartridge for IDE card. Project Name By Line Version 2 - graphic Utility Cartridge. I just dumped this as it hadn't been 3 Printers, not really tested. Powered them on and they seemed to react. Not sure if they work correctly or not. All DDP except Zaxxon, only Zaxxon disk has been tested. 8 boxes of DDPs. Haven't really tested any of these, just used a few to test the systems. So I have no idea how many work or what is on them. Have Fun! Disks Boookes Miscellaneous document, instructions, catalogs, etc.
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