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  1. I've got 7 bins of HandHeld games for sale. This is local pickup only. Please don't ask what games are in the bins, or if a game works or not. Most games work, there are some that don't and some may have failed since last time I tested them. They are old games, stuff happens. Local pick up only Cash or Venmo only, can't take PP for these. I'm thinking $300 is a good deal for the buyer, there are a lot of games! Click on picture to expand image.
  2. removed sold items, also removed messages showing things added its was causing some confusion when the items sold.
  3. Supports common file formats, including D64, D71, D81, CRT, T64, PRG, and P00. https://store.backbit.io/product/backbit-commodore/
  4. Did you turn on the system before pushing # or did hold down # and then turn on? You need to turn on then press #
  5. Don’t update if you have one from the new run. It came with latest. If you upgrade you will actually downgrade and it can cause issues
  6. On FB search for collectorvision phoenix. its a private group. In the files section is the pencil core
  7. Scroll down to cores https://collectorvision.com/phoenix/index.html
  8. they use github for reporting bugs: https://github.com/CollectorVision/Phoenix-Colecovision/issues
  9. I tried selling one one ere a month or two ago. Lower price and no interest. you might just want to head to ebay.
  10. Backbit might actually be better. It can be used on the vic, and possible for the Atari and C16/plus4 at some point.
  11. My guess is they are all pc since it mentions the a prompt. Could be double sided
  12. Added issue to git hub https://github.com/CollectorVision/Phoenix-Colecovision/issues/25
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