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  1. A little warning to anyone doing anything He-Man without permission, James Eatock finished a New Episode of He-Man called " The Return Of Faker " He was going to show it at Power-Con ( He-Man Convention ) And recently NBC ? Universal is rereleasing the Original He-Man series on DVD, and Banned him from ever showing that episode anywhere, his first act, and second act of that episode on YouTube was also taken down, not by him, so if some one makes a He-Man game without permission, that same could happen or worse!
  2. I would love to have a copy of this game, and I would pay a little over $100 for it!
  3. There is 3 MSX games I'd love to see ported over to the Colecovision, and these games are MSX Godzilla VS 3 Major Monsters, Monsters Fair ( Mothra game ), and MSX Ultraman
  4. I'm in, I can hack the games all I want, but I'd like to know how to make them from scratch, It would give me a better feel of the games and also give me a sense of accomplishment knowing I made a Atari game on my own! :-)
  5. Updated Stan graphics! :-) dk3stan.bin
  6. Game with title dk3test.bin
  7. Here is my title screen for Donkey Kong 3
  8. Hi Chris, I love your Donkey Kong 3 game you are working on it's Awesome, I used Hackomatic 3 and redid Donkey Kong the best I could, and will help out with other graphics when I can! :-) dk3test.bin
  9. I did a game hack of River Raid to resemble Ultraman by changing the graphics and color in some things, Enjoy! :-)
  10. ILA2600

    My Atari game hack images

    Drawn up graphics of Popeye for the 2600, using Hackomatic 3
  11. Found the Address to that blue strip in the sky, and also the addresses for the mountains colors!
  12. Here is the Bin file I made with the color changes! Batlzonecolor.bin
  13. Atariboy2600 Here is what I got so far with the color changes I just need help finding the mountains, and the cannon in the original 2600 version! Enjoy! :-)
  14. Discovered the red part to the tank, and changed the ground to a gray color!
  15. Found out were the color codes are for the ground! :-)
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