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  1. Osmeroid


  2. Sounds like a very cool project, looking forward to the finished product
  3. I am really looking forward to this game Big thanks to disjaukifa for the time and effort on this project
  4. Sorry to be a pain Miss 2600, but I think one of your rankings is incorrect. Laser Blast has been listed as having 7 points and 1 vote. I voted for Laser Blast in 7th place so it only has 4 points. BTW, massive kudos to you - that is a BIG list
  5. A bit more data for you Frostbite HERO Kaboom! Ms Pac Man Frogger Breakout Laser Blast Enduro Circus Atari Sky Jinks Homebrews Go Fish! Swoops Qb Fall Down Crazy Balloon I don't have a supercharger, so I can't offer an opinion!
  6. For me it's always been a near thing between Frostbite and HERO, the latter is more involving but I guess that I'll go with the former. One of the reasons for me choosing Frostbite is that I also like to "zone-out" and I can do something like that, at least initially! Partly it is also a happy memory thing, I was playing this way back when I was 12 years old - sooooooo long ago There is also a fair amount of challenge left in this game for me too. Once I'm over a score of 150,000 this game becomes much tougher to play and you need something akin to ESP to play it beyond that point. Long-live games that cannot be "completed"
  7. That's a nice haul Mike How good is the 5200 redemption adapter? My lil' list.... 2600 stuff Tax Avoiders - sealed Space War - sealed RS Football - sealed Pete Rose baseball - sealed Snail vs. squirrel CIB Submarine Commander - cart only Rubik's Cube - cart only Fall Down Go Fish! Crazy Balloon Starfire Sea Wolf 5200 stuff Boxed system (at last!!!!) RS Baseball - CIB Centipede - CIB Kangaroo - CIB Defender - cart only Space Invaders - cart only Coleco stuff Defender - sealed Astro Invader Yie Ar Kung-Fu War Games - cart only Neo-Geo pocket colour w/ Gal Fighters Unfortunately out of all of the things that I have dragged back to the UK, my 5200 console got damaged in transit
  8. Well, I think that I'll chime in too and say a big thanks to Ed for organising the event and how great it was to meet up with the usual suspects As ever, it was the people making a gaming community that really made the show. Terrific to catch up with Al (thanks again for the rush job, I really do owe you a beer!) Chicky & z28, the two Mikes, Smitty, Jason and Joe & Zlatka. Also a pleasure to meet Dan Cage and David Ellis for the first time - damn the wait for a meal!! Must say a big thanks to the guys from Game Crazy for the great deals - again! Last year, an eReader (stat!!!) for my GCN, this year a boxed 5200 with all the trimmings. No exaggeration but worth the 7200 mile round trip! See you all again next year and with luck, catch up with some faces that were missing this time around, the MMF's, Stan and Amy, Mr Siegler and anyone else I've missed out! Os. BTW Happy Birthday Chicky!
  9. See you there on Saturday Mike, be good to see you again
  10. I've just finished packing my bags and bought some travel insurance. Got to be up for 5am to get to Heathrow on time, I'm off to bed. See you all on the other side.... well, Philly! See you all soon
  11. Okay tankgirl, so please describe just what you see when you fire up the ol' 2600. Are you certain that it is tuned into your TV correctly? The 2600 is usually pretty easy to maintain and it could be just a simple cleaning problem - this is VERY common. A 2600 usually turns into a dirt magnet very quickly!! Os.
  12. Ditto as above - I'd really like a copy. I've just got my paws on a working CV....
  13. I'm going with heart rather than head - I WANT it to be real!
  14. Heh! Don't say things like that Cass - I've only 17 before the big 5-0. I would also agree about the whole opening of boxed games - they're yours! I do have some sealed titles, like Sentinel, that I will probably open eventually. I did allow myself to open my red box Defender some weeks ago, partly I wanted to ensure that it was all red label - cart & manual, also it's been about a year since I last opened a sealed box. One way around this dilemma is to buy some fairly common titles that are still sealed and open them up? I did this with Space Invaders and Asteroids, and it was still something of a kick, even after all of these years!
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