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  1. Just bought one of these off eBay for less than $20 with shipping from the UK. It arrived a couple of days and fits alright.
  2. It's probably one of these: https://www.sellmyretro.com/offer/details/skunkboard-flash-cardridge-for-jaguar-27561
  3. It does seem sad that only 100 copies were produced.
  4. Not including any homebrews or sports games, I would say: - Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack. Hey this is a really great game, I can still sit and play it for a half-hour at a time, even now. It has decent graphics for its day, plays a challenging card game, and makes really good use of the keyboard controller. - Night Stalker. A completely different kind of shooter BITD that rewarded being careful and thinking ahead. Moody with good atmosphere and sound effects. Also makes good use of the controller. - Shark Shark! Looks pretty, and is just a completely different kind of game from the usual "fly through space and shoot stuff" games of the late 70s.
  5. I don't think that's true. I find that most of the pre-NES consoles are quite sturdy and are still working great after 40 years if they are treated with respect.
  6. It's not worth much even sealed, so you might as well let that cart out of its prison.
  7. Back in the day... my family was poor and couldn't afford anything so luxurious as a videogame console, but most of the other local kids had an Atari and I would have to visit them to get in some gaming. One guy in the neighbourhood, though, had an Intellivision with several games. He invited me over one afternoon and we spent several hours playing Astrosmash and Utopia. I was impressed with how much better the graphics were, but cursed the funny controller. It was many years after that before I saw an Intellivision again, but the memory has always stuck with me.
  8. It's just not the same without the aliens popping up and scaring you!
  9. I hear you. I'm thinking of buying Meteors!, an Asteroids-type game for the Intellivision, but with shipping it's about $100 Cnd. It's a big chunk of change for essentially a variation of a game I already own on several consoles. I will say that Rebooteroids is a great game and will give you many hours of enjoyment....
  10. If you have a friend in the States, get them to buy it for you, then ship it to you as a gift..?
  11. It was sold out for a while, but I'm pretty certain I saw a post from Albert saying it was soon to be back in stock. I would just shoot him a PM and find out.
  12. I missed out the last time the LTO was available, so I hope I can be in on the next release!
  13. Too bad the game prices have skyrocketed in the last few years. The Jaguar has some serious awful games, but there are a few gems that are well worth checking out, but perhaps not at today's crazy prices. If I were you I'd definitely look into getting a Skunkboard or a JagGD cart so you can experience some of the better games.
  14. !! You've owned a Jaguar for almost 25 years and only own two games? Surely you have tried at least a few others such as Tempest 2000 or AvP...?
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