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  1. Order #637. I have previously ordered KnightEx and MineX for the Vectrex from the same developer and am happy with those!
  2. I agree with the other comments - I always leave one cart or another plugged into my Jaguar - if this plastic piece allowed for that I might consider it.
  3. Well, he's trying awfully hard to be funny, I'll give you that.
  4. ls650

    Mad Bodies

    The sad thing is that the bones were there for a good game, but it didn't seem like it was put through a lot of playtesting to see if it was actually fun! At least it's not JagZombies, though.
  5. I found it to be very comfortable to hold. No complaints really, except the placement of the cable... what were they thinking?
  6. Dude is using that _stupid_ GSP shipping - $30 US to ship to Canada.
  7. I picked up a Tremor Pak for my N64 today. With tax it was $4 US. Update: You know, some games make great use of the rumble paks - and some are just bad design. It's definitely a case of less is more: just have the rumble pak shake once in a while - where you crash a car into a wall or get shot in a shooter. Having the thing constantly rumbling because you're driving a car on a dirt track is just annoying.
  8. I picked up an N64 a couple of weeks back and have been playing that a lot. Ms. Pac man Maze Madness, Automobili Lamborghini, Chopper Attack.
  9. We're talking Starbuck prices, here!
  10. I read an interesting article yesterday. I don't have the link anymore, but essentially it said that after studying cellphone movement, some researchers figured at the peak of the restrictions, road traffic in the USA was down by roughly 75% in late March. Now, both from lifting of restrictions in some areas, and people just plain ignoring restrictions in other places, road traffic is down by about 35% from normal. Those numbers sound about right to me. My area doesn't have "shelter-in-place" orders, but folks have been asked to self-isolate and practice social distancing. I've going outside for daily walks (being careful to avoid other folks of course), and in the weeks before the Easter weekend, it was almost a ghost town here - very few vehicles, pedestrians, or bicycles. Since Easter, people have been definitely going out more, and I'd guess that traffic of all kinds has increased substantially.
  11. ??? The drivers seem to work fine with my Win 10 machine.
  12. If it were something very rare and hard to come by, then keep it original. Most of these consoles were sold in the millions. Unless you are establishing a museum-quality display, go ahead and modify it to work with new displays, controllers, etc.
  13. The repros don't say Atari.
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