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  1. Crikey, that dude is annoying to watch.
  2. I definitely recall seeing both the Jaguar and the Lynx for sale in A&B Sound's electronic department BITD. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A%26B_Sound
  3. I owned Mad Bodies for a year when it first was released. I tried really hard to like it... but it just plain sucks. I sold it on ebay for slightly more than I paid for it, and I was not sad to see it go. I know that you'd like to try it for yourselves, but trust me, it is a steaming coiler of a game.
  4. To be honest, I played most of these games in the arcade BITD and yet I can't spot the differences. It's been 40 years! And if I can't spot the differences, I doubt most other buyers will either.
  5. Those look kind of silly...
  6. Mappy, Romper, and Blasteroids - all in MAME.
  7. Couldn't you just plug in a cheap USB keyboard..?
  8. The O2 has some unique and fun games - and unlike a lot of other old 8-bit stuff, the prices haven't climbed into the stratosphere yet...
  9. I like the PacMan Countercade I bought a couple of weeks ago so much, that today I picked up a Centipede model. Just spent about 30 minutes playing Centipede, and really like it. I also tried out the included Missile Command, and it wasn't so great. The problem is that by the time they squeeze its 4:3 landscape layout onto the portrait display, the bottom and top couple of inches of the screen go unused. I think they should have gone with a portrait game that uses trackball instead.
  10. Whenever this comment comes up, I always wonder why some people think 'homebrew' is a derogatory term. To me it is a badge of honor. Some guy struggled to do something great, and we all get to share in the end result.
  11. I wonder how long it took him to realize he left his phone behind... "Where's my phone..? Oh, wait, I last saw it... oh. Uh oh." 😆
  12. Those cocktail tables look great. I wouldn't mind getting one myself.
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