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  1. In late 1984 a little kid was amazing at the electronics at our local Radio Shack in the mall. He wandered over towards the radios, which were all set to the local radio station. At that moment, Mannheim Steamroller's 'Deck the Halls' came on for the first time and that kid was amazed at what he heard. Yep, I still feel that way about that version.

    1. DragonGrafx-16


      That's my favorite version of Deck the Halls as well... gotta love analog synths.

    2. jd_1138


      Also, you could walk over to the Tandy computer display and see a 16 color fire burning on a CGA monitor with Christmas music playing over the sound card.  "Old Timey Christmas Fire" available on 3.5" floppy for all Tandy IBM compatibles and 5.25" for Color Computer.

  2. Looks like there is still selection in toys since Toys R Us is gone. Well, as long as you are buying a Disney owned property that is...

  3. I am still hoping to snag a TMNT unit eventually, but I got my main prize: Star Wars!
  4. Just scored a 1up Star Wars at our local Walmart today! I'll get it put together after I am feeling better from this crap I have. They had two in stock and I stopped on my way around from voting.

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    2. simbalion


      One little nitpick with my unit. It seems the plug for the light up marquee is either loose or doesn't plug in all the way as it jiggles a lot. Not a problem when playing, but I noticed if I move the unit it sometimes loses contact and I have to go in and wiggle it a bit to get the marquee back on. Might use a mirror later and check for anything down in the socket.

    3. Flojomojo


      I have one of these. The controller is fast and accurate, and the sound and colors are quite faithful. I with it were just a little bit taller, but I'm happy with my purchase. I always wanted this arcade game, and this is a nice compromise without having to deal with expensive, bulky, unreliable vintage electronics. 

    4. thanatos


      I'm very happy with the purchase.

      Had a check in on our house while we were out of town this past weekend.  Got a late night text "This game is awesome!!!"
      Pretty much my exact review.  :D

      Wife still laughs at it's size "You look like a giant playing that arcade game."

  5. Bleah, leave it to my lousy state to muddy the waters for arcade games. Estimating $500,000 a year from the licenses? Heh, they probably won't see a fraction of that as operators just give up and close their doors for good. Those videos are interesting and show another issue with modern amusement parks. With how easily we humans get bored with things anymore they have to practically be a new park every year and with the high prices of everything, including food they are really only good for a once in a while trip at best. There WERE areas I liked at Cedar Point, but they might be all gone now and it seems if you find something you really like one year, there is a good chance it will be gone by the next. More power to them to keep going and I hope they do for a long time, but I seem to be at a stage where one of the deceased parks like Chippewa and Myers Lake would be more my speed. A place to go with friends at a moments notice and just enjoy things in a more casual way with a pay as you go type of setup.
  6. Probably going to demolish what is left of the old parts of the park for yet another monster roller coaster. I was only to Cedar Point once in 1996 for a high school trip and since I am not into high, fast rides or waiting in line for hours, I found it to be boring and over-rated. The arcade was fun and at least they are trying to sell stuff instead of just tossing it into the landfill like most corporations. One has to wonder when the sun will finally set on Cedar Point like so many of Ohio's other parks over the years. So far it's going strong, but just how far can they push things at that location?
  7. It appears that getting the new Star Wars and TMNT machines at Walmart is going to be a pain. It seems they are only getting in one unit at a time at my local stores and they are often sold by the time I get there after checking their site.

    1. GoldLeader


      I don't know if it would do you any good, but maybe talk  to their Electronics Dept. or customer service about reserving one;  Or see if there's a way to get one from their website...IDK,  Wal Mart in general is a PITA these days, but it just seems in this day and age there should be an easy way to do this...

    2. simbalion


      I had planned on getting both games, but after replacing a furnace earlier, I am down to just aiming for Star Wars. I was actually going to check some other stores today, but woke up sick and still am.

  8. Oh and a quick note that I wasn't able to edit into my last post. I checked out Walmart's site and the Star Wars game has disappeared totally from their listings as far as I can tell.
  9. All I keep finding local are TMNT cabinets set up for demonstration with none available for sale in the stores. But, our area Walmarts have restocked the shelves full with last year's units again.
  10. I checked one of our local area Walmarts today and no Star Wars, but they did have a TMNT and its riser set up for play, so I tried it out. Fun, fun, fun! The sound was good, the graphics bright and crisp, and the controls seemed good as well. My only nitpick was the cabinet was a bit wobbly on its riser, but I sort of forced it a tiny bit to see what would happen. Doesn't seem bad when playing and I even forgot myself and was mashing the controls like I would on a new arcade cab without issue. Brought back memories as I brought up my favorite turtle and hacked away at the Foot Clan. So much fun, I had to force myself to shut the unit down and walk away after the first round as I felt like staying there all day! If there had been one available for sale, I would have bought it.
  11. I heard they did that, but when did that actually happen? Seemed like late in the game.
  12. Yeah, I'm a bit late with this, but I felt it only right to mention the end of this series. I can remember when this series premiered, but at the time I was rather resistant to the idea of ever watching it. Eventually, around the 3rd season, curiosity got the best of me and I decided to see what this whole show was about, even though I had to sort of make myself watch it at first because of my own preconceptions. Luckily, I finally learned to like and even love MLP FiM with the help of Pinkie Pie, who became my favorite and I quickly bought the DVDs of the first two seasons to catch up on this colorful ride of a cartoon. The 4th through 6th seasons became the high mark period for me, even leading to me buying some merchandise at Toys R Us during those years and even right before they closed their doors for good. Admittedly, I started to lose track during the 7th season and perhaps have seen two episodes of season 8 with none of the 9th and final season. This was in part due to work schedule, my own fickleness, and the fact they have become really slow at releasing the DVDs of each season. I admit, I got hit with a bit of sadness at the ending of MLP FiM and if there is a good thing about this series ending, it reminded me how much I really do still like it. (Of course going through my annual autumn depression doesn't help!) I finally got a copy of season 7 on DVD and even finally bought the 'My Little Pony Baking Book' this evening that I meant to buy in April. (Oh, I showed that to my mom and I almost didn't get the book back! Some yummy looking recipes in there!) Nine seasons is a good run and in a way makes it even harder to say goodbye. I have a feeling it will be a while before I can finally watch the 26th and final episode of season nine, but I will get there eventually. Anyways, enough late night rambling here. Goodbye and thank you for the fun and memories, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic!
  13. Well, if by some chance they aren't available, I guess I won't have one and 1Up won't be getting any money from me in any case. I'll just put it back for something else in the future or for something that I actually need. I don't like doing pre-orders and like I said before, I wanted to see how these actually reviewed before plunking my hard earned money done, seeing the issues the initial batch of games had last year. I've done the whole 'Hurry! Hurry!' thing over the years and it just gets old. P.S. I am fine doing pre-orders on things such as books and DVDs, but not on something like this!
  14. I hope they aren't hard to find as Star Wars is the ONE machine from 1UP I have been waiting for. I wanted to see reviews before letting go of my hard-earned money though. Of course, TMNT is a nice runner up!
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