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  1. I am recovering from my first (And hopefully last!) kidney stone I've ever had. Doing better today, but I'm going to take tomorrow off from work again to get myself back in order.

    1. cvga


      Ouch! I feel for you. I had my first (and only so far) last fall. It was terrible. They had to surgically remove it.

    2. jd_1138


      Wow, prayers for a speedy recovery and no more of those bastards.

    3. simbalion


      Mine was able to be passed, but at 4mm it was on the fringe of being a more serious stone. Gotta drink more water from now on!

  2. Our local radio station is just playing its fourth Styx song in a row, which is unusual. Not complaining, but it makes me wonder if there is a reason..

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    2. simbalion


      Yep, it is Dennis DeYoung's 73rd Birthday today! So' the little Styx song marathon was for a happy reason. Happy Birthday, Dennis!

    3. GoldLeader




      You in the Internet today as far as I'm concerned!   That totally cracked me up!   (Your comment, not the video)... :)

    4. GoldLeader


      ^That should say WIN not IN...Hmmmmm

  3. I see this is up for pre-order on Amazon as a bundle and there are already several separate game packs for it, which is good! I think the multi-game cartridge format is the way to go. It gives this system great flexibility unlike flashback consoles. I know some here might grump about physical media, but really, I don't think a system like this would hurt your space unless you live in a cubicle. Myself, I want to hold back a little until I see some reviews. If it does well, I'll probably snag one myself.
  4. At least this is the thought that went through my mind this evening and after mention of the remake on the 'What Movies Have You Watched Recently?' thread. I must admit, I had actually looked forward to the 25th anniversary of The Lion King last year. There was hope of a chance to perhaps see the original film in the theaters again and a little bit of hope that some nice merchandise would appear to mark the occasion. (Had really hoped for a BIG Simba plush! Heehee!) Sadly, we didn't get any of that. What we got was a hollow, soulless cash grab remake that preyed on people's nostalgia. Yes it was a technical achievement and people will argue it was good, but it lacks the character, fun, and nuance of the original from what I have seen and heard. Of course, it made over 1.5 billion in the theaters when all was said and done, the only real thing that matters in the Iger era of Disney. Never mind that it got toppled by Hobbes & Shaw on it's third week! (Actually, I wonder if the remake would have done as well had there been any other solid family movies out over the summer?) Merchandise-wise, pathetic basically describes the toys I saw. What little came out for the original movie last summer was mostly revamped Lion Guard items that were of poor quality and seemed to be only out to promote the remake coming out. Even the merchandise for the remake was fairly thin and by the holidays it was already forgotten as the new Frozen movie and TROS was rolled out. I can recall the original Lion King having solid merchandise and sales for almost a year and you could get some nice swag at the Disney store for a while after that! Definitely recall shelves stuffed with toys through the 1994 holiday season. I actually remember having a shelf of plush Lion King toys let go and collapse on me at our local KB toys that summer! No harm done and it's funny to think of now as that moment got my interest started in The Lion King. I guess I got kinda spoiled with the Star Trek and Star Wars 25th (and even 20th!) anniversaries as they felt like actual events. I would have thought the original Lion King would have gotten a little bit more than it did being that it was the highest grossing and often held as the best traditional animated film of all time. Disney, I give you a zero out of five stars for the handling of the 25th anniversary of one of your greatest animated films ever. Well, this is the end of my musing for today. Thanks for reading!
  5. I swear, Sundays are horrible days. Nothing on TV to watch and forget the radio here. Ohio has to be one of the most worthless, sports-obsessed states in the union! Been basketball almost all day on the air.

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    2. simbalion


      Oh I know all about the football thing, living less than a half hour drive from the Hall of Fame. It's not the games I mind so much as the seemingly endless pre and post-game shows. They can stretch any game out to last almost all day!

    3. eddhell


      anyone see the report this morning about the prostitution sting operation at Jackson State University?  bet you that story will be buried and forgotten by spring training...

    4. Joe C.

      Joe C.

      News channels burying stories? Never! 

  6. After sitting for a year or more, my 1929 Philco 87 console radio is playing once more! Heck, it acted like I had just used it yesterday, which is good for a semi-restored radio with a patched together AC cord.

  7. I want that LED Defender myself. I was thinking it might be a copy of the old Entex unit, but it looks like they came up with a new design from scratch for this. Game play looks challenging and fun.
  8. I see Coleco style Mini Arcades in there!
  9. I think Pong had integrated circuits as well as Breakout. Now Computer Space, that was early and discrete circuits. I got to open one up years ago and that was neat. Some games used discreet circuits for sound a bit longer if memory recalls. Perhaps a better question is what games were made before the microprocessor chip was first used.
  10. That's really become my issue with this new trilogy as well, making the victory of the original trilogy meaningless. Makes me dislike Disney even more if that is possible anymore. Massive egos with no sense of direction but to grab the money from the willing audience.
  11. Got a great Christmas gift yesterday for both me and my dad. The complete boxed set of Red Green on DVD!

    1. AverageSoftware


      If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.

    2. thanatos


      Keep your stick on the ice!

  12. Really the whole disjointedness of this trilogy is because it was done by a corporation, not its original creator. That's how big companies work, ya know! Yes, we might not have agreed over what George did with the prequels, but the point is right that he had a vision of where he was going. Not to say he didn't have to make adjustments, but he still got us there in the end. Anymore, the only thing I have been a bit miffed at Lucas for doing was selling the whole shot to Disney in the first place, but at his age one might not blame him for doing it while he is still alive. He could enjoy the payday and perhaps he was pondering that Lucasfilm might have been parted out after his death.
  13. I'd have to dig my unit out again. It's currently buried behind other projects I plan to start parting with this next year and then I will have the challenge of getting it rebuilt as the one shop near me is gone now.
  14. Wow, not available for store pickup withing 250 miles of my nearest store! Yeah...
  15. Our Best Buy here never got the Replicades in ever. Always had the tag on the shelf and the empty spot though! Pretty much lost my business over that as well.
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