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  1. Really have the urge to drop DirecTV after the notice I got today. If it was totally up to me, I would. Found out all my equipment has to be replaced, so cleaning and furniture moving fun coming up! 😠

    1. GoldLeader


      Just go DISH!   Pretty sure I could refer ya and we both win! 

    2. simbalion


      What isn't helping is they are barely giving a month to do the upgrade for free or we have to pay for it. And we had to fight just to get them to put off doing it until next Thurs. They were wanting to come out Saturday and there was no way I'd have my mess ready in time. Thankfully other family members will be home as I don't even know my work schedule for next week yet!

  2. Went to a garage sale yesterday where everything was priced $1 to $5. Came home with $29 worth of stuff and am listening to the late 60's or very early 70's RCA Modular Series stereo right now. Paid all of $5 and it even still had its original speakers.

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    2. King Atari

      King Atari

      Are you in Akron? Because if so, I saw the sign for that sale (they specifically touted the $1-$5 thing on it) but didn't go. (I was out and about hitting up thrifts on Saturday, but sort of ran out of time by the time I got home - I technically could have made it, but I had other obligations to meet and didn't want to push it, time-wise.)

    3. simbalion


      This was in Strasburg, Ohio.

    4. King Atari

      King Atari

      Ahhh, gotcha! Wacky coincidence then!

  3. Went to a flea market today and saw a TI-99/4a complete it its dusty box. Looked at the price and they were wanting $250 for it and $75 for the tape recorder. Yikes!

    1. x=usr(1536)


      Thanks, eBay effect!

    2. simbalion


      Sometimes I wish eBay would crash and burn.

    3. Keatah


      Yes. Ebay effect my ass. Not paying 49 bucks for a Fortran manual. Especially if the PDF is online.

  4. I don't usually watch sports, but when I do, I watch BattleBots!

  5. I got lucky today and managed to snag a new Super Mario Brothers Game and Watch today for $40 at a resale shop that also stocks some new novelty items. It is amazing to think this game is no bigger than the LCD Super Mario Brothers game and watch that came out in the late 80's, yet it can do so much more. The screen is bright and sharp with great color. Sound is good and the controls seem crisp and responsive and it saves your game where you are at when you shut it off. Only gripes I have are the the super short recharge cord that has to be used on your PC USB slots and the 'manual' which is mostly warnings in different languages and charging instructions. Luckily, it wasn't hard to figure out how to set the time.
  6. ^In my area at least, 1942 was usually a converted Frogger cabinet.
  7. Cripes! With the prices Amazon is wanting for Arcade1Up products they can just forget it! Almost $400 for the countercades and over $700 for the couple standup units I looked at?!

    1. thanatos


      Those are probably price-gouging 3rd party sellers you're looking at.


    2. simbalion


      It might be. Seems to be all I can find on Amazon right now and was just going by free shipping by Amazon tag on the products.

    3. Elvis


      My MRS. Pacman ordered from Best Buy was 149 dollars. And the Centipede at Game stop was 149. 

  8. I'd like to check out these countercades, but no-one around here carries them in store anymore. Target carried them briefly last year and then up and quit. Even their site now states they are not carried in store. Oh well, one less reason for me to go to brick and mortar retail and I don't want one bad enough to try and have it delivered and probably damaged by our inept delivery services.
  9. I just saw an ad for a Walker Texas Ranger reboot now. Man, Hollywood is just plain crap!

    1. Swami


      It stars Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester) from Supernatural. I read Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) was originally set to star, but his co-star/brother somehow stole the part. Now Jensen is guest starring in The Boys on Amazon. I don't see either part lasting more than a couple seasons, let alone 15.

    2. simbalion


      I almost fell asleep watching the preview.

  10. Vintage tube radios make even crappy modern pop sound a bit better. Of course when a song comes on I actually like, I crank it!

    1. Wally1


      I had a Fender vintage tube bass amp and that sucker had such sustain when used with an electric solid body guitar!

    2. cedropoole


      IMO, the real reason tubes sound so good is that they are almost always Class A amplifiers. There are a few solid state amplifiers that are Class A as well like my Denon PMA-520. There was a Yamaha Pyramid amp from the late 70's that was Class A solid state and every one of these sound incredible to my ear. Steve Hoffman says: The big advantage of Class A is that designers can make simpler circuits that are very linear with low distortion at low power. Class AB designers have to make more complex circuits using feedback to get very low distortion levels.

  11. Local radio station is suddenly playing its announcements and commercials much louder than the music. Almost blew the speaker on the mid-60's Zenith radio I was tinkering with. Oh and now the music suddenly went up in volume as I was typing this!

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    2. simbalion


      Don't even get me started wit most modern movies. Most seem to be produced for the foreign market anymore and explosions translate easily. After doing some cleaning, I now have my 1936 Philco 116X console out. Let's see how this 11 tube beast handles things! It is already doing better at ironing out the extremes.

    3. pacman000


      Is it even legal to play commercials louder then the music? I know TV stations are supposed to balance the audio, so commercials are no louder than the program. 

    4. simbalion


      What they started to do was play the programs at lower volume which I guess exploits a loophole of some sort.

  12. We have all heard about Atari vs Intellivision throughout the years, but there were two systems that dropped at the same time as the VCS did. Of course, the Fairchild Channel F is truly Genesis, the first programmable console to use cartridges. Bally wasn't far behind with its offering. So, which one of these deserved a better chance to at least carve out a niche for itself? I am going with the Bally as it seemed to have a lot of potential that was wasted due to initial poor marketing and Bally seeming to have ADD at that time by almost dropping the system for some other idea right after it came out. Yes, there are flaws to the unit, but most of those seem to be caused by the FCC suddenly wanting everything sealed in tin foil. So far, other than the slightly later Intellivision, the Bally Astrocade is the most enjoyable of the early competitors to the Atari to me. The Channel F, well I can't bash it as it is fun in it's own odd, historical way.
  13. Just got done fighting with two Colecovisions and three power supplies. Still can't get one to work properly. One has a definite chip issue and the other fades to black and white after a moment or two. Perhaps my ADAM might still work once I dig it out later. Back to the Intellivision!

    1. GoldLeader
    2. GoldLeader


      Or maybe someone can fix one or more of them?  And of course I gotta recommend you buy a Phoenix console,...Scratch that, it looks like they finished a second and final (?) run. (D'Oh!)




  14. I dug out my Sears Super Video Arcade (INTV) and have been enjoying it again so far. The controllers on this unit are in really good shape and I have to remind myself not to mash on the discs as they are quite responsive yet. Actually found a copy of Centipede for the system on my way around today, so a definite bonus and I can't wait to dig out the rest of my games and try out. If I recall, Sub Hunt blew me away the first time I played it as I can recall feeling the actual stress of being depth charged. Perhaps once I finish shaking off this migraine, I'll dig out my Coleco systems and see if I can finally threaten one of them into working again.
  15. I can only speak from a retro-gaming perspective, but I have to go with Intellivision. Don't get me wrong, I got a Colecovison years ago before I scored an INTV 1 for $5 off a neighbor and a week later an INTV II and some games a garage sale for $6. I loved the Colecovision when I first got it, but it's off the shelf parts design has caused me heartache in recent years. I choose the INTV for its durability. I have had three Colecovisions (Still have two), but the first one went black screen on me and my family forced me to toss it. Got another one, but it goes flaky after being played for ten minutes and my mom bought me a beautiful unit that suddenly quit recognizing one of the controllers and now seems dead too. I have six Intellivision systems I have gotten cheap over the years and only one actually died on me, my Tandyvision. One of my INTV II units had a dead power supply when I found it, but a late friend of mine actually solved that when he gave me a tote full of power bricks and there was a good one in there. Also, when I found my INTV III a few years back I was able to buy boxed games for $1-$2 each at local game resale shops as no one wanted them. When it comes to INTV the only issue I have had are their controllers breaking down (At least on the early and INTV models) due to the flex circuit under the disk eventually cutting through. Although hard to use, I have yet to find a dead INTV II controller. I admit, it's been a few years and I need to dust off my INTV systems for some play, so I might get a rude awakening! All the old systems have their pros and cons, but the DOA or malfunctioning attitude of the Coleco turned me off to collecting for it. It's a shame as it is a good system as well, but I really wish Coleco hadn't been so cheap!
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