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  1. Does Best Buy ever have the Replicade units in stock? Ours has had the tag and spot for about a year, but I've never seen a unit there! I just about cussed out a manager today over that..

    1. GoldLeader


      At least you have a Best Buy!  I had to make do with Circuit City (R. I. P.),  Well technically there's a Best Buy 50 miles from here...That's where I bought my computer ;)


      But I know how ya feel...Been out of the socks I want at WalMart for 3 months, when they finally get some in,  it's ONE PACK!!   (I dunno...Is that the same?   I think it's the same!...)


      Damn those Replicades are a lotta dough on Ebay!

    2. GoldLeader


      Also did you ask if they're getting any more in?  And what did they say?  For the record WalMart told me the day the socks I wanted should be in and they weren't,...But one pack made it to the other location ...ONE!

    3. simbalion


      I hate asking if they are going to get something in when it's obviously been out of stock for almost a year now. Also, they usually say 'Oh we can order that!' and usually with my work schedule I can't get back up there! Also, driving a van with a dead AC sucks!

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