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  1. I've decided that Disney and Hollywood have lost all their magic and that we are currently in a dark ages both idea-wise and movie-goer wise...

    1. jaybird3rd


      Yup.  Totally creatively bankrupt, and corrupted by loudmouth politics.  Good thing there are enough old movies to keep one entertained for life without ever having to give another penny to modern Hollywood.  That's my plan.

    2. simbalion


      Watching the older movies and shows I already love is what I have been mostly doing now. The last movie I watched in the theater was Deadpool 2 and nothing else has moved me to part with my money. Of course with all these reboots and such, the audience is as much to blame as the studies. Even though so much of what we are getting is cheap, regurgitated slop, people still can't seem to keep from rushing to watch the stuff. If people would quit voting with their money, the studios, especially Disney, would start to feel the pinch.

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