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  1. chuys450


  2. I have few CV games for sale...I'm asking $60 for each one. All the boxes & games are in great condition. 1)Goonies $60 shipped------SOLD 2)Battle Of Hoth $60 shipped 3)Joust $60 shipped 4)S.O.S. Caterpillar Game $60 shipped------SOLD 5)SubRoc Supergame $60 shipped 6)Black Onyx $60 shipped--------SOLD 7)Colecovision boxed power supply tested & working $45 shipped 8)War $60 shipped 9)Odyssey 2 Wildlife $50 shipped 10)Colecovisio Starcom cart $100 shipped 11)Spectravideo Compumate Song Mate.....The clamshell has become detached from the card $40 shipped------SOLD 12)Pac Man phone boxed tested & working $60 shipped Please PM me with any questions
  3. This same ad was in the Los Angeles CL last week.......He told me that he just sold it.
  4. Here is some info about the cart http://www.atariage...._+tron +contest
  5. Yep, really sad I wish .... Jose good luck with the sale It is sad but I'm just starting a business and this is going to help. Things have been tough for me this year. Making sure my wife and 2 young kids are okay is the most important thing for me right now.
  6. This one is in the San Diego area http://sandiego.crai...3206584562.html
  7. Let me check and I'll get back to you.
  8. Bump........added a few things
  9. I have a few things for sale....everything is tested & working ..............PM an offer if interested..............Thanks 1)Atari 2600 Mash w/T-shirt sealed... Sold!! 2)PS2 Space Invaders 75th Anniversary Arcade controller bundle Sold!! 3)O2 system boxed w/29 games,The Voice(working) 2 Odyssey Adventure magazines, O2 DVD............25 boxed games & 4 loose games Sold!!
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