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  1. HUGE Intellivision find Got a RadioShack Tandyvision One w/ manual for $65 Also got all of the following games for $1.95 each, all of them boxed, 95% mint and complete Advanced Dunegons and Dragons (Mattel) Armor Battle (Mattel and Intellivision) Astrosmash (Mattel) Auto Racing (Mattel) Basketball (Mattel) Baseball (Mattel and Intellivision) Bowling (Mattel) Bump 'n Jump (Intellivision) Burger Time (Mattel, brown box) Carnival Checkers (Mattel) Commando The Dreadnought Factor Football (Mattel) Happy Trails Lock 'n Chase (Mattel) Motocross (Intellivision) Night Stalker (Mattel) Sea Battle (Mattel) Snafu (Mattel) Soccer (Mattel) Space Armada (Mattel and Sears) Space Battle (Mattel both red and blue boxes, Intellivision) Space Hawk Space Spartans Stampede Star Strike (Mattel and Intellivision) Tennis (Mattel) Venture
  2. Controller is fixed now. Replaced the spring using the pen method mentioned above and repositioned the dome switch as it had slid out of place during the past 29 years. Thanks for all the help!
  3. Just got in a 2600 today with a joystick that was constantly firing. Noticed the button was sticking quite a bit, so I opened it up and noticed that the spring for the fire button was gone! Any ideas on where I could get a replacement? The stick works fine otherwise.
  4. The local classic game store has been trying to sell a pair of Lynx IIs, loose, no games, for $140. Each.
  5. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 380175686427 ANYONE who buys this.
  6. All of my O2 boxes are fine, have five of the things. It's the manuals and brochures that come apart due to rusty staples.
  7. Yes, very hard to come by. When I do see them, they're on ebay and super expensive.
  8. That black stuff is burning, but the traces are on the other side of the PCB, where there are surprisingly no burn marks.
  9. Just got to go look up some quality components then. I'm hoping that transistor has survived the caps being out of whack for so long...
  10. So, Doreen doesn't work on 910s, as they're a pain to work with AND parts are hard to come by. I'm thinking about taking a crack at attempting to fix the power board, as if that works it'll alleviate 90% of the problems.
  11. I saw some of the parts, was particularly interested as my CD drive tray is also warped, meaning the disc likes to fly off the spindle and do all sorts of fun stuff inside the CD-i. It's gotten so bad I now run my CD-i with the cover off. Oh, and would you believe this thing was sold on eBay as working? At least it had the Digital Video Cartridge and 3 games to make up for it (only paid $40).
  12. DC board might fit, but it would require quite a bit of a hackjob, especially the power plug. It would be easier just to replace the failed capacitors and beef up the heatsink then or to replace it with an identical unit.
  13. This certainly explains the light blue screen on startup, and the broken front controller port... So, any ideas on where I can get a replacement board?
  14. Cheese007

    I am the new

    Nice collection! Got any more pics of that Handy prototype?
  15. Wait, they still sell Hyperscan stuff in your area?! The stores in my area dumped all of it on the Goodwill a while back!
  16. Holy balls! I just came here to read the review for a good laugh, and I find people posting in the thread still! hatespawn, how do you actually go about editing those files? Can you change them and just re-burn the edited game onto a CD or what?
  17. The Mario Artist series is quite a blast as well! Especially the polygon studio.
  18. I got mine mint boxed and complete for $469 iirc.
  19. Way to put yourself in the minority. You're not helping your argument.
  20. You would probably get fired for it knowing GS's practices.
  21. No, they didn't. I would show you a VGchartz graph that would prove you wrong, but it seems they have turned to shit since the last time I checked.
  22. The N64 and GC didn't have anywheres NEAR the hype the Wii has. I still don't understand WHY people keep saying this. Maybe it has something to do with personal opinion interfering with whats actually happening?
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