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  1. I got 1MB in my 800XL and its great! Ok, even a fully bloated BOSS-X-installation fills less that a quarter of the RAM-Disk, so 256kB will run the most stuff, but 1MB is great for Videos and several other software that might come in the future.
  2. As the Fujiama 2020 had to be canceled, I tried to bring the fujiama-feeling to some homes. ABBUC-Forum-Readers were able to write into the Realtime.txt, which you usually do only when attending the event ... here is what they wrote: http://fujiama.eu/realtimetext2020.html
  3. Let me try to form another explaination from a little more technical view: Atari800 is trying to mimic the Atari in a way that in the best case all Atari-Software runs smoothly. To reach that goal, in theory, the emulator could shorten the way a real computer works, so that in theory (and proofed practically) more software runs on the emulator than on real hardware. Example: the pre-release-Version of The Numen Demo ran in Atari800 only, while on real hardware it crashed 99 out of 100 times you try to load it. Consider that Atari800 (and Xformer) were created to run native speed on Pentium 133 MHz (or even 386 @25 MHz) so shortcuts were needed. Altirra on the other hand tries to emulate chip by chip, it would love to emulate every single part, down to a capacitor, or the length of a ladder track - obviously not needed on system operating at 1.77 or 1.79 MHz. But the main goal is to run not only all existing Atari Software, but also forbid running software that would crash on real hardware. Altirra isn't even supposed to be an emulator to just runs games and demos, but be a fully featured developer tool that helps you analyse the runtime of code down to the exact cathode ray position within the fraction of a CPU cycle (Atari800 is only accurate to either one CPU cycle or less, e.g. a CPU command, idk exactly).
  4. Even 1:1 slows down Altirra on WINE on older hardware (Atom, C2D), while the exact same setup (1:1, software only) runs smoothly on native Windows on the very same hardware. That's why I mentioned it in the first place. Honestly and to my surprise, on my i5 Altirra runs pretty fast on ReactOS with maximized Window, and on my other i5 I remember that Altirra ran smoothly on WINE. Yes, it is virtualized ReactOS. ReactOS is something to look at, if you are not satisfied with WINE. Mostly things may run worse, but in case of Altirra, ReactOS seems to let run Altirra slightly better than WINE.
  5. Altirra runs pretty well on ReactOS, and faster than on any WINE, if you do software-rendering only and an 1:1 zoom.
  6. Use Graphics 12 or 13 (that's the character equivalent to Graphics 7 and 15). It got up to 5(!) colors, and practically is used with custom font sets. Many polish games use it for shadowed text, and with the right tricky design, it sometimes isn't even notable at the first glance that it has just half the resolution.
  7. DOS2.5 and RAMDISK.COM fully supports untouched hardware like a stock 130XE and an unmodified 1050. So not much need for anything else. But as soon I upgraded my 1050, my choice was Turbo-DOS with built-in high speed capabilities. Later, when I worked on high capacity drives (SIO2PC, IDE, SIO2SD) and modified OSses, I got stuck with MyDOS.
  8. yepp ... running Catalina on my 2008 MBP and 2009 MB.
  9. My own Turbo-BASIC-GUI called "BOSS-X" comes with several screen savers.
  10. Goodbye and sleep well, my beloved Kitty cat. Kitty attended the Fujiama Parties 2011-2015 (watch the galleries on my Homepage), so many Atari users here in Germany knew her in person. She was there when I met my Girlfriend, she was there when my two children were born. Less than a month we were a family of six. Last Thursday she got overrun by a car. She left a giant hole in our young family. The sadness will go but happy memories will remain. This photo was taken and converted in 2018 ... but now I think it's time to share this RastaConverter-Image with you. KITTY1.XEX
  11. Hello, As Mathy said, Helmut wants you to know that he is very very sorry for having the Fujiama 2020 to be canceled because of COVID-19. The location is not available and remains locked down until the end of February 2021. We all hope that the ABBUC Jahreshauptversammlung (annual general meeting) take place this year, so we can talk about the Fujiama 2021. We're very sorry for eventual inconveniences (canceling hotel rooms, etc.) ... stay well and stay healthy.
  12. I'd like to see a multi processor setup that just works like a C64 and his disk drive - but built-in and may be having access to its own 64k, but sharing the RAM-disk. Or 64k of the RAM-Disk is the main-memory of each other CPU. That would make sense since it does not need a patched OS.
  13. Just downloaded and installed on my newly set up debian 10 machine.
  14. Anybody tested it in mono (Linux/macOS)?
  15. I'd take another one (two in summary for me).
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